15 Places To Visit In Malaysia for Photography

Do you want to share some beautiful and high-quality photos on social media? Don’t pass up this useful article that will exceed your expectations. There are numerous fantastic photography locations in Malaysia that are open to both locals and tourists. Here is the list of the 15 places to visit in Malaysia for photography.

1. Elmina Valley Central Park

Elmina Valley Central Park in Shah Alam is a recreation area. It is well-known for its rainbow pathway and other magnificent architectural artworks that were installed in the park beginning in early 2020. You must take photographs as you walk down the rainbow path. The design is one-of-a-kind and offers numerous photo opportunities. It looks fantastic at night and is a great moment to capture with your camera’s lens.

2. Kwai Chai Hong

Visit Kwai Chai Hong, a hidden gem in Chinatown. It is yet another excellent location for photography, complete with street art and restaurants. Its Instagrammable backgrounds allow you to take a lot of pictures. One of our favourite parts of Kwai Chai Hong are the interactive street art sculptures. There are many Chinese arts with which you can interact, especially at night when the sculptures’ lights are turned on to create a beautiful scene.

3. Jalan Alor KL Street Art 1 Lane

Jalan Alor KL Street Art 1 Lane is a vibrant and photogenic location. Many people are drawn to this street art because of the colourful wall painting and the coloured ground. Walking down the street while photographing the various murals is a fantastic experience.

4. River of Life

The River of Life project began as a government initiative in 2012. The project transformed KL’s Masjid Jamek neighbourhood into a relaxed photo location that comes alive at night, with events like a Dancing Symphony Fountain with music and visual effects! Because the lights are turned on, it is preferable to take photos here at night. The lights are extremely bright, and the entire scene, including the breeze, is breathtaking. Many pictures can be taken under the twinkling stars and beautiful lights.

5. Platform 9 1/2 Coffee & Brew Cafe

Platform Coffee & Brew Cafe in Ipoh is a Hogwarts-themed café. The interior and exterior are almost identical to Hogwarts, allowing you to take many magical photographs. Apart from drinks, the café offers Harry Potter fans a variety of activities, including a dress-up section and photo opportunities. You can even pose with Hogwarts Express carts while wearing Harry Potter house scarves and robes!

6. Batu Caves

Batu Caves, with majestic limestone caves guarded by a 42-meter-tall massive statue of the Hindu deity Lord Murugan, is undoubtedly one of KL’s most iconic sights. Its most distinctive feature is the 272 colourful stairs. Many tourists and locals prefer to take photos while hiking up the stairs because the colours are appealing and create a lovely backdrop.

7. Penang Street Art

When visiting Penang, do not overlook the iconic Wall Painting or mural. This street art can be found all over town, and some of it is hidden, so take the time to walk around and explore. Professional artists and mural painters create many of the wall paintings, which are painted to appear life-like. As a result, Penang’s wall paintings are a well-known tourist attraction and a great location for photographs.

8. Pulau Mabul

Pulau Mabul is a small island off the coast of Sabah. Because of its beautiful and crystal-clear beach, taking photos on Pulau Mabul is a fantastic experience. You can also take stunning photos while riding on a boat or walking across the bridge. Furthermore, many social media influencers would post on their Instagram stories or on their luxury resort hotel’s water chalets.

9. Sekinchan Paddy Field

You should not miss Sekinchan Paddy Field because it is large and covered in green paddy. The view is breathtaking, surrounded by fresh air and warm sunlight. Many couples choose to have their wedding photos taken here because it is windy and close to nature. The results are fantastic and should be shared on social media!

10. KLCC

KLCC is a well-known international landmark in Malaysia, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Many visitors, celebrities, and locals flock here because the Twin Towers are breathtakingly beautiful. Many visitors and locals alike take photos with the Twin Towers, whether in their hotel room or at the bottom of the Twin Towers themselves.

11. Lake Gardens

Lake Gardens is a sprawling 227-acre park filled with walking paths, small hills, and breathtaking scenery. A butterfly farm, bird park, and botanical garden are among the attractions located throughout the park. The park is popular for nature walks, picnics, and even photography shoots.

12. Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple, one of Southeast Asia’s oldest and largest temples, is a place for prayers and marriage registrations. The entire space is splattered with gold and red hues, which represent luck and happiness. Take photos against the striking red roofs, red lanterns, and majestic pillars with intricate carvings.

13. Church of Holy Rosary

The Church of the Holy Rosary is a Gothic-style Catholic church built in 1903. The church has a lovely all-white exterior and a landscaped garden where you can take some lovely photos – many newlyweds come here for wedding photos!

14. Saloma Bridge Link

The bridge has a sirih junjung (traditional betel leaf arrangement) design and is illuminated at night by colourful LED lights, making it look stunning against the night sky.

15. KL Forest Eco Park

The KL Forest Eco Park is a green oasis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, only a short distance from. It’s one of the country’s oldest forest reserves, and is ideal for a morning away from the hustle and bustle of KL.

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