10 Things You Need to Know in the Malaysian Election as a First-Time Voter

The nation as a whole is currently preparing for the impending 15th General Election. There are actually a lot of guidelines to follow on election day for those of you who will be voting for the first time!

1. Bring your identification card.

On the day of voting, it’s crucial to bring your IC because the SPR committees will need to check it to confirm your information. So, on the day of the election, don’t forget to bring your ID and keep it safe.

A quick tip is to use a card holder to store all of your critical documents, including your identification card, driver’s licence, and some small bills of money.

2. Avoid wearing clothing with any party logos.

Simply wearing a T-shirt on election day will do, and you must avoid wearing anything with any party logos because they could trigger certain emotions in people. It is preferable to wear a T-shirt in a simple design.

3. Inside the voting station, phones are not permitted.

Don’t only ever use Facebook Live or Instagram Stories to brag about voting, though. Although using a phone while in the voting area may be popular, you are not allowed to do so. Although you are permitted to bring your phone in, you are not permitted to take any calls. Also, don’t forget to mute it!

4. Do not scribble on your ballot!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your ballot is crucial. Do not scribble on it. The specific ballot paper will no longer be legitimate if it has any stains or blemishes on it. As a result, your efforts will be in vain and the vote will not be tallied.

In fact, ensure to properly inspect your voting paper for any of these areas before you even cast your vote. You must ask for a fresh ballot paper if it is polluted with any type of ink that is not supposed to be there. In case you unintentionally checked the incorrect box, you should also request a fresh ballot paper.

5. Dress properly!

Keep in mind to dress appropriately because the SPR staff has the right to refuse your access if you are not dressed appropriately. Avoid donning items of clothing like singlets, pyjamas, shorts, or skirts. Wear long pants and toe-covering shoes to make sure everything goes well.

6. Arrive at the voting location earlier

Even though we all have a strong sense of Malaysian time, being late on election day is the very last thing we should do. There will be a large number of people because everyone from a large area will be there on the same day, making a line up unavoidable. However, simply arrive earlier if you don’t want to wait in line for too long. Being on time will be beneficial because voting begins at 8 am.

7. A serial number must be on the ballot.

Keep in mind to look for the official serial number on your ballot because a ballot without one is invalid. Remember to request a fresh ballot paper if your ballot does not have a serial number!

8. There must be an official stamp on the ballot paper.

Each legitimate ballot paper is authenticated with an official stamp. Before you cast your vote for an official stamp, make sure to check your ballot. Remember to request a replacement one from the SPR authorities if the ballot paper lacks an official stamp or the stamp is not clearly evident.

9. Draw the ‘X’ INSIDE the square

It’s crucial to create an X inside the designated square. Drawing O’s, gorgeous flowers and doodles, or even your signature, won’t help you look smart. Only the Xs are allowed!

10.You must have clean nails on your left index finger.

Make sure to clean off any nail polish from your fingernails before casting your ballot. Because you must dip your finger in permanent ink right before casting your ballot at the polls, it is crucial to keep your left index finger and fingernail clean. Make sure your nails are spotless, paying particular attention to the left index finger.

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