7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for CNY

Again the spring cleaning? Yeah, this is the time of year! Recently (before Christmas and after New Year), you may have done some cleaning, but it’s been two weeks since then, and according to traditional beliefs, cleaning your Chinese New Year home is like “sweeping away bad luck to bring good fortune into your life.” So forget escaping the chores; embrace them instead as it will benefit you eventually. Here’s our list of essential spring cleaning tips to help you get started.

1. Start with positivity

We understand how physically exhausting spring cleaning can be but being mentally drained too can put a damper on things – that’s why it’s essential to have a positive mindset when you’re tackling heavy-duty tasks. A clean home will benefit both your physical and mental health. Chances of getting sick are lesser, and you will feel less stressed and distracted – reducing your risk of depression. Remember, hard work and some elbow grease will always pay off in the end!

Tip: Remind yourself of your intent, i.e., or I want to be a proud owner of a perfect house. I do this for good energy and fortune.

2. Create a cleaning schedule

It’s challenging to do it all in one day because we aren’t invincible, despite our best efforts. It’s essential to keep pace with us—you got this! Set aside two to three days for each part of the house (a minimum of two to three hours each day).

Tip: Start from the most used house areas (like your living room and bathrooms) and focus during the festive season on those parts of the house.

3. Get your cleaning basket ready

As CNY inches closer and closer, the last thing you want to do is to waste precious time looking for a cleaning tool. Load your cleaning agents and equipment (we prefer those with handles) into a plastic basket, so they’re still within easy reach.

Tip: Skip the difficult things and make your cleaning solutions DIY. For glass, mirrors, and windows: use a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and hot water and clean with a newspaper. For mold and dirt (in the bathroom) and grease (in the kitchen): Use a 1:3:1 mixture of baking soda, salt, and vinegar. Leave it for an hour or overnight, then rub it off with a wooden spoon.

4. Put on the right outfit

Do you know that you can affect your mood by the way you dress? It might be a no-brainer, but you should always be in your most relaxed state when you start cleaning. Make sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind soiling.

Tip: Shield yourself from the grime of all. Second, wear a mask-there are bound to be dusty circumstances, and on this joyous day, you can not afford to get ill! Secondly, wear latex gloves—while scraping stubborn mould and grease, you can struggle with harsh chemicals.

5. Finish pending home repairs

Nothing feels better than having the leaky pipe patched eventually! Now’s the perfect time to have it fixed once and for all if you’re procrastinating on stuff (i.e., a defective door lock or a broken cabinet hinge). When such work is underway, your home can become messy (such as drilling and the tiny fragments that come with it). So make sure that before you begin spring cleaning, all this is done.

6. Declutter your home

The reasoning is clear – the more you declutter, the less you need to clean up. But then again, it’s easier said than done, especially if your belongings appear to be hoarded. For starters, throw away stuff that can not be fixed-no, you don’t have to hang on to the clock of your grandfather so you can put it up for auction-and expired items in the pantry, including cosmetics, toiletries, or dry products.

7. Start from top to bottom

We always forget, like our ceiling, lights, and fans, what’s above our heads. Things on top, though, get just as dusty as things on the bottom, too. When you’re done, pass on to fittings and furnishings before beginning on the floors, such as cabinets, kitchen tops, tables, and shelves.

Tip: Don’t throw old pillowcases away! They are useful for cleaning the blades of ceiling fans. Place the blade in a pillowcase and remove the dust from the outside.

We know that it can be daunting to prepare for festive occasions, but we think you’re ready to take on and conquer this cleaning mission with an apparent attitude, good vibes, and a well-planned schedule! Get your plans straight and be honest about it, if you really can not make it then hiring an experienced cleaning service in Sydney could be the right thing to do. Chinese New Year is when family and friends come together for a nice meal and a hearty laugh; it’s the perfect time to make beautiful memories at home with your loved ones, so start getting your home ready for the New Year!

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