7 Technology Trends in 2022

The world’s digital population has risen to five billion people (over 60 percent of the world population). As a result, in a world where the digital space is eclipsing all other domains, the latest technologies and emerging technological trends are more important than ever. The following is a list of emerging technology trends that you should monitor and try to capitalise on in 2022 to advance your career.

1. 5G

Fifth-generation wireless is currently the most advanced mobile broadband technology, with tech behemoths such as Samsung, Apple, QualComm, and Huawei already on board. 5G has a lot of potential, not just from a professional standpoint, but also from a consumer standpoint. Consumers anticipate improved mobile data speeds and expanded coverage, among other benefits, from 5G.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain, also known colloquially as an electronic “ledger,” is a decentralised list of connected and verified records. Due to the technology’s potential and widespread financial interest in the possibilities it may provide, blockchain has grown into a significant market in its own right.

3. Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed computing system that connects enterprise applications and data sources like IoT devices. With increased data accessibility, this technology is emerging as a means of gaining significant business benefits and actionable insights. Furthermore, as the number of IoT devices increases, so will the use of edge computing.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR and VR are well-known for providing a more enhanced experience by combining virtual and real-world images with enhanced 3-D images. In the future, AR and VR will benefit gaming, e-commerce, marketing, education, and a variety of other industries.

5. Quantum Computing (QC)

To solve problems, quantum computing makes use of quantum mechanics laws such as superposition. You can count on QC to provide answers to questions like how to determine the best routes for a couple hundred tankers in a global shipping network.

6. Cybersecurity

In the technological world, cybersecurity has already established a solid foundation. AI-enabled phishing and network infiltration are two of the most common cyberattacks that businesses face, both of which can have serious consequences such as data or revenue loss. So, while a career in cybersecurity can be lucrative, it requires you to constantly upgrade your skills in order to keep up with the domain’s evolving developments.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a critical technology for building a network of connected devices that can continuously share data and information with other devices in real-time. In the coming years, the amount of data volume associated with IoT connections will skyrocket. The widespread adoption of the technology creates numerous career opportunities in a variety of domains, including the automobile industry, smart home device industry, telecommunications, wearable fitness device domains, and so on.

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