Best 10 Eldercare / Nursing Home in Ipoh

Embark on a journey to find compassionate and top-notch care for your loved ones in Ipoh. Explore our curated list of the ‘Best 10 Eldercare/Nursing Homes in Ipoh,’ where quality meets comfort, ensuring a nurturing environment for your elderly family members. Discover the ideal place for their well-being and peace of mind.

Credit: IGB Nursing Home

1. IGB Nursing Home

IGBNH (IGB Nursing Home) acknowledges that we have changed along with the world. Since its founding in 2023 by Hajah Suriyani binti Haji Sadri, A.M.P. IGBNH has been committed to giving our elderly residents first-rate, individualized care in an exceptional setting. We are a completely new breed of retirement home for the elderly in Malaysia, who want more from their golden years than just a place to live. IGBNH is overseen by board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners. At IGBNH, you’ll experience a warm welcome from kind and accommodating staff members, lovely apartments outfitted with cutting-edge conveniences, well-balanced meals that cater to senior diet options, social events, and much more!

2. Ipoh D Palace Nursing Home

At D’ Palace Care Center, our goal is to offer the best possible care in a setting that feels like home. Every one of our residents is given personalized attention and is given a customized care plan that is tailored to meet their unique needs. Additionally, our resident-centric care team is available to offer the assistance required to guarantee that high-quality care is always provided with empathy and confidence.

3. My Aged Care Old Folks Home in Ipoh

With its lush, green surroundings and a kind, peaceful aura, My Aged Care is the ideal location to call home till you get older. My Aged Care’s setting, which includes comfortable, private bedrooms and bathrooms, encourages positive, heartwarming vibes throughout the building. While seating areas offer plenty of opportunities for members to meet and engage in conversation, airy lounge rooms also encourage residents to spend quiet time alone or in contemplation. An expertly designed garden enhances the feeling of tranquility and beauty even more. Walk on the grass, relax on the terrace, or enjoy a romantic evening in the garden with loved ones. You have the option.

4. VMRC Elderly Care Home

Clean, roomy, and expansive, this new home is only one story. Ideal for your senior loved ones to have a calm, homelike stay. operated by a staff nurse with experience

Credit: Loving Hut Senior Care Centre

5. Loving Hut Senior Care Centre

We are dedicated to giving each of our residents the best possible, individualized care. We offer complete nursing care while being supervised and guided by licensed practical nurses.

6. Dr Thomas Care Centre

The first purpose-built nursing home in Ipoh is called Dr. Thomas Care Centre (DTCC). As a result, this opulent assisted living facility has a large garden, a physiotherapy center, a large lounge and dining area, and a medical consultation room. To satisfy the present and future needs of the community, DTCC strives to provide high-quality, personalized residential aged care services. In light of this, our goal is to use creative and integrated healthcare plans to become a top healthcare provider. Our knowledgeable staff is constantly searching for fresh approaches to ensure your loved one has a relaxing and satisfying stay at DTCC. We’re taking a fresh look at elder care here at this nursing home.

7. Golden Age Care Centre

One of the oldest assisted-living facilities exclusively for women in Ipoh. Golden Age, located in the serene and leafy suburb of Ipoh Garden, has been offering the best possible care to all of its residents in a secure, nurturing, stimulating, and comfortable setting that prioritizes their comfort, wellness, and care.

8. Blissful Care - 欢乐之家敬老院

Our goal at Blissful Care is to consistently provide a warm and welcoming environment for each and every one of our residents and their families. In order to help you attain a higher quality of life, this begins with our specialized clinical care, social and recreational programs, and strong ties to the community. It also includes the independence, health, and wellbeing of our residents. Since we think that eating well is essential to living well, we only serve the freshest, healthiest home-style meals that are prepared on-site and sourced locally, with some being planted, raised, and reared when possible.

9. Attia Global Care Centre

Attia Nursing Care is a full-time assisted living facility that provides medically skilled care in a dignified and self-sufficient setting for its residents.While the residences themselves are uplifting, what makes us unique is the confluence of all these elements—the surroundings, services, care, and people.

10. True Happiness Elderly Care - 喜悦老人護理中心

Everybody ages. It is a natural characteristic of life. We adjust our decisions and behaviors to reflect the changes in our bodies and minds over time. Although the later years of life can be particularly difficult, True Happiness is available to support you. At True Happiness, we pay attention to our residents’ needs in order to comprehend their constraints and talk about possible ways to address them. We collaborate with the people in our community to create options that will enable them to live the lives they desire. Our aim is to promote independence for as long as possible while assisting residents in continuing to be engaged and active. We provide a variety of options for seniors, whether they are looking to live here temporarily or permanently.

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