Top 10 Best Restaurant Near MMU Melaka

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Places to Eat Near MMU. We compiled this list with the help of an untrained culinary expert based on numerous critical variables. For example, the distance from MMU, the variety of meals provided, and the cleanliness of not just the eating room but also the kitchen and food

1. Batavia- Authentic Indonesian Food & Mutated Fish

The Keli Penyet, as well as its land counterpart, the iconic Ayam Penyet, is what the Batavia café is all about. This location is easy to miss and is near to MMU, located down Ixora among the store lots. Tempeh (fried soybean cake), chicken chops, traditional Malay vegetables (ulams & belacan), fried fishes, curry leaf fried fowl, fried mushrooms, black pepper beef, and other native Javanese delicacies are also available. The café is rather clean, and the poultry is replenished everyday, so you won’t be served an undercooked chicken that has been sitting outdoors for two days. Batavia now maintains the title for having the most affordable side dishes in the area.

2. Dima- They have two doors actually

Dima is a café serving Middle Eastern cuisine that is conveniently located across the street from ixora’s food court. There is only one entrance to Dima” (perhaps a literal translation from an Arabic metaphor). Middle Eastern cuisine is straightforward but intriguing at the same time. Dima serves a range of Middle Eastern foods at a moderately-priced pricing. However, the cuisine is tasty, so it’s worth stopping by every now and again. It is recommended that you go with someone who is experienced with Middle Eastern cuisine, as dishes such as hummus basboosa, banana mousoub, barbicans, manakeesh, holoumi, and falafel are available.

3. D’Puteh – Size does matter

D’Puteh is only a few streets away from Pantai Timur. It serves comparable foods to Pantai, but with additional side dishes like as nasi lemaks, keoy teows, lekors, nuggets, and french fries. People come here mostly for D’Puteh’s massive fresh juice.

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4. Pantai Timur – Food from the Far East

Behind MMU’s tennis court is Pantai Timur. Despite the distance, we placed pantai timur on our list because of its wide range of cuisine and low cost. When I say inexpensive, I mean it; believe it or not, you can have an entire supper meal here for MYR 4.50! The amount of imagination that goes into a dish is astounding. For instance, I don’t know where else I can have a Ribena Soda (carbonated ribena with jelly) or a Nasi Ayam Dara supper.

5.Windmill Station

In windmill station, you can have a couple beautiful baby sandwiches stuffed with chicken meat for as little as 7.50 MYR (GST included). To be honest, it’s fairly full. Other dishes are priced similarly (MYR 7.00 – MYR 15.00), and some include complementary beverages and sweets. Windmill is also great for tea time, although not for their coffee or tea. Windmill’s hot drinks, on the other hand, merit a commendation. Windmill’s sandwiches and chicken balls are better than others when it comes to a hassle-free tea time snack choice.

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6.Old Town White Coffee – White Coffee

White Coffee from the Old Town To make a fresh taste, manually boil and stir current coffee beans. It’s the equivalent of putting butter in your tea and claiming a new tea recipe. Anyway, Old Town White Coffees are actually rather good. In fact, the fact that a MYR 5.00 coffee has greater scent and flavour is rather astonishing. Old Town is located near BB Bazaar, which takes around 10 minutes to walk to. The menu at Old Town is one of those that will keep you in a state of indecisive hunger until you irritate the server, who may not come to accept your orders.

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7. Hungry Bear – You are the Bear

Hungry Bear, to be clear, has nothing to do with bears, goldilocks, or a tiny child being devoured by grizzlies, but it does have a lot to do with pizzas, French fries, and other Americano cuisine. It’s time to get takeout from Hungry Bear if you enjoy arranging food orgy with pizzas covering your body and American tea sprinkled all over your nude body. Hungry Bear is located in BB Bazaar, directly next to a formidable competition (Old Town), and relies exclusively on their pizza ability to survive. Let’s say you’re not a fan of za’ and want an expensive fatty American breakfast that will clog your arteries. Take a look at Hungry Bear’s breakfast menu, where practically every meal includes bacon and a complementary cup of coffee. This location is ideal for a private meeting or hangout with friends, whether it’s for a secret romance, birthday celebrations, or family gatherings.

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8. Asri Ros Merah -The Old Trafford 

Asri Ros Merah is mamak near MMU, which has somehow turned into the heartland of Manchester United supporters. I usually appreciate the football atmosphere at this venue since there is so much pleasure, disappointment, and individuals fleeing without paying in the middle of the crowd. Malaysians rely on mamak cuisine to survive. It may only be a location to acquire dirty roti canai and ‘finger dipped’ Teh Tarik, but it is also a type of amusement or leisure activity for some of us. Asri Ros Merah is an all-around mamak eatery that arrives with a bang. It’s moderately clean and affordable.

9. Selera Dapur – The Minimalist Chicken Lover

Selera Dapur has some of the greatest non-hawker nasi lemak and chicken rice in the city. On the same row as Dima, on the left, is the restaurant. Despite its tiny size, the restaurant has been tastefully renovated and provides a wonderful eating experience. The prices are reasonable, but the greatest part is the meal quantity, which is more than plenty. Selera Dapur provides cencaru, pari bakar, nasi lemak berempah, and maize juice, among other traditional Malay delicacies. Selera Dapur is the place to go if you want to try some home cooked Malay food and need it fast.

10. Gulf-Street Gutter IV

Gulf offering excellent cuisine at an affordable price. Gulf has more unique non local foods than you can ever imagine. In my opinion, Tandoori Sandwich, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Fathirah Lebanon, Fathirah Saudi, Shahab Lemon, sandwiches, Tandoori Fried Rice, Kashmiri Nan, Fruit Nan are deliciou

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