Top 10 Best Mamak Stalls in Ipoh

Locals from many walks of life flock to the mamak to eat and sit for hours, speaking, discussing, and watching football matches. While there are mamak restaurants all across the region, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 favourites that you should try if you’re visiting Ipoh!

1. Restoran M. Salim

One of Ipoh’s most famous Nasi Kandar restaurants, where many celebrities have dined. Everyone who visits this mamak raves about the ‘kari kepala ikan,’ which is authentic and wonderful. Don’t miss out on their roti canai!

Address:No. 22, Jalan Yang Kalsom, Taman Jubilee, , 30300, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours: Open daily / 06:30AM—01:00AM


2. Restoran Nasi Kandar D'Tanjong

This mamak is your standard Ipoh mamak. You can always come here to chill with your buddies if that’s what you want to do. Don’t assume that just because they call themselves a nasi kandar restaurant that they just serve nasi kandar. As is customary in any mamak restaurant, nasi kandar is the main course.

Address:Pekan Razaki, 31350, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours: Open daily / 6.00am-12.00am

3.Gerai Makanan dan Minuman Rahamath

This is one of the best Indian Muslim restaurants in Ipoh, and the concept inside is similar to a workplace canteen. Although the “gerai” appears to be simple, it is the “gerai” for neighbourhood. In essence, this mamak serves nasi kandar with a variety of delectable gravies.

Address: Jalan Dato Sagor, 31650 Ipoh, Negeri Perak , 31650, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours: Open daily except Sunday from 10:30AM—04:00PM

4. Restoran Nasi Vanggey

The main entrée of this restaurant is Nasi Kandar. Nasi vanggey is a well-known mamak in Ipoh, and the nasi kandar is one of their most popular dishes. In Tamil, vanggey means “please come.” If you’re passing through on your route to KL, stop by this restaurant for some Nasi Kandar.

Address: Greentown Business Centre, 30450, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours:  Open daily / 24hours

5. Nasi Kandar Pelita

It’s the town’s most famous nasi kandar, and it’s in Ipoh. Apart from their roti variants, everyone knows that their nasi kandar is a popular pleaser. To make your nasi kandar more flavorful, combine all of the gravies. They also provide a diverse menu.

Address:2, Jalan Kamaruddin Isa, Taman Fair Park, , 31400, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours:  Open daily / 24 hours

6. Restoran Di Naina

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In Ipoh, the cheese craze has arrived! This mamak is a must-visit for cheese connoisseurs. Their cheese naan has gone viral, thanks to the enormous amount of cheese on top of the naan.

Address: 37, Jalan Sri Ampang 1, Taman Sri Ampang, , 31350, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours:



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

7. Restoran Nasi Kandar Al Hijrah

Every restaurant’s naan has a distinct texture and flavour. Anyone who enjoys naan should try Al- Hijrah’s, which is among the best in Ipoh. Aside from that, the cost is reasonable for everybody.

Address:  260, Jalan Bercham, Taman Medan Bercham, , 31400, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours: Open daily / 24hours

8. Restoran Salam Corner

Salam Corner is one of Ipoh’s most well-known mamaks. One of the mamaks that has been in operation for over 20 years. Salam Corner, which also serves shisha, is a great venue to watch football and hang out with friends late at night.

Address: 15, Persiaran Greentown 7, 30450, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours:  Open daily / 24 Hours

9. Restoran Naina Mohamed

This mamak is open around the clock and has a second location on Jalan Lim Bo Seng. They offer a diverse menu of cuisines. Their cheese naan is also recommended since it is tasty and the bread is soft, and it is served with a cheesy sauce on top. Remember to try their nasi briyani!

Address: 632, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Taman Tasek Damai, 30010, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours:  Open daily / 24 Hours

10. Restoran Al Ansar

This mamak in Ipoh is your standard mamak. Roti canai and nasi kandar are two of the restaurant’s recommended dishes. It’s a fantastic spot to hang out with your friends and family. Remember to sample their teh Tarik as well!

Address: no. 1, Tingkat Perpaduan 24, Bercham Raya, Tg. Rambutan,, 31150, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Hours: Open daily / 24 Hours

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