Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Architect

1. Experience They Have

Anyone who uses the title architect would be licenced and eligible (if you are uncertain asking for proof of both), but experience and qualifications can vary greatly from one architect to another. Ask your architect how long they have been in practise, the types of projects they have been working on and also their philosophy when it comes to architecture , design, sustainability etc.

2. Do You Have Knowledge With This Sort of Renovation?

Although it’s not inherently important for the architect you select to have expertise in renovating your home design, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing they ‘re familiar with your project design. Ask them to show you examples of similar styles of renovations that they have previously completed. Importantly, ask them about the aims of those project owners, why they chose the design.

3. That is My Desired Result, What Would You Recommend  To Achieve That Result?

Many consumers go to architects with a concrete design in mind, assuming they know what they want and need it to be drawn up clearly. However, if you hire an accomplished, highly qualified architect, you ‘re recruiting a design professional with decades of construction experience potentially.But why not use their expertise to the advantage? A professional architect will ask you questions about your lifestyle and what the result you ‘re looking for is important to you. As you talk, they will come up with multiple possible design choices which they will then tailor to suit your lifestyle and budget perfectly in their minds. Get them to explain their rationale behind their suggestions for design, so you’re satisfied with the guidance and suggestions for design they provide.

4. Will My Concept Be One of a Kind?

Although it is popular for architects to draw inspiration from their past experiences when designing designs (what is the point of experience if you don’t use it properly?), it is important that your design is designed to suit your exact needs. While your renovation goals and your current home may seem very similar to other projects that your architect might have worked on,T’s unlikely your lifestyle desires would be exactly the same as your former customers. It is therefore important for your architect to build a tailor-made design for your particular needs and not just rehash a previous one.

5. Can You Help Get a Council Approval Of My Project?

Many, but not all, architects will be providing a documentation service allowing them to either provide you with the documents to be submitted for approval, or submit them for you. Ask if this is a service provided by your company, and what is involved with the service. Again, note that if your architect submits it, your approval will not come through any quicker, but it will be done correctly the first time, which can save on delays.

6. Can I Have My Own Builder?

This is critical, and an often ignored issue that could potentially affect your renovation costs. Many architects are partnered with licence builders or in collaboration with them, and provide a one-stop design / build service. And while on the surface it may sound like a smart idea, the fact is that it provides very little benefits and will cost you more. An architecture firm in Malaysia would allow you to take the designs they produce and get several tenders from different builders to make sure you get the best possible price for the project. Some architects will run the tender process as a supplementary service for you.

7. Are You Going To Be Interested With The Design Phase?

How important this service is to you will depend on how confident you are in dealing with builders, or how experienced you are.But if you’re not fully happy with the thought of approaching a contractor or trades person about issues with your project then you might want to take advantage of this service?Again, contract management, or project management as some people term it, is not a service that any architect provides, so it pays to ask the question. While you’re on the topic, you can ask them if they give their own contracts, as many of the standard construction contracts seem to benefit the contractor rather than the homeowner, and I would never consider using a standard contract for one.

8. What Other Services Do You Provide, In Addition To The Design?

Although some architects provide only a simple design service, others provide a variety of services including items including interior design, landscape architecture, contract management, tendering and more. Although not all of these services might be required, it pays to ask what additional resources they may offer, in case any are of interest to you.

9. How Long Would It Take To Renovate?

An accomplished architect can get a pretty good idea of how long the project takes from original design to completion. If it’s a home you ‘re living in right now, you’ll no doubt want to know the phases and deadlines associated with your project.

10. Should We Move Out?

If you live in the building, would you be forced to move out at any point of the renovation? Will there be days when you have no services, such as electricity , gas or water? Which areas of the home do business people need to access? What are the times of the day they will be present? Will the house be safe during restructuring?Bear in mind that the architect will not design the project himself, but an accomplished architect should be able to address certain questions and give you a clear idea of what, if any, would affect your lifestyle during the construction process.

So, there you have it, ten questions which should be the starting point for any discussion with prospective architects before you engage them to build your proposal for renovation. Any architect should take these questions on board and have no problem in responding.

I recognize how difficult renovation projects can be as an architect who serves customers from across Malaysia, providing services like building architecture , interior design, and landscape design. But the benefits of a well- designed renovation, both financially and in terms of your lifestyle, are massive. Good luck with the retrofit.

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