10 Best Pet Boarding Services / Pet Hotel in Singapore

Explore Singapore’s top 10 pet boarding services and pet hotels, where your furry friends can enjoy quality care, safe surroundings, and personalized attention. From comfortable accommodations to professional staff, these services ensure a worry-free experience for pet owners, offering peace of mind while you’re away.


Brenda, a passionate cat rescuer and owner of two cats, is the curator of THE LUXE MEOWNOR. She serves as the team’s leader and the lifeblood that gives the employees’ and volunteers’ arms and legs energy and ideas for both business and rescue operations. Brenda firmly feels that since they are the ones who feed the cats, both stray cat caregivers and cat owners should be treated with great care. Thus, this home is designed to serve the human behind the cats, keeping her vision in mind.

2. Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Fyfy’s Love Pet Services offers a secure and well-maintained environment for dogs. The facility ensures a safe and enjoyable stay, with experienced care provided. Daily updates on pets’ activities contribute to a positive boarding experience, reflecting the commitment to cleanliness and safety.

Credit: Cradle Cat Hotel

3. Cradle Cat Hotel

Cradle Cat Hotel provides a quality and secure environment for cats, ensuring a comfortable stay for feline guests. The facility offers interactive features and personalized services, creating a home-like atmosphere. Smooth check-in and check-out processes, along with passionate and detail-oriented staff, contribute to a positive experience. The Loft Suite, with its climbing and jumping options, is recommended for active cats. The provision of daily updates, photos, and videos enhances the peace of mind for cat owners leaving their pets in the care of Cradle Cat Hotel.

4. Mutts & Mittens Active

Our creation of Mutts & Mittens Active came about from our passion of dogs and water sports together! It’s a reimagining of daycare centers and pet boarding. It’s canine summer camp time. Our clubhouse, exercise course, and pool are all intended to keep people from getting bored. There are lots of spaces there for your dog to play, exercise, and receive mental and physical stimulation from us.

Credit: Nekoya King Albert Park – Cat Boarding & Daycare

5. Nekoya King Albert Park - Cat Boarding & Daycare

At Nekoya, we recognize that your feline companion is more than simply a house pet—rather, they are an integral part of your family. Because of this, our hotels are designed to feel like homes, are specifically designed to meet their every need, and are manned by trained cat caregivers. This way, you can travel knowing that your furry friends are safe, loved, and comfortable even when you aren’t able to be there.

6. Furlanthropy Singapore (East)

Furlanthropy Singapore, established in EST. 2020, strives to offer you and your furry friend safe, reliable, and high-quality experiences! Among the services we offer now are: 1. Transport for Pets Take your fur babies with you wherever you go! We are prepared to get you there and back in comfort and safety, whether it’s for a thrilling trip to the zoo or a pleasant day at the beach. 2. Childcare and House Keeping At times, we all require a vacation. And we are available to assist you! We will attend to your fur child’s needs and desires whether it’s a weekly daycare or an extended vacay, ensuring that you return home to a contented and joyful family member!

7. Wagging Tails N Playful Paws

Wagging Tails N Playful Paws offers a wonderful and reassuring daycare experience for dogs. The convenience of two-way transport facilitates easy access to daycare services, contributing to a positive and affordable experience. The professional and friendly staff demonstrate effective care and handling of dogs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Clients appreciate the updates provided throughout the day, highlighting the daycare’s commitment to transparency and communication.

Credit: The Fluffy Hut

8. The Fluffy Hut

From hamsters to rabbits, we welcome them all and offer them a loving, patient, and enjoyable environment that makes them feel at home even while they are away from home. While your furry friends are staying with us, grooming services are offered! With boarding services starting at just $15 per night, round-the-clock air conditioning, and online viewing at your leisure, you can stop worrying and waiting for updates for your furry friends.

9. The Collar Club Singapore

The Collar Club is a licensed pet boutique with AVS status. We make sure your fur child receives the best care and has the most fun possible during your absence because we understand how important they are to you! We offer a one-stop shop for all furry needs. In addition to pet retail, we also provide pet grooming and spa services, cage-free daycare and play hours, 24-hour supervised pet hotels, pet transport, pet seminars, and pet birthday parties. The Collar Club is run by a committed team of animal specialists. Our goal is to give your fur babies the finest care possible while you are away, along with a stress-free, professional grooming experience.

10. BreakFast at Fluffy’s Boutique Pet Hotel & Grooming

When you go on vacation, your pet should too. Cage-free pet hotel with a 1960s breakfast at Tiffany’s design ideal for overnight boarding, daycare, and grooming. licensed, spotless, and equipped with a webcam and concierge available around-the-clock. Walks every day and a ton of fun!

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