7 Best Tom Yum in Alor Setar

1. Medina Thai Palace

The cuisine is prepared with that traditional Thai flavour. Simply lovely for you to share with your family, the portion. The interior design is very appealing. The images of the Thai and Kedah royals after their independence are among favourites.

2. Dee Dee Thai Restaurant

Dee Dee Thai Restaurant is a must-try if you enjoy Thai cuisine. Thai crab salads, tom yam soup, and curry are all great choices. It is delicious and the meal is reasonably priced while being quite fresh. 

3. Boat Noodle

This Thai restaurant is well-known for its affordable price. It is located in the Aman Central mall at 4th Floor (4-38), next to Sushi King.

4. Restoran Asama Thaifood

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Asama-Thai-food-893293927369209/photos/900729099959025

The cuisine is entirely native to Thailand. The is tasty and provides wonderful food. The cost is also reasonable.

5. Krabi Thai Food

Good food with a wide selection of Thai dishes. The space is spacious and nicely furnished. Kailan Ikan Masin and Tomyam make such a  perfect combination. A pleasant atmosphere with a space for Thai seating.

6. Aloq Staq Bamboo Garden Halal Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Aloq Staq Bamboo Garden Halal Chinese and Thai Restaurant (Restaurant) is located in Daerah Kota Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. Nearby area or landmark is Bandar Alor Setar. The staff is helpful and the food is delicious. The cost is quite reasonable.

7. Restoran Thai Aroi 2020

The majority of the food is tasty and has a southern Thai flavour and aroma. Fresh ingredients, an excellent cook, and an affordable pricing. The cuisine options are plentiful. If you’re in Alor Star, you must go here!

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