Best 10 Camping Site in Ipoh

Embark on a nature escapade in Ipoh with the best 10 camping sites. From tranquil riversides to lush jungles, these sites offer diverse landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether seeking serene retreats or thrilling adventures, each site promises a unique camping experience, inviting nature lovers to connect with the great outdoors and create lasting memories in the heart of Ipoh’s scenic beauty.

Tok Mat Glamping

You and your loved ones can fully immerse yourselves in the natural environment when you go glamping at Tokmat. You can also engage in a variety of activities like fishing, kayaking, cycling, and glamping.

Riverside Camp, Gopeng

Riverside Camp in Gopeng offers a multifaceted camping experience with essential amenities. Our site features well-maintained toilets, sinks, and a designated prayer room for added convenience. Ample parking spaces ensure hassle-free arrivals. The spacious setup provides a comfortable and enjoyable camping environment, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a well-equipped and scenic riverside retreat.


For those who require seclusion, provide a private camping and picnic place! Our campsite is very near to the riverbank! Unwind and take in the sounds of nature and the river! Let’s reserve your time slot immediately! First come, first served at the picnic, too!

Green View Riverside Camp ( Uncle Keong )

Green View Riverside Camp (Uncle Keong) is a hidden gem offering a serene camping experience amidst natural beauty. With basic amenities and a pristine environment, it stands out from more commercialized sites. Access to the river, friendly owners, and a quiet atmosphere make it a top choice for camping enthusiasts.

HEMA CAMP (Formerly Outpostcamp Gopeng)

Phone Number: 010-913 0889


Hema Camp, tucked away in the center of Gopeng, Perak, offers the perfect fusion of comfort and excitement. Greetings from a place where the embrace of nature meets contemporary luxury—a world that will introduce you to glamping like never before. Find a fascinating retreat only 10 miles from the well-known Tempurung Cave. Hema Camp Gopeng offers a variety of accomodation choices, from peaceful single accommodations to lively quad sharing, guaranteeing that each traveler’s needs are satisfied with unmatched attention. Enjoy the peace and quiet of our garden, relax in the shared lounge, and prepare delicious meals in our communal kitchen—all of which are intended to enhance your glamping experience. Awaken to the enticing aroma of carefully prepared Asian and halal breakfast options, sure to infuse your day with flavor.

Aziz D'Rimba Chalet & Campsite

Phone Number: 012-463 7846 

Aziz D’Rimba Chalet & Campsite is a perfect choice for a family gathering, offering a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. With the option for camping, it provides a fun picnic experience. The comfortable white house and outdoor facilities add to the joy, making it an ideal spot for a refreshing getaway.

GreenStone Campsite

A GREENSTONE CAMP SITE ×Stream.Woods.Rocks× Campsite Riverside Day-trip Picnic Event/Wedding Venue Team Building Waterfalls at Survivor Camp Heritage Old Railway Tunnel Trip Journey tracing in the jungle Mountain Trekking Facilities include: Toilets with Water Supply Solar Lights Surau Charging Devices in Gazebos Fishing in rivers with clear water Space rentals begin at RM 20.00. Tent rentals are available from 4 to 12 p.m. flysheets groundsheets Grocery stores, light dining options, basic necessities, and our famous PENANG NYONYA ASSAM LAKSA are all available at BBQpit Kantin Bubu.

Lereng Adventure Camp And Resort

Lereng Adventure Camp and Resort is an excellent venue for self-improvement, well-equipped with halls, a pool, and a canteen. Despite some management challenges, it offers a memorable experience, including jungle tracking and obstacle courses, making it ideal for school events and team-building activities.

Camping Site Kebun Atok Gonen

Camping Site Kebun Atok Gonen offers a clean and serene campsite with a pristine river. The friendly owner provides helpful tips for camping, ensuring a comfortable experience. The site features convenient amenities like clean toilets and a prayer area. Though improvements could include facilities for drying wet clothes, overall, it’s a top choice for a peaceful outdoor experience.

Santai Port Camping Site

Santai Port Camping Site provides a relaxing weekend getaway with camping privileges. The clean campsite offers complete facilities and boasts a beautiful river. Visitors highly recommend the experience and express intentions to return for another enjoyable stay.

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