Best 09 Eldercare / Nursing Home in Klang

Klang, known for its rich cultural heritage, hosts a selection of top-notch eldercare and nursing homes, providing compassionate and professional services to the elderly population. From well-equipped facilities to dedicated staff, these establishments prioritize the well-being and comfort of their residents, offering a range of services to meet diverse healthcare and lifestyle needs.

Mintygreen Nursing Home Care Klang 巴生疗养中心

Mintygreen Wellness Residence is a Klang Valley-based brand of senior care facilities that was founded in 2017. With years of excellent performance, our specialty in offering 24-hour nursing care and rehabilitation services has been very commended. We are happy to announce that Mintygreen Wellness Residence is the first assisted living facility to have a strong focus on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Sahana Old Folks Home

At SAHANA OLD FOLKS HOME, we offer care for the elderly and those with physical disabilities. For patients who require comprehensive care, we do offer medical nursing and wound care. Our employees are well qualified to perform house calls and day care. Here at our site, we serve: 1. Homestyle, high-quality meals Day 2: 4 or 5 servings; doctors on call 3. Daily primary care examination 4. Gentle physical therapy 5. Cozy atmosphere 6. A welcoming staff; 7. Activities: games, arts and crafts, gardening 8. Services provided via outcall 9. Premium Room: Spacious, air-conditioned, TV-equipped single or double room. 24-hour nursing assistance, etc.

Oasis Nursing Home (Setia Alam)

Dr. Wendy established and oversees Oasis Nursing Home, a skilled nursing facility. Here, we’ll see to it that every one of the special demands of the elderly is met. Come take a look at our well-maintained center and all of the amenities we provide. Oasis Nursing Home offers everything an old person needs for a comfortable and safe stay, whether you’re seeking for a short-term solution for your parents or if you want them to move in with us permanently.

Loving Touch Care Center

Loving Touch Care Center stands out as an eldercare facility with a strong reputation for its friendly and caring staff. Visitors appreciate the welcoming atmosphere created by the attentive team, who readily address inquiries and provide prompt responses. The facility maintains a clean and tidy environment, contributing to a comfortable and reassuring setting. Additionally, the affordability of their services adds to the positive impression, making Loving Touch Care Center a notable choice for eldercare with a focus on compassionate support and reasonable pricing.

Attia Global Care Klang

Credit: Attia Global Care Klang

Attia Nursing Care is a full-time assisted living facility that provides medically skilled care in a dignified and self-sufficient setting for its clients.While the residences themselves are uplifting, what makes us unique is the confluence of all these elements—the surroundings, services, care, and people.

D'Home Klang

D’Home Klang stands out as a top-tier eldercare facility, earning accolades for its exceptional facility, dedicated staff, and quality care. The establishment boasts cleanliness and a commitment to avoiding overcrowding, ensuring a comfortable environment for residents. The presence of an on-call doctor and experienced nursing staff further enhances the capability to handle even challenging cases, solidifying D’Home Klang as a reliable choice for elderly care with a focus on professionalism and well-being.

Grace Home For The Destitute

Grace Home was established in 1980 as a shelter for the impoverished. The government has formally recognized Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Grace Klang as a non-profit charitable organization. Our goal is to manage the home by continuously enhancing each resident’s living and spiritual well-being and making sure that the home’s environment and health standards adhere to the normative standards established by the relevant governmental bodies.

Genesis Life Care Centre Klang

We are a group of medical specialists running a professional care facility. Wound management, palliative care, dementia care, and stroke rehabilitation are our areas of expertise. A qualified group of nurses, all of whom are Malaysian, make up our staff of caregivers. Every day, a resident physician checks on all of our patients’ medical requirements on site. A full complement of medical support staff, such as dieticians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, and visiting medical specialists, assist our care team. We base our care strategy on the particular requirements of every patient we come into contact with. Our care plans are crafted and tailored to meet the specific requirements of every patient.

PJMK Care | Pusat Jagaan Minda Khas (Retirement Home)

Relationships are the top priority for PJMK Care in order to uplift those providing care, preserve the dignity of those receiving it, and improve the quality of life for elderly and children alike. For individuals in need, PJMK Care provides reasonably priced in-home care services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For improved individual care, living conditions, and privacy, there are distinct PJMK Care facilities for each of the two types of care: child care (young special education & therapy center) and elder care (retirement home).

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