Top 10 Pet Boarding Services / Pet Hotels in KL

Embark on a journey of premium pet hospitality in Kuala Lumpur as we unveil the Top 10 Pet Boarding Services and Pet Hotels. From luxurious accommodations to personalized care, discover the ultimate guide for ensuring your furry companions experience comfort and joy while you’re away.

1. HapyKat Wellness Setiawangsa

A trusted haven for feline companions, HapyKat Wellness Setiawangsa is hailed for its exceptional hotel services, earning the loyalty of cat owners. With a professional and knowledgeable team, the facility provides detailed grooming services, ensuring a positive experience for cats. Clients appreciate the reasonable pricing and attentive staff, making it a preferred choice for cat grooming and wellness. The facility’s commitment to creating a calm and relaxing environment adds to its reputation as a go-to destination for feline care.

2. Maobulous Cat Boutique Hotel & Spa

Especially for our feline guests, Māobulous offers a holistic cat boarding hotel experience created by cat owners. We’ve included a little bit of nature into our contemporary facilities. Your pet can stay in our hotel while they are away from home in a clean, safe, and secure environment.

3. Cat's Cradle Sri Rampai KL

Cat’s Cradle in Sri Rampai, KL, stands out for its excellent service in cat boarding. Pet owners commend the facility for its cleanliness, spacious play areas, and daily photo updates that offer peace of mind during holidays. The accommodating staff at Cat’s Cradle strives to meet customer requests, enhancing the overall experience for both pets and owners. The positive reviews and recommendations underscore the facility’s commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for feline guests.

Credit: Catswell

4. Catswell

In Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Catswell is a high-end cat hotel offering boarding, grooming, and cat care services.
We have been in business since Mac 2020 and are dedicated to giving our animal friends the finest care available.
Your cat will be cared for by our knowledgeable staff of feline enthusiasts as if they were our own, with lots of playtime, a cozy and secure environment, and delectable food.
To keep your cat looking their best, we also provide a range of grooming services.



Since we at FURRYTEL know how important it is for our furry guests to feel pampered and at ease, we’ve created a luxury cat hotel that is unlike anything anyone has ever seen! To be honest, some of the cat hotels I’ve visited resemble storage spaces jam-packed with cages. Thus, I’m changing things by making sure that our five-star, luxurious, and aesthetically beautiful facilities at FURRYTEL are spotless and affordable! We also know how hard it can be to leave your pet behind while you go on vacation and enjoy delicious food in a nice setting—this is exactly what makes me sad as a cat parent every time. Because of this, our aim at FURRYTEL is to ensure that each and every one of our visitors is at ease leaving their feline family member in our care.

6. Patty's Pet Hotel

A lovely location where your pet can vacation while you’re away, complete with air-conditioned rooms, a playground, and no cages! We also provide grooming services. Fit for all kinds of animals

7. Fetch Me Later Pet Resort

“Fetch Me Later Pet Resort prioritizes safety by ensuring dogs have updated vaccinations, offering a clean and loving environment with attentive nannies. Clients appreciate the consistent updates, including photos and videos, fostering transparency. Carlyn, a standout team member, receives praise for her responsiveness and keen attention to pets. The resort’s positive impact is evident in dogs’ elevated spirits. Clients express loyalty to Fetch Me Later for its comprehensive pet care services, including daycare, boarding, and additional accessories, making it a trusted choice in the industry.”


Ours Pet Studio stands out for its positive reputation, praised for providing excellent service, maintaining a clean environment, and boasting a friendly staff. Clients express satisfaction with both pet boarding and grooming services, emphasizing the attentive and accommodating nature of the team. The studio’s capability to handle challenging cases, like grooming difficult cats, while achieving desired results contributes significantly to its favorable standing among customers. The overall consensus highlights Ours Pet Studio as a reliable and customer-focused establishment in the pet care industry.

Credit: The Pet Factory

9. The Pet Factory

The Pet Factory’s boarding service is praised for its attentive and kind staff, creating a reassuring environment for pets during their stay. Despite the first-come-first-serve system, the presence of multiple groomers ensures efficient and personalized care. Pet owners express gratitude for the team’s kindness, as evident in the videos sent to update them on their pets’ well-being. The boarding service is recognized for its commitment to the animals’ comfort and safety, fostering positive reviews that highlight the establishment’s dedication to providing a trustworthy and caring environment for pets left in their care.

10. FURIIStyle - Premium Pet Care Center (Setapak)

FURIIStyle, a premium pet care center in Setapak, is praised for its excellent services and a delightful, comfortable ambiance that excites pets. Despite the premium pricing, customers assert the services are worth the cost, emphasizing the quality provided. Clients appreciate the thoroughness of the grooming process, with groomers carefully checking pets’ conditions and transparently communicating any concerns. The friendliness and professionalism of the grooming staff, coupled with reasonable prices, contribute to the positive reputation of FURIIStyle among pet owners.

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