How Does A Malaysian Manpower Agency Assign Workers Base on the Sectors

The field of manpower supply can be related to the proximity of the circumference of an ocean. Simply because the ocean is large and contains a diversified range of living creatures, simultaneously showing the economical structure of manufacturers ranges to a various number of factories and sectors. The existence of various industries indicates that there are needs for various requirements and criteria for a team in order to achieve an organization’s goal.

The government of Malaysia is certain in the manufacturing sector, thus all manufacturers are required to meet and ensure certain standards and requirements of the industry. Therefore, a manpower agency in Malaysia, that holds the responsibility of hiring, entry and assigning workers efficiently.

Criteria That A Malaysian Manpower Agency Must Follow Amidst Recruitment

Delegations Based On Gender

Stating about various sectors, industries such as automotive, electronics, food etc, throw different requirements to a Malaysian manpower agency. For instance, industries such as electronics that produce semiconductors often require females to carry out the job, this job is known to be simple and does not require a massive physical strength. As for some factories, that carries out, packaging of product requires the need of male workers as they are required to lift heavy items. Therefore, over time through experience and requirements, a worker supply agency enables to acquire knowledge on the needs of clients based on the sectors.

Requirement Of Certain Physical Abilities

Some factories request the need for certain physical abilities, for instance, some factories like the production of semiconductors require the need of good eyesight as the workers are assigned to look into the product assembling in detail. On the other hand, some job requires a team with strong physical ability as they may be assigned to lift heavy items and some may have to stand for long hours thus the importance of strong bod

Requirement To Job Entry

Some sectors have a certain requirement for job entry, for instance, factories such as food packaging or producers are required to take the typhoid jab and are required to undergo food handling courses. Therefore, as a certified manpower agency in Malaysia, they are required to ensure the workers undergo the necessary procedures to meet the standards of food manufacturers. Worker’s agencies must know that sometimes they are required to bear the costs of the course or jab.

Client’s Working Hour Requirement

Different sectors have different operations hours, thus it’s important for agencies to ensure that workers are comfortable with the provided working hours. It’s important to analyze the health conditions of the workers to see if they are fit to work for long hours.

In conclusion, it is important to ensure that workers are situated in the right spot, to ensure that
all sectors have a smooth operation.

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