Top 10 Cycling Trails in Penang

Have you noticed a lot of bicycle rental establishments in Penang? This is due to the fact that cycling is still highly popular here! It’s a fun way to see new areas while working up a sweat. And, as Penang is striving to be a more environmentally friendly state, why not take on the challenge and explore some of these lovely bicycle routes? Who knows, you might find a new hobby as a result of this.

1. Penang Cycling Lanes

Credit: @malaysiaZINE

You will be able to cycle down this tranquil road while enjoying the ever-so-refreshing sea wind. This highway includes intriguing stops and courses such as the Penang Bridge perspective, Persiaran Karpal Singh, and a three-story spiral bridge known as the Jambatan Harapan, which will spice up your tour.

2. Round Penang Island Circuit

Credit: AhPek Biker

Cycling an eighty-three-kilometer loop around the island is an adventure for stronger riders. Start anywhere along the coast; a nice place to start is at the Penang Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama) and ride clockwise so that you are always on the coastal side. It will take half a day or more if you stop frequently to see the people and scenery along the way.

3. Georgetown Heritage Core Area

If you want to play tourist, you can simply ride your bike through George Town. The old city contains approximately 1,700 historic structures to admire, as well as dozens of street artists to discover.

4. Pearl Hill

Pearl Hill is one of the Pearls of the Orient. It’s a little hill in the north-east corner of the island that’s easy to reach and provides a good ascent over a modest distance stretch. It can be done as part of the North Coast Ride or from someplace in Tanjung Bungah.

5. Balik Pulau


Balik Pulau is the place to go for a rustic, off-road adventure. Begin your tour at Pasar Tani Balik Pulau and let your thoughts roam through the rustic narrow sandy pathways. Riding down the kampung road would allow you to see paddy fields and even mangrove swamps. You can also stop by the lovely Balik Pulau Container Art for a photo or two.

6. The Carpet Hill

Carpet Hill, often known as Carpet, is a favourite climb among local cyclists and hikers. Cycling aficionados will be challenged by the difficult uphill journey, which is surrounded by dense durian orchard. Of course, the steep route can be scary, but the vistas from the top of the hill will take your breath away.

7. Ayer Itam Dam

Come early in the morning to enjoy the cold, pure air around this man-made lake. The location is literally a green sanctuary, with several trails and peaceful routes for novice cyclists to practise on. Visitors can enjoy the green mountain vistas from the level paved road that wraps around the dam.

8. Guar Petai

This easy path will take you to Frog Hill, a popular former quarry. The BORR route passes across tranquil waterways and green rice fields. When you arrive at Frog Hill, take your time hiking up the red hillocks to get an excellent glimpse of the emerald lakes situated among green flora.

9. Gertak Sanggul

Gertak Sanggul is an off-the-beaten-path destination for individuals seeking seclusion and tranquillity. Taking this route will bring you to a pleasant small stretch of beach with wooden boating piers extending out into the water.

10. The Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR)

Begin on the island side at the Raja Uda Ferry Terminal and bring your bicycles with you for a Penang ferry ride across the water to Butterworth.

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