10 Best Tom Yum in Johor Bahru

Tom Yam is a Thai hot and sour soup. It’s made with shrimp, lemongrass, lime juice, chilies, and fish sauce. The soup has a distinct and delicious spicy and sour flavour. Malaysia is home to some of the best Tom Yam restaurants in the world! In this post, we will list the top ten Tom Yum in Johor Bahru.

1. Khunya Thai Kitchen

Khunya Thai Kitchen is a well-known Thai restaurant. The following dishes are among the most popular on the menu: Tom Yam Soup, Thai omelette, sticky rice with mango, and northern coconut chicken soup, among others.

2. Tomyam Kung Sentosa

Tom Yum Kung Sentosa is a fantastic Thai restaurant in Johor Bahru that serves delectable tom yam soups. The allure of sour and spicy Thai cuisine is so strong that people can’t help but open their mouths, which is why you can’t help but try it. If you are sensitive to heat, you may request that the level of heat be reduced.

3. Chok Dee Thai Restaurant

If you dine at Chokdee Thai, you might see Thai people in line for a table. As a result, Chokdee Thai’s food is identical to authentic Thai cuisine in Thailand. Because this restaurant is so popular with the general public on a daily basis, there are more seats available on the patio. The Tom Yam is unquestionably Chokdee Thai’s must-order dish.

4. Absolute Thai Malaysia

Absolute Thai Johor is the best place to go for outstanding Thai cuisine. The cuisine is comparable to that of Thailand. The Tom Yam Seafoods Restaurant, for example, provides a delicious taste of Thailand. Absolute Thai is the place to go if you want a taste of Thailand in your life.

5. Siamese Thai Cuisine

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Siamese Thai Cuisine serves only the finest Thai cuisine to its customers. The owner and his Thai wife will ensure that your taste buds are satiated with only the best Thai cuisine. Also, the steamed squid with lime and Tom Yam in a claypot will leave you wanting more. This restaurant is ideal for spice enthusiasts who enjoy spicy and tangy flavours.

6. Black Canyon

Black Canyon is one of the best places to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. Simply look around the adjacent tables, which are usually adorned with a bright, buoyant bowl of tom yam. The dishes are graciously served with a medley of vegetables, fresh fish and enoki mushrooms, chilli peppers, and chopped herbs for a distinct depth of flavours that does not disappoint.

7. Pachem Thai Food

Pachem Thai Food serves authentic Thai cuisine. The Seafood Tom Yam, which includes fresh shrimp and crab legs as well as oyster mushrooms for texture, is highly recommended. It’s made with homemade tom yam paste, which gives it a strong, fiery flavour. Though the broth is more spicy than sour, the combination of the two flavours will make your tongue tingle. It only takes a whiff of it to whet your appetite in the afternoon.

8. Amphawa Boat Noodle

Amphawa Boat Noodle is a Muslim-friendly company that captures the motherland’s authenticity and adventures. Pay attention to the tomyam, which is full of vibrant colours and flavours, including delectable plump prawns and aromatic greens. Tomyam Lobster Noodles are a seafood lover’s dream. The bowl is filled with huge fresh lobster, prawns, mussels, slivers of egg, and noodles in a delectable broth.

9. Kampung Carabao Authentic Thai Restaurant

Kampung Carabao Authentic Thai Restaurant is a resort-style restaurant with colourful oil-paper umbrellas and bright tapestries that instantly transports you to the Land of Smiles. As soon as you open the container, the scent of tom yam fills your nostrils, whetting your appetite. It’s simply delicious when served hot with prawns, squids, chickens, and crunchy greens. Please include your palate’s heat scale.

10. Johnny's Restaurants

Customers flock here on a regular basis to sip the buoyant-bright Tomyam, which is liberally sprinkled with ocean goodness and a variety of greens. It begins to feel warm and damp, but the sweat glands begin to function because the space is completely air-conditioned.

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