Top 10 Mobile Games Apps in Malaysia – 2022

A video game that is typically played on a mobile phone is known as a mobile game, often known as a smartphone game. Additionally, the phrase refers to all video games played on any portable device, including mobile phones (feature phones or smartphones), tablets, PDAs, handheld game consoles, portable media players, and graphing calculators, both with and without network access.

1. Summoners War

One of the early classic gacha RPGs is Summoners War. Since it has been around for so long, it has developed far more than many other games in the genre. With a team of monsters at your disposal, you complete story missions, summon new ones, advance in the game, and level up. If PvP is your thing, there is also that component. Although it’s free to play, the grind isn’t as severe as it is in some lower quality gachas. There are a lot of free stuff that the game offers you. Even if it’s not flawless, there’s a good reason why this game has maintained its popularity for more than five years. Just an enjoyable game to play.

2. Apex Legends Mobile

In 2022, Apex Legends Mobile was released and immediately took off. It belongs to the same genre as PUBG New State and Fortnite as a battle royale shooter. However, this one was released with a lot more polish, great controls, a variety of game types, and more intriguing powers. The default battle royale mode has 20 squads made up of 60 players. Along with a team deathmatch game, there is a ranked variation as well. As you go through the game, you unlock different Legends, and each Legend has a unique set of skills. It’s light since it’s new, but despite that, it received over ten million downloads in its first month and is actually more enjoyable than the majority of other games in the category.

3. Genshin Impact

Gacha mechanics are used in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. We selected the match as the finest game of 2020 as well. It garnered a lot of positive reviews when it was first released for its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Nobody seems to mind that it resembles Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of appearance and gameplay. The game does have a party structure, and it uses a gacha system like other gachas to let you summon new characters. However, the game feels far less constrained than most of its kind because of the aesthetic components, gameplay mechanics, and entirely open world (which includes a glider).

4. Legends of Runeterra

One of the most recent Android games on this list is Legends of Runeterra. It’s an online combat game with a similar focus to Hearthstone. Players assemble decks of cards and heroes that they have collected. then engage in online combat with them. In general, the gameplay is enjoyable since the game attempts to minimise randomness. There are 24 champions in the game, several playing cards, and you can invite friends to combat with you. Hearthstone dominated this ranking for a while, but now it’s time for a new leader. Here are some more fantastic card duelling games.

5. Levelhead


The same company that created Crashlands, Butterscotch Shenanigans, has released a new platformer called Levelhead. We anticipate Levelhead to stay on this list for a while, just like Crashlands was for a good two or three years. There are 90 levels in this platformer, which has controls that are surprisingly good, and it has some great humour. However, this one stands out from the competition thanks to its very top-notch custom-level construction. Levels created by players can be uploaded to the game. The most well-liked ones wind up in the famous vault of the game after being downloaded by other players.

6. Minecraft

The game Minecraft is well-liked by players of all ages throughout the world. If you’ve never played, Minecraft immerses you in a vast world where you may create things, fight off enemies, mine things, and pretty much do whatever you want. There is a survival mode where you must gather your own food and resources, as well as a creative mode where you have full access to everything. Numerous new options and information have been added thanks to frequent upgrades.

7. Nintendo games

Nintendo has a huge selection of Android games, all of which are rather good. Super Mario Run is the only premium game available. Many people thought the cost was excessive. However, it’s one of the best mobile platformers in terms of mechanics. Nintendo also offers a few free-to-play choices, such as the strategic RPG Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (simulation).

8. Roblox

Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development created by the Roblox Corporation that enables users to create games and play those made by others.

9. Mobile Legends - Bang Bang

A mobile multiplayer online battle arena game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, sometimes known as ML or MLBB, was created and released by Moonton, a ByteDance subsidiary.

10. Garena Free Fire

The battle royale game Free Fire, commonly known as Garena Free Fire, was created by the Vietnamese gaming studio 111dots Studio and released by Garena for Android and iOS. In 2019, it rose to the top spot among all mobile games downloaded. Free Fire had more than 150 million daily active users as of 2021.

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