10 Best Camping Site in Johor Bahru

Nestled in the southern part of Malaysia, Johor Bahru offers a picturesque escape for camping enthusiasts. Boasting a diverse landscape, from lush rainforests to serene beaches, the region is home to some of the best camping sites. Whether you seek a riverside retreat, a coastal haven, or a jungle adventure, Johor Bahru has it all. Discover the top 10 camping sites that promise an unforgettable outdoor experience amid the beauty of nature.

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Team building, camping, weddings, reunions, therapeutic pools, summer camps, motivational camps, homestays, dorms, meeting rooms, outdoor activities, and miniature waterfalls are just a few of the venues that may be found.

Phone Number: 013-778 7831



Address: JALAN IMAN YAKOB, Ayer Bemban, 81100 Kulai, Johor


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With the goal of enhancing teamwork and communication for all kinds of organizations, Otternest Team Building workshops make sure that each group departs with more respect and a stronger sense of purpose than when they arrived. Our programs, which are customized to meet the objectives and requirements of each group, include nature high ropes courses, low ropes challenges, brainstorming sessions, ice breakers, and our main tool—the Survival Challenge—all of which are facilitated by our skilled facilitators. Depending on the demands of the client, we can use both indoor and outdoor locations. We are open year-round. In order to accommodate your group’s schedule, we offer 3D and full day programs. Meals and lodging are also available to round out your stay with us.

Phone Number: 014-338 2599





Address: Sri, TL JSG (Otternest Camp), Kg Sri Gunung Pulai 2, Jalan Maju Jaya Kg, Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai 2, 81500 Pekan Nanas, Johor

3. Gunung Panti Campsite Kota Tinggi

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Nestled along Kota Tinggi’s waterfall route, Gunung Panti Campsite enchants visitors with its complete facilities and captivating natural environment. Situated before the elephant sanctuary, the campsite boasts a clean and comfortable ambiance, complemented by a friendly and accommodating host. Positioned by a river, the site offers a wild camping atmosphere, perfect for nature lovers. Highly recommended, this hidden gem provides an immersive and tranquil retreat, combining modern amenities with the allure of the great outdoors.

Phone Number: 017-722 5710



Address: Jalan Lombong, Bandar Kota Tinggi, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor

4. Sunrise Camp 1

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Sunrise Camp offers a hassle-free entry, ensuring your vehicle’s safety. Strategically located near toilets and the entrance, it’s an ideal spot, especially for families with kids. The clean and well-maintained toilets, breathtaking views, and optional plug points (available for rent) enhance the camping experience. The campsite provides various accommodation options, including cozy chalets with power supply for convenience. Pondok Rumbia, equipped with a fan and ample space, accommodates up to three people comfortably. With BBQ pits for rent, basic food items, and ample parking, Sunrise Camp ensures a perfect, well-equipped camping getaway.

Phone Number: 013-705 1559



Address: C7MH+JW, 81600 Bandar Penawar, Johor

5. Rustika Glamping Village

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Situated in Pengerang, Desaru, the Rustika Glamping Village is a picturesque and tranquil spot. Returning to nature after being away from the bustling city atmosphere is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Enjoy the views of the setting and rising sun, unwind in the natural sanctuaries, and experience the island’s utopia.

At The Rustika Glamping Village in Pengerang, the expansive view of the Johor shore enthralls you. In order to give your camping trip a touch of the forest, a pine tree surrounds it. This location, which is among the greatest campgrounds in Johor, is well regarded by nature lovers and is only an hour’s drive from Johor Bahru.

Address: GM149, Kampung Punggai, 81600 Pengerang, Johor

Phone Number: 010-902 9416

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/www-rhucampsite-com

6. Gunung pulai camp point - XYG (逍遥谷)

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The camping site at Gunung Pulai Camp Point – XYG (逍遥谷) enhances the overall outdoor experience. Nestled in the midst of nature, it provides an ideal setting for campers seeking tranquility. Surrounded by cool breezes and offering access to cold water, the site allows campers to unwind and connect with the natural surroundings. Despite the mountain’s moderate elevation, the camping journey involves multiple ups and downs, adding an element of adventure to the experience. The site’s proximity to nature, coupled with the challenging trek, creates a memorable camping adventure for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a refreshing escape.

Address: Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest, Pekan Nanas, Johor

7. Logok Campsite

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Provide camping areas with additional amenities such restrooms, prayer rooms, running water, shelters, and tents. Conveniently situated near Tg. Sedeli, allowing guests to easily purchase fish when needed. Greetings and happy camping! Together, let’s protect the environment.

Phone Number: 019-893 7696



Address: 1409, 81900, Johor

8. El-Dhuha Campsite Empire

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El-Dhuha Campsite Empire offers a diverse camping experience, blending challenges with conveniences. Despite persistent rain, the site’s enchanting ambiance, prayer area, and amenities like Coway and ice cubes left a positive impression. Illuminated riverside views added beauty, though cleanliness issues were noted in the ladies’ toilet. For new campers, the campsite provides basic amenities, electricity (with a fee), and a well-lit camping area. Two ponds enhance the natural setting, offering tranquility. With tent rentals, camping furniture, and the option to book a picnic, it caters to a range of preferences.

Phone Number:  014-274 0407




Address: Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai 2, Gunung Pulai 2, 81500 Kulai, Johor

9. Sekawan Campsite

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Sekawan Campsite offers a delightful camping experience with clean toilets, robust water supply, and a friendly camp officer (CO). Despite initial concerns about supernatural elements due to low occupancy, the CO reassures campers with the nearby surau and audible azan. The mini river is kid-friendly, and the well-maintained surroundings create a clean atmosphere. Priced at 60rm per night, with a 10rm charge for a plug point, the CO advises against heavy-wattage appliances. The campsite, located beside a river, provides internet access and a quick 20-minute hike to a waterfall. Ongoing improvements promise an evolving and promising camping destination.

Phone Number: 010-824 4095



Address: HGQ7+R5, 81000 Pekan Nanas, Johor

10. Tiger Base Camp

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Tiger Base Camp’s TBC II campsite captivates with cleanliness and a panoramic sea view. The beach, absent of strong waves, is a secure playground for kids. Notably, no sand flies disrupt the experience. While the toilet facilities are proper, the tap water, presumably from a nearby river, is brownish, suitable for showers but not for drinking or cooking. Access involves a good but bumpy laterite road, its condition uncertain after heavy showers. Tiger Base Camp offers a delightful camping experience amidst nature’s beauty, though some amenities may require additional preparation.

Phone Number: 019-750 4500



Address: Jln Tanjung Leman, 81900, Johor

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