Top 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurant for Vegan in Jeju Island, Korea

Jeju Island, South Korea, invites vegan enthusiasts to savor a plant-based culinary journey amidst its stunning landscapes. Embrace the island’s unique charm while indulging in the top 10 vegetarian restaurants catering to vegan tastes. From innovative Korean vegan dishes to international flavors, these eateries combine the richness of Jeju’s local produce with global culinary influences, promising a delightful experience for those seeking delicious, cruelty-free dining options on this enchanting island.


치지레이지 CHEESYLAZY is a delightful vegan cafe known for its delicious sandwiches and welcoming atmosphere. Run by a dedicated and friendly young couple, the cafe offers a quiet and cozy environment with a simple yet unique menu. The chickpea salad sandwich and grilled veggie & vegan cheese sandwich are standout choices, complemented by crispy fries and iced tea. The owners, who speak English, make everything from scratch, ensuring scrumptious, flavorful, and freshly homemade meals. Visitors also appreciate the special touches, like free dessert slices of kiwi, making it a highly recommended spot for vegan delights.

Address: 173 Seosa-ro, 특별자치도, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Tel: +82 10-4353-2019



This hidden gem, nestled behind a beautiful wooden sign, is a must-visit for food enthusiasts seeking a unique culinary experience. Specializing in vegan and vegetarian delights, the restaurant boasts well-executed dishes like the delectable ‘Tofu in Hell’ and generous servings of fried mushrooms and eggplant. The food is not only delicious but also freshly prepared, creating a cozy and aesthetic space filled with the sounds of chopping. Owners exude warmth and friendliness, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming. Perfect for vegetarians, pescatarians, and anyone craving yummy plant-based options in a non-touristy locale.

Address: 118 Aewol-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Tel: +82 70-4252-2764

Sonong Road

Sonong Road, nestled near Bijarim Forest, is a vegetarian haven crafting delightful dishes with ingredients sourced directly from a nearby organic farm. The veggie curry and potato ice cream, both handmade with care, stand out for their exquisite flavors. Beyond its culinary prowess, Sonong Road radiates a charming atmosphere, fostering lively conversations and laughter. With a commitment to organic and eco-friendly practices, it’s not just a dining spot but a delightful experience in a picturesque setting.

Address: 2615 Bijarim-ro, Gujwa-eup, 특별자치도 Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Tel: +82 64-782-9106



Avec in Jeju captivates with its superb vegan offerings, showcasing a creative blend of flavors in each sandwich. The chef’s generosity extends to offering fries for the little ones, enhancing the warm atmosphere. Highlights include the delightful mac and cheese, open sandwiches, and cheeseburgers with regular and truffle fries. The restaurant’s open setting provides breathtaking ocean views, creating a welcoming ambiance. Avec stands out as a must-visit for both vegans and non-vegans seeking delicious, memorable dining experiences on Jeju Island.

Address: 2층, 2626 Hagwi 2(i)-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, South Korea

Tel: +82 50-71391-1828


펜고호다 - Pengohoda

고호다 (Pengohoda) in Jeju is a remarkable vegan find, slightly off the usual tourist routes along the coast. Accessible by bus, this gem boasts a charming atmosphere with a friendly staff. The cafe’s aesthetics and food presentation are striking, offering unique delights like green tea & macadamia nut cookies, sweet corn cheesecake, mugwort and black sesame cake, along with refreshing beverages. The owner’s passion for sustainable, plant-based living is evident, providing a haven for those seeking delectable vegan options on Jeju Island. The diverse menu and warm ambiance make Pengohoda a must-visit for vegan enthusiasts.

Address: South Korea, Jeju-do, Jeju-si, 특별자치도, KR 애월읍 애월읍 봉성리 4123-6 봉성로 61



Hi there. Santosha, this. I utilize non-GMO and organic produce from my area. exclusively vegan fare. It’s a little eatery. Make a reservation instead. I’m grateful.

Address: South Korea, Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, 특별자치도, Andeok-myeon, Sanbang-ro, 415 KR

Tel: +82 50-71494-8221



Chaesik Café Jageun Bueok

Chaesik Café Jageun Bueok in Jeju stands out as a unique vegan restaurant operating on a reservation system, offering a delightful vegan menu. Guests praise the delicious offerings, particularly highlighting the seasonal bracken chicken sauce and various flavorful menus. The owner’s kindness adds to the positive experience, creating a welcoming atmosphere. In a region with limited vegan options, this cafe shines with its tasty dishes and beautiful surroundings, making it a recommended choice for both vegans and those seeking a distinctive culinary experience in Jeju.

Address: 1 Seonheuldong 2-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Tel: +82 10-4699-3179

Loving Hut

Loving Hut in Jeju stands as a delightful vegan sanctuary, offering a diverse menu with a variety of vegan options. Visitors appreciate the extensive vegan choices, ranging from Japchae and vegetable pancake to vegan fried “chicken” with hot sauce. The welcoming atmosphere is complemented by a friendly Korean family vibe. While the parking may be a bit tricky, the delicious food and helpful chef make it a worthwhile destination for vegans exploring Jeju. The convenience store section also adds a practical touch for those seeking vegan provisions during their stay on the island.

Address: 7036 Iljudong-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Tel: +82 10-4696-9006


Five Seventh

Five Seventh in Jeju offers a heavenly experience for vegan enthusiasts. The diverse menu features delectable options like the vegan burger set, kimchi rice cake, mushroom eggplant noodles, and a tempting chocolate cake. Visitors appreciate the delicious, cruelty-free meals in a peaceful atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior is aesthetically pleasing, and the presence of a small grocery store, complete with vegan marshmallows, adds to the charm. With a serene ambiance, ocean views, and friendly staff, Five Seventh is a must-visit for those seeking exceptional vegan dining in Jeju.

Address: South Korea, Jeju-do, Jeju-si, 특별자치도, Gujwa-eup, Haemajihaean-ro, 650-20 111동 1층

Tel: +82 10-9922-2281


Cafe 901

Cafe 901, nestled in Jeju, is not just a vegan cafe but also a haven for relaxation, yoga, meditation, and retreats. Easily accessible by bus, the cozy and beautifully decorated space offers an extensive menu in Korean and English. Diners praise the vegan meal set, cacao smoothie bowl, and ciabatta with guacamole for their deliciousness. The cafe’s airy ambiance, commitment to healthy food, and book-friendly environment create a welcoming atmosphere. With fast and friendly service, free Wi-Fi, and a dog-friendly policy, Cafe 901 stands out as a delightful destination for vegan dining and holistic well-being.

Address: South Korea, Jeju-do, Jeju-si, Nohyeong-dong, 288-39 2층

Tel: +82 50-71402-9022


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