The Complete Guide to Visit Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara National Park is the perfect place if you love rainforest and outdoor activities. If you look for the best nature experiences in Peninsular Malaysia, then Tamn Negara National Park will definitely your only choice! Here, you can experience walking on the world’s longest canopy walkway, trekking under rainforest canopy, climbing to the highest mountan in Peninsular Malaysia, as well as camping, fishing, wildlife observing and so on.
To visit Taman Negara National Park, you have 4 departure point that shuttle bus services available, which are from Kuala Lumpur, from Jerantut, from Kuala Tahan and from Sungai Relau. So, let’s see what you can do in Taman Negara National Park!

What You Can Do in Taman Negara National Park?

1. Fishing

Taman Negara National Park is a good place for fishing lovers. There are two fishing points that are permitted in National Park, which are Tembeling River and Keniam River. Basically, if you are an amateur, Tembeling River will be more suitable to you as Keniam River will be more suitable to advanced anglers.


2. Bird Watching

As mentioned, Taman Negara National Park very suitable to natural lovers. Besides fishing, bird watching is also a must-do activities when you travel in National Park. There are more than 380 bird species here, as it is the best place to go for bird watching in Peninsular Malaysia.


3. Climbing to Gunung Tahan

Gunung Tahan has the tallest peak in Peninsular Malaysia, with the height of 2187 meters. It is one of the most adventurous activities in Taman Negara National Park. You will need to cross the rivers, overnight camping in jungle and repeal these for days in order to reach at the mountain peak.


4. Visiting to Orang Asli Village

In Malaysia, Orang Asli are nomadic folks living in the forest interior by having a very basic lifestyle. Traditionally, they usually stay in simple palm-thatched home along the riverbanks deep within the jungle. There are two ethnic groups of Orang Asl in Taman Negara National Park, Batek and Semokberi. You have the opportunity to observe how are the living styles of Orang Asli here when you visiting here.


5. Canopy Walk

One of the most famous activities in Taman Negara National Park is enjoying the canopy walking. There is 1738-foot-long bridge that hanging 130 feet in the air lead you to the potentially of spotting for many birds and monkeys.


6. River Cruise

Without cruising for a brownish river, you will not have a proper jungle experience. The boat ride from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan is one of the highlights point of your travel in the Taman Negara. The trip takes about 3 hours, but it is no expensive. Even it is a fun experience that you will never have before this.


7. Night Jungle Walk

If you want to see the animals in Taman Negara National Park in the best time, then you will need to go for a night jungle walk. You are allowed to walk from to main Wildlife Office to the Bumbun Tahan as known as Tahan Hide. You can use the salt lick that offered to restore the nutrients of the fauna while waiting for the nocturnal animals to come out. Do remember to bring along your torch, it will be useful.


8. Explore Gua Kepayang Besar

If you are interested in visiting cave, then you will need to plan for visiting the large cave in Taman Negara National Park, head to Gua Kepayang Besar that owning a bigger central chamber. It takes about 2 hours to trek to the cave from central park headquarters. It is interesting that you can meet some friends like bats, racer snakes, as well as types of insects. If you want, setting up a camp and stay for night in the cave will also a great experience for you!


9. Rapid Shoot

Another most exciting activities in Taman Negara National Park, Rapid Shooting. You have to take a wooden boat and float down to Sungai Tembeling River if you wish to join this activity. You will encounter seven different districts so do make sure to hang properly to avoid falling out from the boat. Bear in mind that you are encouraged to dress accordingly although you will be fitted with life jacket.

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What You Can Eat in Taman Negara National Park?

1. Mutiara Restaurant

If you would like to have a nig Western style breakfast before you start to explore your day and trekking in Taman Negara National Park, then you can go to Mutiara Restaurant to enjoy your Western breakfast. It is a famous international restaurant in that area. You can have salads, sandwiches, burgers as well as pizza too. Meanwhile, Mutiara Restaurant also offers kids’ menu and beers.

Dining - Mutiara Taman Negara

Business Hours: 8.30am – 8.00pm

2. Lia Restaurant

A very nice floating rafts in Taman Negara National Park. As a local Malaysian, you will know how delicious roti canai is. It is a kind of Indian flatbread served with curry dipping sauce on the side. It will be a great snack before you head to hike. Meanwhile, you can have some tasty fresh juices here which are very match if you have just got back from a sweaty hike.


Business Hours: 7.30am – 10.00pm

3. Floating Restaurant – Mama Chop

Among all the floating restaurant in Taman Negara National Park, Mama Chop is one of the most recommended because it situated nearby from the main strip. I would recommend you enjoy for lunch if you want to experience it. Lunch menu is made up by vegetarian Indian fare which is suitable for non-meat eaters as well as those who wish to have different experiences in foods. However, if you want to try to traditional clay pot rice dishes, evening menu will be more recommended to you.


Business Hours: 9.00am – 8.00pm

4. Family Restaurant

One of the floating restaurants in Taman Negara National Park. It located on the waterfront and popular as the serving of a signature cuisine which is “kerabu”. It is a local cuisine that preparing by finely dicing meat and vegetables as well as lemongrass to serve a dish with rice.


Business Hours: 8.30am – 8.00pm

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