Top 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Melaka Tengah


Planning to visit Melaka Tengah soon?

Do you know Melaka Tengah offers variety of unique and delicious foods for you to explore!


1. Kota Laksamana Asam Pedas Claypot

Kota Laksamana Asam Pedas Claypot

We starting our list with Asam Pedas Claypot that is located in Taman Kota Laksamana area. For those who loves asam pedas, this is the great place to go. The taste of spicy with flavoury and slightly sweet of the asam pedas in the claypot is a great combination with hot rice or roti canai will cherish your day.

2. Mee Hassan Tengkera

Mee Hassan that located in Tengkera is an open air eating space and a like a ‘gerai’ design. Like the name of the restaurant, it offers their famous fried noodles called Mee Bodoh that has it owns delicious homemade sambal. You have to get there early since it opens only in the morning and it sells out pretty fast

3. Malaqat Barkat Roti John

Malaqat Barkat Roti John

A simple restaurant that have indoor and outdoor seating located along Jalan Kenanga 1/24. Famous for their Roti John named Barkat Roti John which has sardines, sauces filling with buttery bun that make it yet a simple dish but giving satisfactory for the tastes.

4. The Daily Fix Café

One of the famous café that have an aesthetic vibes, wonderful and decorated with historical and culture of the Jonker street it was built on. We suggested to try their signature pancakes that cooked perfectly with is fluffiness and tenderness

The Daily Fix Café

5. LeQue


A modern interior design restaurant, LeQue was located on Jalan Lagenda 3. Famous with their western foods which are chicken chop as well as their chicken burger with merry side dishes. Juicy and tender chicken meat with thick and savory sauces perfect for dinner. 

6. Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

Next on our list is Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball which have Halal-certified Chinese restaurant located along Jalan Raya Melaka 3. Their signature chicken rice balls was features in news for many times. You can choose either juicy roasted chicken or steamed chicken with unique chicken rice balls.

Ee Ji Ban

7. Village Grill Melaka

Village grill

A western restaurant that located on Bukit Serindit. One of the best menu is Chicken grill, which cooked perfectly with juicy chicken meat and great side dish. Talam food also provided in the menu special for those who loves to eat together! 

8. The Windmill Station (TWS)

Another western restaurant located on Melaka Raya with a great interior design of a restaurant. Popular with their chicken chop that cooked perfectly to produce juicy and tender chicken with crunchy chicken skin. Potato salad is one the best side dish that is unique and delicious to eat. 

9. Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant

pak putra

One of the best Tandoori and Naan that located on Kota Laksamana. Their signature dishes are tandoori and naan especially naan cheese. Chicken tandoori was succulent is perfect to combine with gooey naan cheese.

10. Cendol Jam Besar

Favourite amongst visitors, strategically besides Melaka River. Variety of cendol on the menu can be choose. After walking around Bandar Hilir on a sunny afternoon, get yourself a bowl of your favourite cendol will be a perfect saviour!


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