10 Must Eat Street Food in Seoul, Korea

Seoul is most likely the best place in the country to learn about the complexities and flavours of traditional Korean cuisine. The vibrant street food stalls of the capital can provide that distinct flavour that is not readily available in restaurants. Whether you’re new to the Seoul street food scene or a seasoned veteran, here are the dishes you must try while in Seoul.

1. Sundae (순대)

Sundae is an unusual dish, but it smells and tastes even better than it looks. This dish combines various pig and cow body parts to create an unbeatable, complex dish that’s easy to devour.

2. Fried snacks (튀김)

Korean food vendors, particularly those selling street food in Seoul, are well aware of this phenomenon. As a result, they provide a variety of flash-fried vegetables and dumplings to satisfy your desire for flaky, fried goodness. Doctors warn against eating too much oil, but this is a great once-in-a-while treat that’s easy to eat on the go.

3. Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

Tteokbokki is not for the faint of heart; this dish consists of unassuming, mild rice cakes saturated in an intense, savoury, spicy sauce. This dish is a classic crowd-pleaser that appeals to people of all ages. This dish is frequently served with fish cakes. Try this fish cake and rice cake combo the next time you’re in Seoul!

4. Hotteok (호떡)

Hotteok is a dessert that consists of griddle cakes fried on a hot plate and stuffed with various sweet additions such as various types of sugar, fruits, and syrups. When you’re craving something sweet, grab some hotteok – these are especially delicious when the weather cools down!

5. Egg bread (계란빵)

Credit: https://www.tasteatlas.com/gyeran-ppang

Like fried snacks, this dish is pretty self-explanatory. A whole egg is cooked inside the bread and served warm and crispy. If you need some quick protein and carbohydrates, egg bread is a great option! Egg bread is traditionally eaten as a dessert, but it also makes an excellent breakfast.

6. Walnut cakes (호두 과자)

Walnut cakes, which are high in protein (from both beans and walnuts), are a popular snack in Korea. Take a stroll down the sweeter path and try walnut cakes the next time you’re out and about.

7. Baby gimbap (꼬마 김밥)

Baby gimbap is a popular Korean street cuisine to eat on the go in Seoul; it’s completely wrapped in seaweed, making it easy to pick up and snack on with little mess. In the seaweed, there’s rice and your choice of toppings, including kimchi and octopus.

8. Rice cake skewers (떡꼬치)

On the Korean street food scene, rice cakes are plentiful. This popular dish, for example, consists of grilled spicy rice cakes skewered on a stick. Unlike the previous tteokbokki dish, this one does not include any fish cake.

9. Sweet potato sticks (고구마 스틱)

These sticks are a (slightly) healthier version of their cousin, French fries. They are, however, prepared in the same manner – deep fried in hot oil, which your doctor is unlikely to approve of. Sweet potatoes are higher in nutrients than regular potatoes and thus make a better snack.

10. Goldfish Bread (붕어빵)

Consider goldfish bread, also known as bungeoppang in Korean, to be a delicious waffle-like, fish-shaped bread filled with sweet red bean paste. This food is best served warm after being prepared with a mould similar to a waffle iron. The warmth, combined with the crunch of freshly toasted bread and the sweetness of the red bean paste filling, results in a delectable and simple dessert treat.

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