Top 10 Best Restaurant Near UUM

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is a public educational institution located in Sintok town offering various fields of study for full-time and part-time students. For students who get a study offer at UUM, you are lucky because here you have various facilities and the beauty of a peaceful nature. You must be wondering if there any restaurants nearby that provide good food at a reasonable price as surrounded by green forests.

Here the top 10 best restaurants Near UUM.

1. Mambo Bistro

For western food lovers, Mambo Bistro is the right place for you to dine. The restaurant is popular for its menu uniqueness that provides western food setalam that you can share with multiple people according to the size. Mambo Bistro is popular among UUM students and local.

2. Mayang Sari Bistro

A cafe that combines the concept of bistro and ‘fine dining’. Mayang Sari Bistro is located inside EDC Hotels & Resorts that belong to UUM and is another symbol of pride for UUM. Mayang Sari Bistro offers a western variety and mixed rice.

3. Lily Cafe

Everything is just perfect at this restaurant – the food, the service, and interior. Located at Changlun, Lily Cafe is a modern concept. They offer a western variety and dessert.

4. Secret Recipe Changloon

Secret Recipe offers a casual dining lifestyle concept with a wide range of award-winning cakes, as well as an extensive menu of Asian and Western cuisine.

5. Amirul Tomyam Seafood

Amirul Seafood Tomyan is a must-try if you are a Thai food lover. This restaurant is located near the roundabout UUM. This place is always packed at night with UUM students because their food is very tasty at an affordable price.

6. iLLa Dataran Cafe Corner

Spacious restaurant space suitable for the whole family or with friends. This restaurant not only provides western-style dishes but there are also other dishes such as Sizzling and you can also try the interesting menu Mee Besen.

7. Kayu Kitchen

Kayu Kitchen provides western and fried food in the evening with a very attractive atmosphere. You feel like eating at a cowboy shop because their decor is hipster style, a little cowboy style, and an open restaurant. Kayu Kitchen is named because the tables and chairs here are made of wood made by the owner of this restaurant.

8. Kampong Coffee and Steak

A restaurant that combines Malay cuisine with Western food culture. Their beverages are refreshing to the palate and thirst quenching when icy cold. Bound to bring you a different kind of food experience

9. Tomyam Putih Utara

They offer the customer with delightful Utara (Kedah) dishes and a variety of lauk inexpensively. This is the place where you enjoy your meal with your friends and family without the hesitation of thinking about what to eat. All the foods are amazing as it is, and are freshly cooked every day. 

10. #PotLepak

#Potlepak provides more than 50 selection of menus from Malay cruise to Western cruise. They also open to a custom menu for any event. This restaurant is big enough to hold a big event or party.

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