7 ways to prepare your home for sale during COVID-19

Declutter all rooms and closets

If you never want to sell your home when it looks dirty and cluttered, then it will be better. This can make the rooms look smaller, the storage appears to be inadequate and potential customers are put off. So many people taking time off work and some no longer needing to drive while working from home, some of those extra minutes can be spent in picking up and making sure your home looks its best.

Go through every room and pack up any excess property and decorations. Keep it attractive but small. Make sure that your possessions are properly packed in drawers and cupboards.

Most places also have collections on the kerbside, so you can get rid of damaged or discarded objects.

Extremely safe and hard to access areas

Another way to spend the extra time at home is to clean it deep inside and out, particularly areas that are typically overlooked in your daily routine of spring cleaning. Get deep into cupboards, freezer, garage, shed, bathroom, cabinets and upper floor. Dust cobwebs, scrub and polish furniture, clean windows, vacuum and keep your belongings tidy.

It is an excellent time to start packing up everything you don’t need to use right now while deep cleaning. If you’re going to declutter your stuff and thoroughly clean it anyway, you may as well get them ready to streamline your transition to your new house. Hire a professional cleaning services in Sydney which follow all the guideline and disinfection cleaning for covid-19, only you are unable to do all these thing alone.

Brighten your home’s exterior

Potential customers can see the exterior of your home first, which is setting the stage for their first experiences. It may also mean the difference between customers who call your agent or drive away and who are searching for something else.

Clean the yard and the strip of nature, and make sure your front entrance looks welcoming. Sweep the porch, get rid of any lawn debris and weeds, and touch up any damaged or worn out stuff. To make a welcoming first impression repaint your front door. A new, cheerful coat of paint on the door will make the visual appeal greatly differ.

Remember even to step outside to see how your home looks from the street. Make sure that all noticeable windows look clean and tidy, inside as well as outside. Small things like making an electrician repair a defective light on a sensor or stopping a leaking hose can impact the first impressions of a potential buyer.

Organisationate a virtual tour

The Internet is a powerful tool that can help you sell your house during the pandemic coronavirus. Instead of keeping traditional inspection open, and getting loads of people walking around your house, you can record a virtual tour instead. With that, the real estate agent will be able to help.

Speak to your agent about getting each room ‘s best shots, highlight your home’s best features and how they plan to share the video with buyers to drum up interest. They can also give you 3D floorplan tour technology, as well as videos shot professionally.

Set tighter standards for showings in person.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 we want to stress the importance of social distancing and hygiene. If you are having shows in person, be careful on who can come in, and your agent can ensure that the current rules on social distancing are followed.

It is best to limit the number of people coming to your property during COVID-19. So ask your agent to scan, test and assess buyers before inspections take place.

You don’t have to straight away drive people away. Send them to your virtual tour instead, then go from there if they are serious and want to go on with a private showing.

Digital valuations, reviews and sales

An agent and buyers are usually physically present for home appraisals, assessments, and sales. A majority of agencies now provide online auctioning to perform appraisals and live property inspections through FaceTime and video, and have the technology in place.

FaceTime allows for inspections and an online auction to reduce the number of people accessing your home request with your agent for a video appraisal. Or you may want to do an in-person review and a mix of one-on-one in-person assessments as well as FaceTime walk-throughs, for whatever you are most comfortable for.

Tell your neighbourhood

Use Google Maps and Street View to highlight the surrounding city. Get a list of local attractions and facilities for your agent to include in your overview of the site. Note to include things you enjoy as well as things that might be of interest to others, such as parks, recreational centres, childcare facilities , restaurants, housing, gyms, hotels and everything that makes the community stand out.

In addition , check out your Homely street and suburb to let prospective buyers know all the best things about your home and neighbourhood that you can only dream about. Ask your agent how to add your street analysis to your listing of the Homely properties for a personal touch.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, home-sellers face new threats. Work with your agent to come up with  smart ideas that will sell your house at a great price without endangering the safety of your family.

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