10 Places to Countdown and Celebrate New Year Eve In Malaysia

Any social, cultural, or religious celebration that marks the start of a new year is known as a “New Year festival.” These celebrations are among the most well-known and widely observed. Every part of the world is filled with holiday cheer during the greatest yearly celebration, and there are festivities taking place everywhere. Where will you be celebrating this year?

1. Desa Park City

At Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City will hold the three-day Countdown 2020 Food Festival, which will include a variety of food vendors on New Year’s Eve. Along with the market, there will be live shows by regional artists and fireworks display to ring in the new year. Theme Park rides and other attractions like ferry cruises are also available for visitors to enjoy.

2. KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Go to KLCC, which is where all the action is in Kuala Lumpur and where the Petronas Twin Towers command a dramatic presence in the skyline. Just picture yourself at the twin towers on New Year’s Eve, watching the fireworks display at midnight that casts a multicoloured background over the beautiful metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. It would be a great sight to witness.

3. The Curve Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya

The Curve Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya hosts one of the best and largest street parties to ring in the New Year every year on December 31. Local bands and dancers perform at the event, and fans begin to arrive as early as 6:00 PM to take in these live acts. Both the special New Year’s Eve and happy hour promotions offered by the numerous cafés, restaurants, and bars in the mall are to die for, as is the fireworks display that takes place at The Street, the mall’s outdoor walkway.

4. Rooftop Lounges and Restaurants of Kuala Lumpur

Spending the evening at a roof top lounge or restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is another fantastic way to take in the city’s magnificently lit-up night panorama and fireworks displays. High rise buildings in Kuala Lumpur have some amazing rooftop areas for relaxation where you can spend calm evenings taking in the dusk and the subdued tones of the city bustling below.

5. Sunway Velocity Mall

Credit: https://www.sunway.com.my/stories/65000-ring-in-new-year-with-sunway/

With the Velocity NYE 2020 countdown, Sunway Velocity will ring in the new year with a variety of events that you can take part in with your loved ones. Additionally, there will be a food fair starting at 5:30 PM, a concert with regional performers, and fireworks to cap it all off at midnight.

6. Penang Countdown concerts

Looking for a vibrant place to ring in the new year with vigour and zeal? Go to Penang, one of the top destinations in Malaysia to visit this New Year, which boasts of holding a plethora of exuberant New Year events and activities. As you wait for the clock to strike twelve so you may party even harder, take in the energy and fervour of the raucous throng, and enjoy the music, dance, and cuisine.

7. Kota Kinabalu

If you want a change of scenery and want to spend the New Year somewhere other than the metropolis, consider Kota Kinabalu. Its electric atmosphere and tropical surroundings are sure to energise you for the New Year’s celebration. Enjoy the breath taking natural scenery, take it easy in the city, and participate in the big New Year’s Eve celebration fiestas. There is much to discover if you love eating. A variety of regional and international cuisines are available; sea food is especially well-known, and Kota Kinabalu offers some delectable seafood specialties.

8. Langkawi Beaches

Imagine waking up on a white sandy beach with azure waves after a long night of partying. Langkawi Island can be the ideal location for a peaceful New Year’s celebration that mixes seclusion, calm, and fun. Away from the chaos of city crowds and the hullabaloo of crammed people, Langkawi enables you to enjoy yourself amidst the pure marvels of nature and ring in the New Year in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Numerous countdown celebrations are held along the beach with live music and dancing, and right before the clock strikes midnight, you can even take part in an event where hundreds of lanterns are released into the sky to represent good luck for the coming year.

9. Little Genting Ampang

Even though the lookout point has been permanently closed for many years, the area still has a tonne of roadside booths selling a variety of cuisine, and it boasts a fantastic view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Around the intersection of Jalan Hulu Langat and Jalan Mulia 2/1, roadside shops have begun to spring up where you may eat while taking in the pyrotechnics.

10. Rooftop Bars

There are countless rooftop bars located around Malaysia, so you’re likely to find one that fits the tone and atmosphere of your New Year’s Eve plans. Most of these rooftop bars invite DJs or artists to play for the evening while patrons sway to the music and have a blast. The best thing is that these bars give you beautiful views of the city skyline, which is brightly illuminated by fireworks all night long. So these rooftop pubs are the ideal places for you if your notion of the ideal New Year’s Eve is to unwind while sipping wine and taking in the scenery.

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