Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafe in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru’s vibrant culture extends a warm welcome to pets at its top 10 pet-friendly cafes. Enjoy delectable bites and beverages in the company of your four-legged friend. These establishments create a cozy atmosphere, fostering a sense of community for both pet owners and their furry companions. Explore a new realm of shared experiences and joyous outings in the heart of Johor Bahru.

1. Chill 'N Chow Cafe By Ng Kitchen

Tel: 017-787 8335

Operating Hours: 11 am–9 pm daily, Closed on Monday


The dog knows where home is. |Relax| Eat|Drink|Coffee|Dessert| A relaxing area with food, coffee, drinks, dessert, and—most importantly—a space to hang out and play with our Chow Chow! Their extreme cuteness will undoubtedly make your day:)

2. The Loop & Co. 环保二手衣服咖啡馆

Tel: 016-734 1180

Operating Hours: 10 am–7 pm daily, Closed on Wednesday


“The Loop & Co., an eco-friendly second-hand clothing café, earns praise for its admirable concept of recycling. Visitors appreciate the comfortable and cozy environment, making it an ideal spot for enjoying coffee and cake with friends. The pet-friendly atmosphere adds an extra touch, creating a welcoming space for diverse interests and eco-conscious individuals. The café successfully combines sustainability with a warm ambiance, making it a go-to destination for conscious consumers.”


Tel: 019-949 9397

Operating Hours: 2–10 pm daily, Closed on Thursday


Zero Percent, a pet-friendly cafe, has won the hearts of pet owners like myself. Luna, my dog, enjoys the company of the owner’s female husky and relishes the delightful pet menu. The welcoming atmosphere allows pets to run freely without restrictive rules. The owners are hands-on, friendly, and attentive. Notably, the cafe plans to introduce main dishes, allowing pet owners to dine while their furry friends mingle. With excellent service and adorable dogs, Zero Percent comes highly recommended for a pet-friendly outing.

4. Little Chubby Cafe

Tel: 011-1166 3688

Operating Hours: 12 pm–12 am daily, Closed on Monday


Little Chubby Cafe, a delightful pet-friendly spot, warmly welcomes patrons to share pet stories and interact. The friendly owners, proud pet parents themselves, have a charming Corgi named Magnum, and occasionally, a shy Samoyed. The ambiance is pleasant, devoid of any unpleasant dog odors. While Magnum is the go-to for non-pet owners seeking a furry companion, the new addition, a timid Kiwawa, might need some time to warm up to patrons. Enjoy a cozy time at Little Chubby Cafe, where pets and stories converge.

5. Tea Room by Afters Pastry

Tel: 07-207 3226

Operating Hours: 11 am–9 pm daily, Closed on Thursday



Tea Room by Afters Pastry offers a delightful experience with its cozy environment and warm, friendly staff. The cafe stands out for its all-day brunch options that pleasantly surprise patrons. The delicious cakes and coffee are highlights, providing a delightful treat at reasonable prices. With a satisfying array of cake choices, this cafe is recommended for those seeking a charming place with tasty meals and a welcoming atmosphere.

6. Chucky Cat Cafe (Komtar JBCC)

Tel: 010-820 4190

Operating Hours: 10 am–10 pm daily


Chucky Cat Cafe at Komtar JBCC offers a delightful combination of delicious cafe foods and a unique cat-petting experience. The cafe is known for its tasty offerings, such as the CC fried rice lunch set and Carbonara. Visitors can enjoy a good afternoon by starting with a satisfying meal and then indulging in an hour of playful interaction with friendly and clean cats. The cafe is recommended for families, and early visits are suggested to ensure an active cat playtime before the crowd arrives. Additionally, the cafe provides parking convenience in the bustling area around Komtar JBCC.

7. Saturbake & Saturdate

Tel: 018-389 7287

Operating Hours: 12–8 pm daily


Saturbake & Saturdate is a charming pet-friendly cafe, known for its incredibly nice and unique desserts. With limited but clean seating, the cafe offers a cozy environment where patrons can enjoy delightful treats. The presence of two dogs and one cat adds to the pet-friendly atmosphere, creating a unique experience. Visitors are particularly recommended to try the key fruit egg tarts, and the variety of desserts, showcasing the culinary expertise of the cafe. The welcoming ambiance and friendly owner contribute to the cafe’s appeal.

8. Human Friendly dog pool&cafe

Tel: 016-723 5656

Operating Hours: 3 pm–12 am daily, Closed on Tuesday


Human Friendly Dog Pool & Cafe stands out as the best dog cafe in JB, offering a pet-friendly environment that warmly welcomes both humans and dogs. The cafe is celebrated for its exceptional food quality, and the owners go beyond serving delicious meals by sharing valuable knowledge with patrons. The genuine love for dogs is palpable, making it a must-visit for pet owners and dog enthusiasts alike. The cafe’s unique combination of a dog pool and a welcoming atmosphere contributes to its high recommendation.

9. Corgi's Talk Cafe

Tel: 07-585 9836

Operating Hours: 11 am–7 pm on Sunday – Thursday, 11 am–8 pm on Friday – Saturday, Closed on Monday


Corgi’s Talk Cafe provides an exceptional and unique experience for dog lovers, combining professional care for the dogs with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff demonstrates a perfect blend of professionalism and genuine interest, ensuring a delightful interaction with the furry companions. The well-maintained area, friendly corgis, and knowledgeable staff contribute to a joyful experience. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the corgis, and the staff’s expertise in handling the breed adds to the overall enjoyment. Additionally, the inclusion of tasty Western dishes enhances the experience, making Corgi’s Talk Cafe highly recommended for families and individuals seeking a heartwarming outing.

10. Shi-ba Cafe

The First Malaysian Shiba Cafe, Shiba Cafe is a venue that makes it easier for individuals to interact with dogs by offering a leisure space where we can spend quality time with our pets and friends.

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