Top 10 halal restaurants in Cyberjaya

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Cyberjaya is a charming and peaceful town that is expanding beyond its status as a college and ghost town. It’s booming these days, thanks to its instagrammable hangout areas, bookstores, and, of course, cafes and restaurants! This city, which boasts a technology park and is teeming with university students, is well worth your time. To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a list of places where you may enjoy halal and delectable food while capturing Instagrammable food photos in their aesthetically beautiful settings!

1. 10 Gram

With its tasty and diversified menu, 10 Gram Gourmet attracted immediate notice after launching its Cyberjaya cafe. They have it all: poke bowls, steaks, sourdough pizzas, and spaghettis! They also serve breakfast, brunch, and all-day meals to fulfil your gastronomic demands throughout the day. You can learn more about their menu by clicking here. The Portobello Mushroom with Scrambled Eggs (RM28) and Smoked Salmon Croissant on their brunch menu are both delicious (RM25). Baked Cheese Burrito (RM20), Berry-berry Belgium Waffle (RM20), Nasi Goreng Ladang (RM10), and more are available on their AM and PM menus.

 Opening Hours : 12PM-9PM

Address: A-03-05 Block A, Tamarind Square, 63200 Cyberjaya

Social Media: Website | Instagram

2. The Tepen

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves Malay cuisine with a Western twist? The Tepen is the solution! Salmon Laksa (RM23), Bunga Kantan Aglio Olio (RM18), and Pesto Selasih Pasta are among the Malay-Western hybrid menu items (RM22). They also serve a side of potato-ey fries with this delicious Burger Penyet (Smashed Burger). When you’re in the mood for something sweet, they have cheesecakes and chocolate cakes accessible at their counter.

Opening Hours: Tues-Sat, 11AM-7PM (closed on Mondays)

AddressD2-03-07, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 11 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Social Media : Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Plat du Jour

The name itself is self-explanatory! Plat du Jour prepares only special items from its menu, and they are all delectable. They don’t simply serve French food (try their Crêpes Florentine [RM16.50]), but also wonderful dishes like fluffy Hot Pancakes with fresh berries (RM17), Lemongrass Chicken Rice (RM17), and succulent Rib Eye Steak (RM17) (RM40). Their cuisine is a little on the pricier side, with pancakes costing RM17 and Eggs Benedict costing RM23, but it’s well worth it.

Address: Unit G-1, Ground Floor, Kanvas@Prima, 15, Jalan Teknokrat 6, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Social MediaWebsite | Instagram | Facebook

4. The Botanist Green Cafe

The Botanist Green Cafe is an eco-friendly and garden-themed cafe surrounded by peaceful plants and natural light from the sun, according to its name and aesthetic. As soon as you enter the cafe, you will feel at ease. The cafe serves healthy sandwiches and baos, as well as a wide range of coffee drinks to get you going. The Koko Chicken Bao (RM14), Chicken Sandwich (RM16), and Botanist Big Breakfast are their best-selling items (RM31). A delicious creamy Avocado Toast (RM24) and hearty Chicken Shakshouka are also available (RM24).

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 8:30AM-4PM (closed on Mondays)

Address: GP3A-03M, Level 3M, Tamarind square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya

Social MediaInstagram | Facebook

5. herbs & butter

herbs & butter is a Muslim-owned restaurant that serves high-quality Malay and Western food. Their Nasi Smoked Butter Beef (RM15) is popular, and if you have more money to spend, try their Sup Merah Lamb Shank (RM40). It’s a whole lamb shank cooked with tomatoes, spices, and chiles in a Singapore-style broth. Laksa lovers can also indulge in their delectable Laksa Johor (RM17).

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 12PM-9PM

Address: D3-03-15 Block D3 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 11, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

6. Monjo Coffee

Monjo Cafe, tucked away on the 5th floor of a commercial hub, serves classic American diner fare and coffee to-go. If you’re a New Yorker, pay attention to the features in the store that pay homage to the city’s famous subway system, such as subway tiles and a priority seating sign outside, as well as subway signs that direct you to the counters inside.

Address: P5-11 Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6, Cyberjaya

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8AM-10PM (Closed Sundays)

Social Media :  Instagram | Facebook

7. Pastribella Bakeshop

We can’t get enough of scorched cheesecakes and molten chocolate cakes – and any other desserts that are delicious enough to be considered a main course. Thankfully, Pastribella Bakeshop provides a delectable array of baked goods for you to peruse. You’re in for a big treat at this bakery, with Masterchef Malaysia Season 1 winner Dr. Ezani Monoto at the helm. You’ll never know what you’re going to get because the cakes are changed out every day. Carrot Cake, Burnt Cheesecake, and Molten Chocolate Cake, as well as its flourless Pistachio Rose (all RM14 – RM16/slice), will be available.

Address: D3-04-03 Tamarind Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12PM-9PM (Closed Mondays)

Social Media :  Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Alcea Cafe

Alcea Cafe is well-known on the block for having a menu that is more focused on drinks than cuisine. Coffee connoisseurs will feel right at home here, with a variety of brewing techniques and coffee beans that are rotated every week.

Long Black (RM8) is a must-try for bringing out the nutty and citrus flavours of the beans. The prices of the specialty coffees range from RM15 to RM38, with single origin coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia available. Get a Caffe Latte (RM11) or a Flat White (RM12), both of which can be ordered cold for an extra RM1.

Address: D1-03-06, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya

Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 9AM-7PM (Closed Fridays)

Social Media : Instagram | Facebook

9. Svart Cafe

Many people in Cyberjaya lament the absence of Chinese food options. Svart Cafe, on the other hand, has a number of Chinese food options on its menu, including Svart Fried Rice (RM16.90) and Sp Seafood Fried Kuay Tiow (RM16.90).
There are also a few Western meals on the menu. Here, try the Creamy Salmon (RM20.90) with homemade dill gravy and the classic Seafood Aglio Olio (RM17).

Address: A-03-08, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 10, 63000 Cyberjaya

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12PM-3PM & 5PM-10PM (Closed Sundays)

Social Media : Instagram | Facebook

10.. Glaze Eatery

Glaze Eatery is another industrial-style cafe on this list, with loft ceilings and cement floors – but with neon signs bearing inspirational phrases strewn about the business that are excellent for the ‘Gram.
While you’re here, look for their inexpensive lunch and dinner sets (both RM10) from 12PM-2PM and 8PM-10PM. The daily special varies, but anticipate substantial portions of Butter Chicken (RM13) with thick, creamy buttery gravy and the equally delicious Salted Egg Chicken (RM14).

Address: A-03-03A, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 11, Cyberjaya

Opening hours: 8.30AM-11PM, Daily

Social Media :  Website | Instagram | Facebook

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