Top 10 halal restaurant in Kuantan recommended by locals.

Kuantan is the perfect destination for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.The choices of food are endless, which means you’ll probably be having a dilemma choosing your breakfast, lunch and dinner locations. Hop on to your nearest ride as we unveil the 10 halal restaurants in Kuantan – most of which comes with beach views.

1. Loteng

LoTeng Cafe Kuantan’s event space in Teluk Cempedak gets its unique name from the way the event space is structurally built as the word ‘loteng’ in the Malay language means attic or loft. Located two stories high, the event space claims to have the most breath-taking seafront view in Kuantan from its upper floor. The event space serves a good mix of Western and Thai cuisine and one should give the Spaghetti Beef Bolognese and Spicy TomYum a try. For dessert its Dark Chocolate Toblerone and Salted Caramel cakes are really amazing and go well with its ice-blended drinks and Thai Milk tea. The plastic drinking tumblers that the drinks come in make a lovely keepsake as well. Service is friendly and prompt.

Address: Jalan Telok Cempedak, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
Operating hours: Open daily; 12PM-12AM 

2. Lila Wadi Restaurant

This popular restaurant offers a variety of appetizing menus to suit different individual tastes such as steamboat, Western cuisine, Malay, Thai, BBQ and desserts. We recommend you try the Mango Cheese Cake. Don’t forget the durian cheesecake! Other menus that are no less delicious at Lila Wadi are Nasi Goreng Kambing, shiitake mushroom burger and Spagheti Carbonara.

Address: A637 Lorong Selamat 21 Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan 25000 Malaysia
Operating hours: Open daily; 5PM-11.20PM

3.Kula Cakes

It is without saying that mango cheesecake is a local’s favourite and one of the best in town can be found here in Kula Cakes. Not too overpoweringly sweet, soft, and fluffy, their signature mango cheesecake is a must-try if you are ever in Kuantan. Aside from that, they also serve quite a variety of cheesecakes such as durian cheesecake (seasonal), dark chocolate cheese cake, and white chocolate with Toblerone cheesecake. Though it’s not exactly by the seaside (hence no beach view), you can always opt for a takeaway and savour it at the nearest beach!Drinks are also available at Kula Cakes, among the special drinks here is definitely Coffee! The coffee here is also very tasty, and I recommend you drink sugar -free coffee while topping the sweet cake. Satisfaction guaranteed and definitely feel like wanting more!

Address: A96, Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
Operating hours: Open daily; 11AM-6PM 

4. Satay Zul

If you are in Kuantan, don’t miss out on the best satay in Malaysia. Their beef satay is so tasty that I don’t bother eating other food, just satay. However they also have Nasi Lemak and other noodles that are popular. Their Nasi Himpit served with Kuah Kachang is also a must have.The satays’ sizes were big and the taste were not only very nice but also veru tender and juicy. Not only the meats of satays but also the peanut sauce and the sambal. They were superb!

Address: Jalan Teluk Sisek, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Operating hours: 5PM – 12AM (Daily)

5. Mint

A lovely restaurant hidden not far from Kuantan. Situated on the beachside of Balok beach, this newly-opened restaurant is famous for its gorgeous beach view and family-sized portions of food.It has a simple but varied menu. The welcome was warm and the waitress helped us chose our meals. The chicken pie was really tasty and the mash potato was delicious. With a beautiful view.They also offer venue rental services for events such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, company dinners or just a simple dinner date by the beach side

Address: Pusat Rekreasi Air Balok, Pantai Balok, Kuantan, 26100, Malaysia
Operating hours: Tue-Sun; 10AM – 7PM (closed on Monday)

6. Ana Ikan Bakar Petai

Dining by the sea would not be complete without a restaurant specialising in grilled seafood dishes, and this is what Ana Ikan Bakar Petai is known for! A galore of fresh seafood will greet you once you step into the restaurant. Pick the one you like and let them know how you want it cooked – grilled, steamed, fried, stir fried, or deep fried. But of course, the one dish that is a must-try here is their signature grilled fish with sambal petai.

Address:Kampung Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
Operating hours:Open daily; 12PM-12AM

7. Mabiq

A must-try dish here is their paeh patin tempoyak, grilled catfish with fermented durian. The delicious aroma will surely tickle your senses and awaken your appetite as you open the banana-leaf wrapped fishThey also serve a variety of traditional Pahang dishes such as catfish with fermented durian (tempoyak ikan patin), smoked meat with chilies (daging salai cili api), fermented fish (ikan pekasam), and an assortment of fresh vegetables (ulam). 

Address:Lot 29738, Kg . Peramu, Tg. Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur
Operating hours: Sat-Thu; 10AM-4PM (closed on Friday)

8. Mustafa Cendol

Excellent cooling dessert in the afternoon. Tasty cendol, not so sweet. Clean place and also have a variety cendol, since we just having our lunch at other place so just try their cendol, for next visit we should try their rojak.The vendor provides good seating for customers to enjoy a good dessert. What we loved was that it is not too sweet, and truly fragrant with the coconut milk.Mustafa Cendol is of a different league; housed in a proper landed stall, rented part of a bigger Thai restaurant (that opens at night only) ; they provide ample, easy parking spots. The premises is kept very clean and the place is breezy and airy which adds to the pleasure of sipping cool cendol on a blazing hot day.

Address:  Lot 9744, Jalan Teluk Sisek, Taman Selamat, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
Operating hours: 11AM – 7PM (Daily)

9. Dapur Mama

The Nasi Kukus along with fresh fried chicken, chicken curry and sambal belacan blends well together for a perfect taste very delicious, well marinated fried chicken (ayam berempah) and thick curry. Served as fast food style. Very clean and comfortable restaurant. Other meals also very nice – Daging kerutuk, ayam masak merah, pajeri nenas and all. Reasonable price and friendly staff. I’d come here plenty of times and highly recommended.The food comes in set of drinks if needed. Was really quick and you can choose your pieces of chicken if you have your own preference. 

Address: No 2, Ground Floor, Indian Town, Jalan Putra Square 3, Putra Square, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Operating hours: 10AM – 8PM (Daily)

10. Jaman Tory Resipi

In search for more delicious local delicacies? Jaman Tory Resipi should be next on your list! Be prepared to be amazed by not just their authentic traditional recipes, but also by their unique decor as vintage items decorate the many walls of this eatery. A hit with the locals, their famous dishes are patin bakar tempoyak (grilled catfish with fermented durian), daging salai masak lemak (smoked beef in coconut gravy), char kuey teow, and their own spin of cheese fried rice which they literally light on fire!If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try their fusion dishes such as sautéed spaghetti with patin, sautéed spaghetti daging salai, and smoked beef ribs served with plain rice and ulam! End your meal with their one-of-a-kind puding tapai berkastard (custard pudding with tapai)!

Address:No A15, 2/3, Indera Mahkota 2, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan

Operating hours: 12PM-1AM (Daily)

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