15 Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Singapore with our guide to the 15 best Korean restaurants. From the sizzle of barbecue grills to the rich flavors of traditional stews, these dining establishments promise an immersive experience, bringing the best of Korean cuisine to the heart of the Lion City. Discover the perfect blend of authenticity and innovation as you explore these gastronomic gems.

Nami Korean Grill House by Hanjip

Credit: Nami Korean Grill House by Hanjip

Nami Korean Grill House by Hanjip delivers a broad assortment of aged Australian Wagyu, USDA Prime Beef, and Kurobuta Berkshire Pork options ensuing our sister restaurant, Hanjip Korean Grill House. Discover and relish the unique flavor of real Korean barbecue in the city of Lions. At Nami Korean Grill House, we uphold the genuine customs of offering only the best to our visitors by carefully selecting all of our meats. Enjoy our specialties, the Nami Platter, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew, Seafood Pancake, and Soy Marinated Crab, together with a carefully chosen assortment of traditional Korean drinks, like as Soju and Makgeolli, while you take in the chic, sophisticated ambiance and sizzling charcoal-grilled meats.

Address: 18 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289212

Tel: +65 8831 4180





예약 YeYak Korean Restaurant

Credit: 예약 YeYak Korean Restaurant

Compared to Singapore’s Korean restaurant scene, Yeyak혈약 Korean Restaurant provides a completely different experience. We use traditional Korean recipes to make our delicacies. We invite you to taste our rustic, home-style cuisine at our quaint restaurant.

Address: 7 Keppel Road PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex, #01-18, Singapore 089053

Tel: +65 8828 7770

Website: Link



REPLYK1988 (응팔식당)

Credit: REPLYK1988 (응팔식당)

We suggest visiting a Korean-owned restaurant and BBQ joint if you’re ever in the Jalan Besar neighborhood!
One of the specialty dishes is marinated pork rib, which goes well with other must-tries like Ox Tripe and Nak Gop Sae for a satisfyingly protein-rich lunch. Banchan, or side dishes, come in a variety of forms and are always changing.

Address: 200 Jln Besar, Singapore 208886

Tel: +65 8022 0879




Omma Korean Charcoal BBQ

Credit: D T/Google Maps

OMMA, which means “mother” in Korean, is a brand-new restaurant concept that offers premium Korean barbecue in a chic and modern setting. It’s a visual escape from the busy city, a trip into rural Seoul where time appears to stand still. It depicts the scene of ajumma getting together in their quaint homes for a roast feast made with wood from various mountains.

90 Minutes - Korean Tteokbokki Hotpot Buffet

Credit: 90 Minutes - Korean Tteokbokki Hotpot Buffet

We finally located a store unit at Rendezvous Hotel after a protracted search for one that matches our concept. We assigned our interior designers the challenge of reproducing it, drawing inspiration from the streets of Seoul. We had always dreamed of owning a welcoming and comfortable restaurant. Together with a Tteokbokki hotpot to satisfy everyone’s appetite, we really hope that everyone enjoys their meal and spreads the good news to their loved ones.

Address: 9 Bras Basah Rd, #01-01, Singapore 189559

Tel: +65 6957 7778




Hanjip Korean Grill House

Credit: Hanjip Korean Grill House

HANJIP Korean Grill House, which opened in 2020, aims to be Singapore’s most genuine traditional Korean barbecue restaurant. Our restaurant is one of the largest Korean barbecue joints, spanning more than 5,000 square feet. Situated at the center of Clarke Quay, HANJIP is proud of its extensive assortment of USDA Prime Beef, Australia Wagyu, and Kurobuta Berkshire Pork. Our flagship cuts, USDA Prime Beef and Australia Wagyu, are carefully aged to retain their succulent suppleness while gaining more flavor and texture. Our flawless menu is complemented by outstanding service. In any of our seven carefully chosen private dining rooms, start your adventure into unmatched K-BBQ bliss.

Address: 3C River Valley Rd, #01 – 11 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179022

Tel: +65 8882 9011





Seoul Yummy - NEX

Credit: Keto Traveller/Google Maps

2008 saw the founding of Seoul Yummy by Frank and Laura. Frank discovered the F&B profession to be his true calling. In addition, he observed a growing K-Pop movement and recognized it as a promising prospect. Laura is familiar with the components and cooking methods that go into creating the ideal Korean cuisine because she is Korean.

Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-45 NEX, Singapore 556083

Tel: +65 6509 0563





Kimchi Dining | Korean Restaurant Singapore

Credit: Kimchi Dining | Korean Restaurant Singapore

It’s important to note that Korean cuisine has become more popular throughout the world in part because of its focus on using fresh, healthful ingredients and well-balanced flavors. Kimchi Dining is a distinctive and flavorful Korean dining experience that will delight anyone wishing to try something different and interesting! Our Korean noodle dishes are just one example of how we take pride in delivering the best of Korea to your table. Made with real, 100% buckwheat brown rice noodles that are imported straight from Korea, they offer a taste of history that is unmatched.

Address:  181 Orchard Rd, #06-10 Orchard Central Singapore 238896

Tel: +65 9113 7090




Taste of Korea 찐 (JJIN)

Credit: Aloysius L/Google Maps

Our well-chosen culinary crew specializes in a wide range of Korean delicacies and has a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds. From classic Korean Gukbap to Chinese-Korean Jjajangmyeon, we want to provide you the most delectable and genuine selection of Korean cuisine. In order to give you with the best meats and cuts for a genuine Korean barbecue experience, our Korean meat specialist carefully preserves our meat in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. We also take pride in offering our four house-made sauces, which go well with the meat.

Address:  109 Amoy St, Singapore 069929

Tel: +65 8030 9691




Sin Manbok

Credit: Javier Tan/Google Maps

Sin Manbok is a Korean restaurant in Tanjong Pagar that prides itself on offering good value BBQ with prices lower than other Korean BBQ places. The restaurant boasts a new style of Korean BBQ, providing customers with a unique and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or someone looking to explore Korean cuisine, Sin Manbok aims to deliver delicious food at affordable prices in a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 81 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088502

Tel: +65 6221 7030


Ju Shin Jung Alexandra

Credit: Ju Shin Jung Alexandra

JUSHINJUNG is Singapore’s first Korean charcoal-grilled restaurant. Prior to the late 2000s Korean restaurant boom in Singapore, JUSHINJUNG established its first West Coast location and progressively extended its reach to the East Coast and central regions. JUSHINJUNG has been making every effort to teach the local population about the then-exotic Korean barbecue cuisine, to revive the nostalgic flavors for the Korean community in Singapore, and to offer high-quality service and a wide variety of Korean cuisine, from traditional to fusion dishes.

Address:  991B Alexandra Rd, #02-08/09 10/11, Singapore 119970

Tel: +65 6464 0872




Credit: HANKANG POCHA 한강포차

HANKANG POCHA, also known as Hangang Pocha, prides itself on being the most affordable Korean Pocha in town. Offering a variety of delectable options such as Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ, Bulgogi, and Traditional Korean Cuisine, the restaurant ensures a delightful culinary experience. Specializing in Soju & Beer Chicken, patrons can enjoy a perfect blend of flavors at budget-friendly prices. HANKANG POCHA invites guests to indulge in a unique and pocket-friendly Korean dining adventure.

Address: 50 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088471

Tel: +65 6022 1860

Bulgogi Syo (Woodleigh Mall)

Credit: Vincent/Google Maps

Gogi stands for the best meats, Bul for fire, the center of cooking, and Syo for the show element of fire, which is essential to a wonderful meal. Fire and Meat combine in perfect harmony in Bulgogi Syo, which is presented with a hint of feeling!

Address: 11 Bidadari Park Drive, Mall, #01-33/34 The Woodleigh, Singapore 367803

Tel: +65 9880 9729





Hansang Korean Family Restaurant

Credit: Lionel Tan/Google Maps

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant stands out for its authentic and delicious Korean cuisine, offering a diverse menu with options ranging from cold noodles, sweet fried pork, stews to black sauce noodles. Guests appreciate the fast service, making it convenient for families, even those with kids. The generous portions and delicious flavors, especially highlighted by the pork belly BBQ set, leave patrons satisfied. With friendly and helpful staff, Hansang Korean Family Restaurant is highly recommended for a delightful Korean dining experience. The restaurant provides a welcoming environment for both regulars and newcomers.

Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, #03-33 Square 2, Singapore 307506

Tel: +65 6397 6752




Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ (Plaza Singapura)

Credit: Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ (Plaza Singapura)

The first Korean restaurant in Singapore to provide the traditional Korean galmaegisal is Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ (quality pork skirt meat). Once believed to be limited to Korean aristocracy, this rare sirloin extension—which measures just 250 grams between a full-grown pig’s belly and ribs—is now a staple on the platter of every local Korean enthusiast. The galmaegisal assumes the flavors of wagyu beef after being marinated in a delectable mixture of Korean spices and expertly grilled. It offers a juicy and soft bite.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #02-01, Plaza, Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 9181 2709





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