Top 15 Best Sakura Spots to visit in Japan


Spring in Japan is a time for social gatherings, peaceful walks in nature, and plenty of selfies taken next to cherry trees covered in candy-pink blossoms. Sakura matsuri, or cherry blossom festival, is celebrated throughout Japan in April, but with such a short bloom period, locals must enjoy the spectacular display for as long as they can.

1. Meguro River


Meguro River, which has over 800 cherry trees lined up along the riverside, is one of Tokyo’s most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing. We also advise you to visit this site after peak season. The reason for this is that once the cherry blossoms have finished blooming, the petals are blown off the tree branches by the wind and cover the river’s surface, creating a sea of pink.

2. Shinjuku Gyoen


Shinjuku Gyoen is one of Tokyo’s largest national gardens. The 58.3-hectare garden contains approximately 1,000 cherry blossom trees. It also has one of the most tranquil settings. It is open every day of the week during the cherry blossom season and offers a relaxing walk, picnic, and an amazing view of the cherry trees.

3. Chidorigafuchi Moat

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Chidorigafuchi Moat is regarded as Tokyo’s most beautiful cherry blossom viewing location. Stroll along the moat of the Edo Castle, which is located on the northwest side of the Imperial Palace. Chidorigafuchi’s walkway, with a 700-meter-long tunnel of cherry trees blooming in the spring, is one of the most scenic spots around the moat.

4.Ueno Onshi Park


Ueno Park is one of Tokyo’s largest parks as well as a popular tourist destination. This park is one of the busiest places during the cherry blossom season in Tokyo as many visitors head here for “Hanami”.

5. Koishikawa Korakuen Garden


Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is a lovely place at any time of year, with colors changing with the seasons. It is one of the few remaining gardens of the Tokugawa Clan, dating back to the 17th century during the Edo Period. It is a large garden with many different types of cherry trees that bloom peacefully in the spring. Although sakura season is one of the best times to visit, you will not be disappointed regardless of the season.

6.Yaesu Sakura Street


Yaesu Sakura Street, which is located on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station, may be familiar to you. This is a very convenient location to see the cherry blossoms, and it is a great place to stop if you are going somewhere via Tokyo Station. This street is unique because you don’t often see cherry tree-lined streets in the middle of one of the city’s busiest areas. The trees on both sides of the street form a sort of tunnel, creating a magical feel among the hustle and bustle of city life.

7.Aoyama Cemetery


Walking through a cemetery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip to Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms. During the sakura season, however, Aoyama is a surprisingly peaceful, quaint, and somehow calming place. Although you won’t be able to do hanami here, it is still a wonderful way to enjoy the cherry blossoms and relax your mind.

8.Rikugien Garden


Rikugien Garden is a traditional Japanese garden in Tokyo’s northern outskirts. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the Japanese atmosphere combined with the beautiful pond makes for a pretty amazing combination. The famous weeping cherry tree, which stands about 15 meters tall and has been there for years, is the main attraction at this garden. If you’re in Tokyo at this time of year, you won’t want to miss this. From late March to early April, they also have a spectacular night light up that takes place every evening after sunset.

9. Showa Memorial Park


Showa Memorial Park, one of Tokyo’s largest parks, has a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year. Of course, there are many cherry trees throughout the park. Although it is a bit outside of Tokyo, it is well worth the trip and can even be made into a day trip. You can expect to see around 1,500 trees that bloom slightly later than the rest of Tokyo.

10. Mountain Takao


Mt. Takao is located on the outskirts of Tokyo, but it is only about an hour from the city center, making it an ideal day trip destination. In March and April, the entire area turns a light pink, making it an ideal location for a hike while viewing cherry blossoms. This is a good option if you want to get away from the big city crowds and have a more rural sakura experience. 

11. Inokashira Park


Inokashira Park, a short walk from Kichijoji Station, is a large, beautiful park where you can walk around or take a paddle boat out onto the water to enjoy cherry blossom viewing. With over 500 cherry trees, taking a boat out on the water on a sunny spring day can be a great way to relax and enjoy the fleeting sakura.

12. Sumida Park


Sumida Park is a stretch of the Sumida River that runs from Azumabashi bridge to Sakurabashi bridge. There are over 1,000 sakura trees lined up giving you a stunning view of Japan’s tallest building, the Tokyo Skytree. This is an excellent location for a picnic or simply relaxing and admiring the beautiful sakura.

13. Shiba Park


Shiba Park, located at the foot of Tokyo Tower, is divided into several areas in Minato City and is one of Japan’s oldest parks. You can visit Shiba Tosho-gu Shrine and admire the skyscraping tower while surrounded by cherry blossoms.

14. Yoyogi Park


Yoyogi Park, with over 500 cherry trees, is a popular spring destination that attracts a large number of visitors. On a normal year, there are food stalls set up where you can buy food and snacks, but many people bring their own food and drinks to enjoy while admiring the surrounding cherry blossoms.

15. Tokyo Midtown


Tokyo Midtown is a popular place to see cherry blossoms at night. The beauty of the 200-meter-long row of cherry blossom trees in Tokyo Midtown’s garden area will take your breath away. The vibrant pink color can be seen from inside the building during the day, while at night the trees are brilliantly lit up, mesmerizing you and making you want to stand beneath them and appreciate their beauty.

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