15 Best Yusheng In Singapore For CNY 2024

Welcome the Lunar New Year with abundance and flavor as we explore the 15 best Yusheng options in Singapore for CNY 2024. From traditional classics to contemporary interpretations, these culinary delights promise a festive journey of prosperity, togetherness, and the joy of tossing up good fortune.

1. Crystal Jade

Indulge in the succulent poached Boston lobster tail and the delightful sweetness of torched raw Hokkaido scallops in our exquisite yu sheng. This culinary masterpiece features a medley of flavors, including juicy red dragon fruit, tangy green mango, dried apricot, pomelo sacs, and sweet longan. The ensemble is elegantly dressed with a plum sauce infused with Okinawa Acerola juice and scallion oil. The result is a vibrant and appetizing array of colors, flavors, and textures—a perfect toss to usher in an abundant year. Available at Crystal Jade, this yu sheng promises a light, refreshing, and exceptionally appetizing experience.

2. YÀN

Come celebrate the biggest meal of the year with us! We are pleased to provide our Chinese New Year Reunion Menu, which is easily available for takeout or delivery. Savor a luscious pot of YÀN Harvest Pen Cai and admire a magnificent Prosperity Yusheng display. Our large menu lets you celebrate the moments that really matter—times spent with family—by providing a variety of mouthwatering Cantonese cuisine to grace your table. Available for pre-order from January 29 to February 24, 2024, so you may start the Lunar Year of the Dragon with YÀN.

3. Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore

Experience the delightful symphony of flavors with our Crispy Golden Eel and Yellowtail Yu Sheng at Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore. Immerse yourself in the crispiness of golden eel and the succulence of yellowtail, perfectly complemented by a medley of fresh vegetables and a tantalizing mix of sauces. This yu sheng promises a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, creating a memorable culinary celebration. Elevate your Lunar New Year festivities with this exquisite creation, a true testament to the culinary artistry at Ya Ge.

4. Si Chuan Dou Hua

Returning by popular demand! We are bringing back our Prosperity Fugu and Salmon Roe Yusheng. This limited-edition Yusheng showcases the rare and fortunate Prosperity Fugu, beautifully fashioned like a dragon, signifying the Year of the Dragon. The first and only Chinese restaurant in Singapore authorized to offer fugu is Si Chuan Dou Hua, which serves it with a touch of classic Chinese elegance and agelessness.

5. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Singapore

Usher in prosperity with our Auspicious Yu Sheng featuring premium South African Abalone, succulent Hokkaido Scallops, and flavorful Scottish Smoked Salmon at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Singapore. Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with this exquisite dish, symbolizing good fortune and abundance. The harmonious blend of ingredients, accompanied by a special sauce, promises a delightful burst of flavors. Share moments of joy and prosperity with family and friends as you partake in this culinary masterpiece crafted to perfection.

6. Café Mosaic - Carlton Hotel

Experience the opulence of the festive season with the Abalone Yu Sheng at Café Mosaic, Carlton Hotel. This lavish dish is a celebration of abundance, featuring succulent abalone amidst an array of fresh and vibrant ingredients. Tossed together with finesse, the Abalone Yu Sheng promises a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. Share this auspicious dish with loved ones as you usher in the Lunar New Year, symbolizing prosperity, good luck, and the joy of togetherness.

7. Crown Prince Restaurant, Aranda Country Club

Indulge in the Lunar New Year festivities with the Special Charred Lobster Yee Shang featuring Yuzu Sauce at Crown Prince Restaurant, Aranda Country Club. Priced from $68, this exquisite dish promises a unique twist on the traditional Yee Shang, elevating the celebration with the rich flavors of charred lobster and the refreshing zest of Yuzu sauce. Embrace the joy of reunion and good fortune as you toss this vibrant and delectable creation, marking the beginning of a prosperous year ahead.

8. Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Maintaining the custom of Man Fu Yuan to ring in the Chinese New Year with a 60-inch Yu Sheng, the magnificent “Dragon’s Wealth” Yu Sheng 龙飞凤舞喜捞甼 ($888++ accommodates up to 10 people) boasts a majestic dragon head and tail, representing power, strength, health, and prosperity in the upcoming year. Exquisitely crafted and embellished with opulent ingredients such as crispy fish skin, sea urchin, ikura, shredded dry Hokkaido scallops, salmon sashimi, and crispy lobster, all finished with a spritz of cool honey miso golden peach dressing and shallot oil. To enhance the enjoyable aspect of a Yu Sheng, every “Dragon’s Wealth” Yu Sheng has four lucky numbers that would bring good fortune in the upcoming year. The 60-inch yusheng, which can accommodate up to 10 people for dine-in, requires orders to be placed at least two days in advance.

9. Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore

With Peach Blossoms’ yu sheng, drink to success, wealth, and good fortune. One of the best dishes, available only for dine-in, is Chef Edward Chong and his Culinary Team’s delightful Harvest Yu Sheng at Peach Blossoms. Savor a novel twist as diners are urged to’smash’ a rose infused with nitrogen into a delicious combination of crispy whitebait, kanpachi, abalone, and organic mixed fruits. Yu sheng is traditionally savored during Lunar New Year festivities due to its symbolic significance, in addition to its delicious flavors. In Cantonese, “lo hei” (or “yu sheng” in Mandarin) refers to the act of tossing and mixing the components, which represents the tossing of luck and wealth. It’s a vibrant, group exercise that’s meant to bring good fortune in the future.


Enjoy our top pick for a Lunar New Year’s Eve meal: Boston Lobster and Ikura Yu Sheng with Passion Fruit Sauce! Cheers to the year of the dragon! Featuring delectable chunks of Boston lobster meat and savory salmon roe, the dish is expertly complemented by the chef’s creation of a passion fruit sauce that adds just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to the mix. This must be a part of your New Year’s feast if you want to have a successful year!

11. Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Indulge in a gastronomic delight with the Gold Rush Smoked Salmon and Rose Wine-marinated Abalone Yu Sheng at Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with this exquisite creation that harmonizes the richness of smoked salmon, the delicacy of marinated abalone, and the zesty notes of kumquat dressing. Crowned with champagne jelly and shallot oil, this culinary masterpiece is a symphony of flavors that promises a festive experience like no other.

12. Hai Tien Lo - Pan Pacific Hotel

Embark on a culinary journey this Lunar New Year with the Vitality Yu Sheng at Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel. This extravagant creation features a medley of flavors, including classic whole abalone, succulent lobster, rich smoked salmon, and the unique addition of dragon fungus. Packed with prosperity and vitality, this Yu Sheng promises a delightful start to the festivities, symbolizing abundance, good health, and the spirit of renewal. Gather your loved ones and usher in the new year with this luxurious and auspicious dish.

13. 5 ON 25 - Andaz Singapore

Indulge in the exquisite 5 on 25 Yusheng at 5 ON 25, Andaz Singapore, featuring sustainably sourced New Zealand King Salmon. This unique and delectable Yusheng creation promises a burst of flavors, with the premium quality of New Zealand King Salmon taking center stage. Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with this sustainable and luxurious dish, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. Gather around with family and friends to toss to a year filled with abundance and delicious moments.

14. Tajimaya Yakiniku

Welcome prosperity with Tajimaya Yakiniku’s Prosperity Yusheng starting at $88++. Delight in a vibrant platter boasting six distinct sashimi varieties, including Hamachi, Tuna, Salmon, Akami, Swordfish, and Salmon Belly. Drizzled with Ume Honey Dressing, adding a sweet Japanese touch, toss this exquisite yusheng for an Ume-sing and prosperous Year of the Dragon celebration.


Embrace the spirit of prosperity and abundance as you partake in Long Beach’s exclusive Prosperity Sliced 10H Abalone Yu Sheng. This opulent dish is crafted to perfection, featuring premium 10-head abalone slices that symbolize wealth and good fortune. The carefully curated ingredients, coupled with the artful arrangement, create a visual and culinary spectacle. As you toss the Yu Sheng, may the harmonious flavors and textures bring forth a cascade of blessings for a prosperous Year of the Dragon. Long Beach invites you to celebrate the festivities with this symbol of culinary luxury and good wishes.

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