10 Best Places for Christmas Dinner in Ipoh

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season in Ipoh with our guide to the 10 best places for Christmas dinner. From festive feasts to warm ambiance, these establishments promise a delightful and memorable celebration. Immerse yourself in the joy of the season with delectable cuisine and festive cheer in the heart of Ipoh’s culinary scene.

1. Jeff's Cellar

According to CNN and Tatler, among other global tastemakers, this is one of the most distinctive eating experiences in the world, and gourmands from all over the world come to enjoy it. Nestled in a 260 million year ancient subterranean cellar, our breathtaking fine-dining establishment offers a carefully chosen wine menu and a changing degustation menu including delectable farm-to-table fare from renowned Chef Boon. Indulge in one of our specialty dinners, such as the Chairmans Favorite, the locally inspired “Tanah” cuisine, and relax in the candlelit cavern’s mesmerizing surroundings of soaring arias and Permian-period water features.

2. Memories Ipoh by Morel Restaurant

Memories Ipoh Restaurant specializes in the art of handcrafted pastas and Neapolitan pizzas, cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Elevate your dining experience at Memories Ipoh, where culinary expertise meets the warmth of tradition, offering a delightful fusion of flavors for a memorable Christmas celebration.

3. Cheers Toast & Burger

Cheers Toast & Burger, a charming independent cafe in Ipoh Town, is a small haven dedicated to the art of crafting delicious toast and burgers. Beyond our culinary delights, we take pride in seamlessly blending our cuisine, coffee, tea, and exceptional service to create a delightful experience, perfect for celebrating Christmas.

4. Opëam

Opëam provides a delightful dining experience with its tasty food, excellent service, and pleasant ambiance. The pricing is reasonable, and some find it even more affordable compared to similar establishments in Ipoh. The welcoming staff ensures a warm reception, guiding guests to their tables. The menu offers diverse options, and recommendations from the staff are praised. Highlights include the Spanish Iberico Tomahawk and Gorgonzola Pizza, both receiving high ratings. Opëam is a recommended choice for those seeking quality dining in Ipoh.

5. Having's

Credit: Having's

Having’s delivers an impressive dining experience with its attentive service and delectable food. Visitors praise the restaurant’s flexibility in catering to specific requests, ensuring a personalized celebration. The family-run establishment creates a warm atmosphere, with the chef and family members actively involved in serving customers. The Mushroom Soup, Mashed Potato, Angus Beef, and Iberico Pork receive acclaim for their quality and taste. The gesture of dividing the soup for sharing and the personal touch on the birthday celebration enhance the overall experience. The cozy setting, although simple, is compensated by outstanding service and culinary offerings.

6. Jimms

Jimms restaurant receives mixed reviews for its offerings. While some diners find the meal delightful, praising the well-executed and flavorful dishes like the pandan leaf-wrapped chicken and nam yue pork belly, others express disappointment. Complaints include overpriced and unappetizing food, with one instance highlighting a misleading change in the cheezy wedges dish without informing customers. It appears that the dining experience at Jimms can vary, and potential patrons may want to consider different reviews before deciding to visit.

7. Atapas

Atapas invites you to tantalize your palate with Ipoh’s best fusion cuisine! Immerse yourself in a culinary experience that combines diverse flavors, creating a harmonious fusion that promises to delight your taste buds. Discover the perfect blend of local and international influences, ensuring a unique and unforgettable dining experience at Atapas.

8. Above Gastrobar

Above Gastrobar uses both premium and local products to create dishes that are inspired by world cuisine. A superb wine and cocktail selection enhances this unusual pairing. Savor all of these while taking in the most breathtaking sunset vista in Ipoh.

9. Maiale Japanese Style Italian Restaurant

Maiale offers a delightful fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine. Despite slightly higher prices, the exceptional quality, from fresh homemade pasta to innovative appetizers, ensures a worthwhile dining experience. Friendly service and evolving menus contribute to the restaurant’s consistent appeal, earning it a well-deserved 5-star rating.

10. Pusing Public Restaurant

Pusing Public Restaurant, an old-time favorite, offers an excellent dining experience with must-try fish dishes like oil-dipped cod and delightful prawn preparations. The nostalgic setup adds to the charm. Despite noise levels, the affordable pricing, great food, and attentive service make it a worthwhile visit. Accessibility and parking can be a challenge.

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