Top 10 Cafés in Miri

Cafés are gaining traction all over Miri city, and there are just too many to keep count of.

These are the top 10 cafés in Miri, Sarawak that you simply can’t miss out on.

1. The Maker Café

The Maker Café, which is Christian themed and opened on December 16, 2014, has made several headlines in Miri. They are passionate about sharing love, music, and other stories with customers by serving the best coffee they can find. Toby Estate’s beans are used to brew their coffee which is very rare in Malaysia, but thankfully this café still uses them.

Address: S/Lot 2376, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Jalan Boulevard 1

Operating hours: 9.30am – 9.30pm (Monday to Saturday)

Phone: 085-320 649

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2. Brewhouse

Brewhouse offers a comfortable space to enjoy high-quality coffee and a selection of freshly baked cakes. Baristas create delightful signature brews by blending premium coffee beans. We recommend this café for coffee lovers and those on a date because it has a classy atmosphere and some of the best coffee in Miri. If you don’t want a caffeine boost in the evening, relax with a beer or a glass of brand name whiskey.

Address: Lot 3549, Ground Floor, Al-Bayt Square, Blk 5, MCLD, Jalan Pujut-Miri

Operating hours: 10am – 12am

Phone: 085-680 911

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3. The Nest Café Lounge

The Nest Café Lounge in Miri Times Square is a well-known European and American café that offers a variety of sights and tastes. The moment that you step into this café, the posh interior and European décor will bring you back into the twenties. To complement the pleasing aesthetic of the café, a delectable selection of cakes can also be enjoyed.

Address: No A-G18, Miri Times Square, Marina Parkcity

Operating hours: 9am – 10pm (Monday to Thursday) & 9am – 11pm (Friday to Sunday)

Phone:  085-427 008

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4. Route 66 Café

This café is a hidden gem in Lutong, with fantastic coffee and cakes that rival a few big-name coffee franchises in Miri. A cosy spot to enjoy your favourite drinks or experiment with new flavours. It’s also a good place for small group gatherings because it has a good variety of coffee and tea, as well as a variety of cakes.

Address: Lot 1401 Of Parent Lot 991, Jalan Agama, Lutong

Operating hours: 8am – 5pm (Monday to Friday) & 10am – 6pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Phone:  085-654 759

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5. Chapter One Café

Chapter One Café is the very first library-themed café in Miri. The modern interior of this café is divided into quiet and not-so-quiet zones. This design gives customers the option of enjoying some alone time or relaxing in a more social setting. Cappuccinos, iced coffee, and a variety of teas are among the beverages available. If the weather is dreary and gloomy, head to this Miri coffee shop. You can read a book, socialise with friends, or play board games at this café.

Address: Lot 2288, Jalan MS2/1, Marina Square 2, Marina Parkcity

Operating hours: 10am – 11.00pm

Phone:  085-680 691

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6. Ming Café

Ming Café may sound like a small Chinese-owned café, but the reality is far from its name. The Western-style coffee shop-cum-pub serves casual dining as well as alcoholic beverages and coffee. Come for lunch and a coffee in the afternoon and return later when it transforms into a buzzing bar.

Address: Lot 1106, Jln North Yu Seng & Jln Merbau

Operating hours: 10.30am – 10pm (Monday to Wednesday & Saturday to Sunday) & 10am – 10pm (Thursday to Friday)

Phone:  085-422 797

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7. Moongrind Kingdom

This small café has a warm and inviting atmosphere. The owners are always present, and they bring something unique to this place. The waffles are delicious, and the coffee is excellent. A nice place to unwind with free WiFi and most importantly, it is quiet and can be used as a place to relax.

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 273, Jalan Brighton

Operating hours: 11.15am – 9.30pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday) & 11.15am – 10pm (Friday to Saturday)

Phone:  085-681 739

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8. Piato Bistro

Piato Bistro serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch from Tuesday to Sunday. Excellent food, including an all-day breakfast menu, delicious pancakes, and chicken chops. Food is reasonably priced and delicious. Piato Bistro has beautiful interior and comfortable surroundings.

Address: Lot 2455, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre

Operating hours: 8am – 2pm, 5pm – 8pm (Tuesday to Friday) & 8am – 8pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Phone:  019-487 4288

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9. Caféine Port

Caféine Port, which first opened in 2016, has quickly grown to become one of Miri’s top cafés for millennials. With two floors and some of the best lattes in town, it attracts a diverse crowd. Their high-quality coffee and tea, served with a slice of cheesecake, are the standouts. Anyone looking to unwind in a relaxing environment, hang out with friends or meet new people will enjoy this café.

Address: Lot 1964 Marina Parkcity Phase 2

Operating hours: 11am – 12am

Phone: 016-853 7272

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10. The Ruffles

The Ruffles started from a home-based cake making and decorating business from year 2012 and decided to come out with their own café in 2014. They make delectable treats (cakes, coffee, and tea) made from fresh and finest ingredients with splendour design, scratch made on the inside, beautiful on the outside.

Address: Lot 1034, Jalan Datuk Edward Jeli, Piasau Industrial Estate

Operating hours: 10am – 5.30pm (Tuesday to Wednesday)

Phone: 085-651 669

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