CHOCOTUB is a cereal – coated with chocolate. Premium chocolate are made by “Nims” and very tasty. It is a huge chocolate jar in town compared to other brand in Peninsular Malaysia.

The price are very affordable as it price RM 15 per tub.

It is weighted 250 gram plus and minus. All of the chocotub have similar amount of gram due to the weighing technology used by the “Nims” company.

There are many seller out there are selling this chocotub nearby your place. It is easier to contact more on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how to get one.

Below here you can see what’s inside the chocotub :



This is by far the very fast to sold out when we sell. It is ball in shape for the cereal with the same chocolate used by coco crunch


It is mini coco crunch that is coated with Belgian chocolate. One of top hot selling in the Nims company



We are open for Cash On Delivery (COD) in a certain area, this depend on an individual person to cover which area. Below are video and pictures taken from people who deal with Cash On Delivery.


We are talking about a boy who invest 20% of his income to generate a profitable income due to chase his dream. He’s been dreaming of having a good restaurant of his own but that does not come when he did not put any efforts in it. He has been working as a food and beverages (F&B) after SPM for 3 months to observe how major people in the restaurant play their role in every perspectives. After 3 months of working, he pursue his studies in UiTM Kuala Terengganu until now in the field of Computer Science & Mathematics. Therefore, his major field is in coding and web developing. From there he can conclude that, a good restaurant with a good system will caused a smooth work. Therefore, he started to hustle a side business to gain knowledge and idea before build his own restaurant.

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