Best Brain Development Activities for Children

There are numerous mind games for kids that can assist them in comprehending their surroundings. Mathematics can be a difficult subject to teach children, but child brain development activities and games can make it much easier. Instead of playing violent mobile or PC games, IQ levels can be improved by playing intelligent games for kids at regular intervals. It may take some time for your child to become interested in children’s brain games, but the effort will be worthwhile.

1. Chess

Age: 5 years and above. (Choking hazard)

Benefit: This game helps to develop mathematical and logical reasoning in kids. It will also increase the IQ level of your child.

2. Sudoku

Age: 5 years and above

Benefit: Imparts Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning skills. Brain activity is improved by playing at regular intervals.

3. Crossword

Age: 7 years and above

Benefit: Kids can learn spellings and improve their vocabulary.


4. Rubik Cube

Age: 8 years and above

Benefit: Helps kids develop patience and problem-solving ability. Mental mapping skills are also improved in kids.

5. Puzzle

Age: 3 years and above

Benefit: It improves visual-spatial skills and IQ levels in Children.

6. Tic-tac-toe

Age: 2 years and above.

Benefit: Helps to develop logical reasoning in kids.

7. Scrabble

Age: 5 years and above

Benefit: Improves qualitative aptitude and vocabulary

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