Top 10 Mobile Apps in Malaysia – 2022

1. CapCut - Video Editor

To assist you in capturing and snipping moments, CapCut provides simple video editing options, free in-app fonts and effects, and free sophisticated features like keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion, chroma key, and stabilisation.

2. TikTok

The official social network app TikTok allows you to make and share entertaining videos with all of your friends and followers.

3. MySPR Semak

In order for the general public to be aware of the status and location of registration as a voter and voting places during elections, the Election Commission has updated its mobile applications. Additionally, voters can verify each general election’s results and the list of candidates.

4. MAE by Maybank2u

With the brand-new MAE from Maybank2u, your life is about to become even simpler. Organize your daily experiences with MAE. Along with your preferred Maybank2u banking features, you’ll get all you want and more.

5. Bravo Booster: One-tap Cleaner

Bravo Booster is a fantastic Android phone booster programme that focuses on phone speed optimization, trash file removal, battery conservation, and image cleaning. In order to maximise the storage on your phone, this programme can delete RAM files. In addition to cleaning up TikTok and WhatsApp, Bravo booster can also successfully boost phones. Download this one-tap smart phone booster doctor right away to stop your device from operating slowly! Your phone can become speedier than ever using Bravo Booster.

6. Shopee MY: No Shipping Fee

Shopee is the top online marketplace in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, providing consumers who want to purchase anytime, anywhere with a simple and convenient experience. Shopee is an e-commerce platform and online shopping app that offers all users a simple, safe, and quick online buying experience. It also has robust payment and logistical assistance. 

7. Lemon8

Lemon8 – With a young community, Lemon8 is a platform for sharing content. Here is where you can find stunning, genuine, and varied material. It is THE place to go to share and discover. 

8. WhatsApp Messenger

A FREE messaging and video calling programme is WhatsApp from Meta. More than 2 billion people in more than 180 nations utilise it. You can effortlessly stay in touch with your friends and family because it is straightforward, dependable, and confidential. Even with sluggish connections, WhatsApp works on desktop and mobile devices, and there are no monthly costs*. 

9. Telegram

The quickest messaging app available, Telegram connects users with a special, distributed network of data centres all around the world. 

10. eco-shop MY

More than 10,000 products are available at eco-shop Malaysia, a reputable retailer, for as little as RM2.40 each. Whether you use our extensive selection of products in the kitchen, garden, office, or home, we are confident that they will fulfil all of your needs and desires. 

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