Fun Activities for Parents and Kids at Home

When your children are stuck at home, the hours may seem to stretch on indefinitely. To assist, we’ve compiled a list of 6 fantastic activities for kids to do at home. The majority of the activities on this list can be easily set up with supplies you already have at home.

1. Bake and cook

Get your child to assist you in the kitchen while you cook or bake for the family. It may appear to him/her as a chore at first, but as they learn, they will be able to assist you without being asked. This is also an excellent opportunity to teach them how to cook and bake.

2. Plant seedlings and do some gardening

While you’re weeding and pottering around the garden, teach your child how to water the plants. Then, get some seedlings and let your child care for the plant as it grows. It’s a great way to instil a love of nature in your child by sharing your passion for gardening with him or her.

3. Play games

Play some games with your children. You could try board or card games. Do it several times per session, or play a variety of games. While playing, you can talk with your child about other topics and teach her how to be competitive without being a jerk.

4. Arts and crafts

Simply look around your house to see what you have on hand: paper, glue, scissors, paint, and old egg cartons. Make something out of what you have around the house by using your imagination. You could simply make something creative out of items you no longer want.

5. Have an indoor picnic

It would be lovely to have a picnic in the garden, but let’s face it, Malaysia is far too hot and humid for an outdoor picnic. Why not have an indoor picnic instead? Make it extra special by making it just for you and your child. You can even ask your child if she wants to “invite” her bears and dolls.

6. Read a story together

This is something you can do with toddlers. It does not have to be a boring activity in which you read while your child listens. You could make it more interactive by asking your child what he or she thinks will happen next. Make your child participate by making the animal sounds or sound effects from the story. If it’s a story you’re both familiar with, you could also do some role playing.

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