15 Late Night Supper in Ipoh

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Ipoh is the city in northwest malaysia, the gateway to the Cameron Highlands. Han Chin Pet Soo is a museum about the Hakka community and tin mining industry located in the former Hakka Miners’ Club. Located in a limestone cave, Sam Poh Tong is a Buddhist shrine. A Scottish planter began construction on Kellie’s Castle, an incomplete palace, in the south. Dramatic rock formations are found in the large Gua Tempurung cave in the southeast.

1. Hangout @ Ipoh

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Food is tasty. We got fish and chips, although they were a little greasy. But, the fried rice shouldn’t be served in a bowl. Although a little noisy and buzzing, the buskers’ sound system was nonetheless usable. but good music. With the wind flowing through, the environment is pleasant and cooling. Located adjacent to numerous cheap motels, the well-known “Pasar Karat Loken,” and other attractions. Very highly advised

Address: 145&147, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Taman Jubilee, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 5pm-12am daily except closed on Wednesday

2. Konda Kondi Cafe & Bistro

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Each and every taste of the meal is always tasty. Price-wise, the product is reasonable for the quality. Pleasant hosts, mouth-watering fare, and lovely presentation.

Address: 183,Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 5pm- 12am Friday till Sunday and 5pm -11.30pm on Monday till Thursday

3. Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun

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Apart from the major tourist destinations, the residents in Ipoh were familiar with the Chee Cheong Fun booth in Canning Garden. Locals frequently eat Chee Cheong Fun, also known as steamed rice noodles, for breakfast. In Ipoh, there are several good chee cheong fun stalls, but this one in Canning Garden serves the dish on metal plates with traditional sauces.

Address: 50GF, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 7am-1am daily except closed on Sunday.

4. Tong Sui Kai

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One of the busiest dining areas in Ipoh after sunset is Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street). Several food vendors line the street, most of which specialise in selling desserts (thus the name), as well as rojak, cooked cockles, and other kinds of noodles. A little segment near the end is devoted to Malay cuisine.

Address: Gerai, 9, Jalan Carey, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 5pm-1am daily

5. Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant

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The Irish family members that created the true Irish environment take pride in being the greatest and providing the best cuisine and drinks to their buddy, the “Asian Area.” Being a local Irish idea provider with more than 20 years of experience in the Irish Bar is the family-owned company’s goal.

Address: Ground Floor, 2, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Avenue, 30450 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 12pm-2am daily

6. Ipoh Night Market

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The night market was interesting. A large crowd gathered around the regional cuisine. many different culinary options are available. Excellent for youngsters as well. It’s good to see that the local government offers these resources to help local businesses thrive, especially post-covid.

7. Euro House

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The best option to warm your stomach is always wild mushroom soup.
In Ipoh, Euro House has always been a popular destination. The costs are reasonable and not overly high. There is a wide variety of drinks, making it a great place for gatherings.

Address: 51, Jalan Hussein, Taman Jubilee, 30250 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 3pm-12am daily

8. Bricks & Barrels Ipoh

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Arrived here for my dinner, ordered a Smoked Duck Pizza and a drink of Singapore Sling. I adore the inside, looks wonderful. The dinner taste okay, I didn’t expect the pizza to be that enormous. The cocktail tasted amazing. Was expecting there would be a live band performing, suppose I came at the wrong time. The pricing is bit costly but it’s worth the service and environment. 

Address: 28-30, Jalan Lau Ek Ching, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 4pm-2am on Friday& Saturday, closed on Monday, 4pm-1am from Tuesday till Thursday

9. Fei Bo Snow Beer Ipoh Garden East

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Best curry bun.  Would strongly advise everyone to give it a try. The bread is incredibly soft, crunchy, and buttery. It goes well with the curry as well. The yam pork belly was outstanding as well.  The pork belly’s fat practically melts in your tongue. The other items were all excellently prepared and full of flavour.

Address: Ipoh, Perak, at 8 Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, Taman Ipoh Timur.

Opening Hours: 4.40 p.m. to 12.30 a.m.

10. Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

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Waiters and waitresses are pleasant. No remorse! Excellent cuisine, a fun setting, and ideal for gatherings, beautiful interior and good value. Must try.

Address: 2-2A, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 4pm-1am daily

11. Kafe Yoon Wah

Credit: http://www.vkeong.com/eat/sun-yoon-wah-snow-beer-ipoh/

Their food is good. They are known for their specialty noodles, namju meat, and deer meat. wonderful place to chill around. Sister Ngo and Ling Ling, two of their employees, are very helpful and amiable.

Address: 7, Jalan Bijeh Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 1pm-12am daily

12.History Bistroz Ipoh

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/HistoRyBistRozIpoh/?locale=ms_MY

The perfect setting for relaxing with music and friends. Dinner and beverages were excellent. Also good in terms of music. Excellent value and a lively atmosphere.

Address: 36 & 38, Jalan Lau Ek Ching, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 3.30pm till 2am on Friday & Saturday, 3.30pm till 1am on Sunday till Thursday

13. Tiga Bar

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Fantastic beverages and delicious meal! There are simply too many options to consider to limit oneself to just one or two glasses. Avoid skipping the Butter N I Know It. Hot peanut butter foam has an outstanding aroma. Excellent place to hang out for dinner and late-night conversation.

Address: 27, Jalan Bijeh Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours:
Friday: 6pm–2 am
Saturday:6pm–3 am
Sunday till Tuesday: 6pm–12 am
Wednesday (Closed)
Thursday: 12pm–1 am

14. Viking Village Bar of Music @ Ipoh, Pub Bistro

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/VikingVillageBarOfMusic/

Great location for relaxation and fun. Meals is tasty and affordable. Worth for lovers of late-night meals.

Address: 23 & 25, Jalan Lau Ek Ching, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 5pm till 12am daily

15.Genki Japanese Food

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/genkijapanfood/

Everything about it is excellent, from the food to the services to the environment. The portion is adequate. The food was delicious and the price was reasonable. Strongly recommended.

Address: 9, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 4pm-12am daily

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