10 Best Places for Christmas Dinner in Penang

Elevate your Christmas celebration in Penang with our guide to the 10 best places for Christmas dinner. From festive feasts to cozy atmospheres, these establishments offer the perfect blend of holiday cheer and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the joy of the season and create lasting memories in Penang’s vibrant culinary scene.

1. Restaurant au Jardin

Natural and seasonal foods are the main focus of the exquisite and cozy 18-seat Restaurant au Jardin (oh-JAAH-DHUN)(/ʒaʁ.dɛ̃/). Chef Kim Hock created our artisanal menu with the goal of highlighting the freshest ingredients via elegantly simple meals that combine inventiveness and culinary tradition. We think that every component of our skillfully made dishes has a certain function and position.

2. Two Frenchies Cafe Bistro

It’s not only about renting out a dining room from your house. As visitors arrive, the food and service become the main attractions. We have you covered whether you’re looking to eat in or take out, pet-friendly or handicapped accessible.


TEASE & TOSS in Georgetown offers a delightful dining experience with dishes like Shepherd’s pie and pumpkin coconut soup that impress the taste buds. The owners create a calm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect stop for travelers seeking delicious meals in a cozy setting.

4. Restaurant Blanc Penang

In the center of Georgetown, Penang, is the 42-seat restaurant Blanc, which is tucked away in the elegant yet historically significant Macalister Mansion, a renovated colonial boutique hotel. At BLANC, we provide you with a superb dining experience that combines the best seasonal and locally obtained ingredients with the culinary talent of today’s France with expertly chosen wines, flawless service, and a cozy atmosphere.

5. Orinea Restaurant

Credit: Orinea Restaurant

Orinea Restaurant in Penang offers not only exquisite dishes, meticulously presented by Chef An but also excellent service led by Eyaa and the team. The dining experience is elevated by the breathtaking views, making it an ideal choice for celebrations. A suggestion for improvement is to provide a menu for reference.

6. Hygge Dining & Bar

Hygge Dining & Bar takes culinary innovation to new heights by seamlessly blending modern European cuisine with the richness of renowned Malaysian dishes. This unique fusion offers patrons a delightful journey through flavors, where traditional local favorites are reimagined with a modern twist. The restaurant not only caters to gastronomic preferences but also creates an inviting ambiance, embodying the essence of “hygge” – a Danish concept of coziness and conviviality. Immerse yourself in a dining experience that harmoniously marries diverse culinary influences for a truly memorable meal.

7. Feringgi Grill at Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa - Penang

Feringgi Grill at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa in Penang delivers exceptional service with a touch of nostalgia, courtesy of Safari, a dedicated team member of over 30 years. Guests rave about the delectable Japanese Wagyu beef steak, highlighting the culinary excellence. The ambiance, coupled with impressive service and a gastronomic journey, makes Feringgi Grill a must-visit dining destination.

8. The Loft - Love Lane

The Loft – Love Lane stands out as a great dining spot with scrumptious food, especially their must-try pizzas. Guests appreciate the generous supply of chili flakes and Tabasco, adding a personalized touch. The cozy atmosphere accommodates both small and large groups, although parking might pose a challenge during peak hours. The spacious seating and friendly service contribute to a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s expansion to Gurney Plaza promises the same tasty offerings, making it a recommended destination for pizza enthusiasts.


THE WHITE by CATCH is proud to offer a contemporary take on European food with a delectable Asian flair. “Come With Expectations; Leave With Satisfaction” is the motto upheld by THE WHITE, which embodies the greatest culinary competence and guarantees a wonderful dining experience for patrons.

10. Chill Out Cafe

Chill Out Cafe in Batu Ferringhi has won the hearts of visitors as a favorite spot with delicious food and a charming ambiance. The English breakfast and Rise and Shine options, featuring scrumptious baked beans and fresh fruit, receive praise. The reasonable prices and pleasant music selection contribute to a delightful dining experience, making it an ideal place to chill out from the hot weather in Batu Ferringhi.

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