Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafe in Penang

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Discover the perfect blend of companionship and culinary delights in Penang’s top 10 pet-friendly cafes. These welcoming establishments not only offer delectable treats for humans but also create a warm environment for furry friends. Enjoy a delightful experience with your pet, creating lasting memories in the heart of Penang’s vibrant cafe scene.

1. Pawfect Planet Cafe #PetFriendly

Tel: 011-5997 1599

Operating Hours: 11:30 am–10 pm daily, Closed on Wednesday


A welcoming cafe with delicious food, inventive drinks, and sweets is the ideal location for you and your pet. – Pet supplies, treats, and accessories – A venue to hire for workshops or activities

2. Cas Cas Cafe (Pet Friendly)

Tel:011-5995 9010

Operating Hours: 11 am–7 pm on Tuesday – Thursday, 11 am–8 pm on Friday – Sunday, Closed on Monday


Cas Cas Cafe (Pet Friendly) earns praise for its decent café-standard food and friendly staff who adore fur kids. The spacious, clean environment allows furry companions to roam and play comfortably. Customers appreciate the great hospitality for both humans and their pets, making it a preferred choice with a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all.


Tel: 014-988 9980

Operating Hours: 11 am–9:30 pm daily, Closed on Thursday


CATONOMY, a cozy cat cafe, charms visitors with a welcoming environment and friendly feline residents. The absence of time limits allows patrons to enjoy extended moments with the cats. The staff’s thoughtful gesture of providing treats at no extra cost adds to the positive experience. The cafe offers a selection of mains and drinks, creating a delightful space for cat lovers to interact with the playful and adorable residents, making visits memorable and enjoyable.

4. The Daily Dose Cafe Penang

Tel: 012-438 8373

Operating Hours: 9 am–5:30 pm daily, Closed on Tuesday


The Daily Dose Cafe in Penang stands out for its great coffee, delicious meals, and friendly service from both owners and staff. It’s not just a dining spot but a welcoming place to enjoy quality time with family and friends. The added charm of being pet-friendly makes it an ideal choice for those who want to bring their furry friends along. The cafe’s longevity and continued popularity, evident even after four years, attest to the enduring appeal of its inspired menu, including favorites like Kolo Mee. The presence of their adorable pet, Kuro, adds an extra touch of warmth to the overall experience.

5. Tomorrow English Cafe

Tel: 010-465 3997

Operating Hours: 8:30 am–8:30 pm daily, Closed on Thursday


Tomorrow English Cafe offers a delightful taste of British cuisine, featuring standout dishes like the beloved mushroom soup and main courses. The lemon cake, while not captured in a photo due to its irresistible appeal, attests to its deliciousness. The pricing, reflective of British cuisine standards, leans towards the higher side, yet the experience is worth it. Pet-friendly and owned by a Schnauzer enthusiast, the cafe exudes a lovely environment. While the food is good, it falls slightly short of greatness, making it a recommended, though not the top choice. Brunch, especially the Sunday Roast, is a highlight, with the Earl Grey Cheesecake and Yorkshire Pudding standing out. The friendly owner adds a personal touch to the experience, making it a preferred weekend brunch spot.

6. Brown Poodle Cafe

Tel: 012-664 8414

Operating Hours: 8 am–10 pm daily, Closed on Thursday


Brown Poodle Cafe stands out as a remarkable pet-friendly vegan establishment, offering an impressive array of thoughtfully prepared dishes. The menu encompasses both Western and Oriental delights, ranging from burgers and pizzas to rice and ramen. The food, prepared with quality ingredients, is not only flavorful but also tastefully presented. Customers praise the cafe’s ability to make vegan meals so delicious that one might forget they are plant-based. The coffee selection, smoothies, and vegan cakes further contribute to the guilt-free dining experience. Brown Poodle Cafe is highly recommended for those seeking a delightful and compassionate culinary journey.

7. Bark & Bean Pet Cafe

Tel: 04-657 7388

Operating Hours: 11 am–7:30 pm daily, Closed on Tuesday


Since 2015, Bark&Bean, a pet health lounge on Penang Island, has combined the lifestyle of our furry children with human-grade pet food. Bark & Bean Pet Cafe in Penang is a delightful and cozy haven for pet lovers, offering a unique experience where small breed dogs can roam freely. The cafe’s intimate setting, coupled with the opportunity to interact with the resident dogs, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Customers praise the establishment’s cleanliness, aided by two air purifiers that ensure an odor-free environment. The well-brewed coffee, adorned with impressive latte art, adds a touch of finesse to the experience. The adjoining pet shop, Fox Butler, provides an additional dimension to the cafe’s charm. Overall, it’s a perfect spot for a laid-back afternoon tea in the company of furry friends.

8. Paradiso Cafe

Tel: 011-5551 5382

Operating Hours: 8 am–10 pm daily, Closed on Wednesday


Paradiso, nestled in Penang Island, stands out as a hidden gem, offering a pets-friendly haven with a warm and cozy atmosphere suitable for various gatherings. The cafe boasts both air-conditioned and open-air sections, providing versatility for patrons. Notable residents include Nana, the in-house parrot, and the charming dog, Nini. The cafe excels in serving quality, MGF-free foods, with highlights like the delightful white-wine mushroom soups and set lunches. Paradiso is not just a cafe; it’s an experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking a blend of culinary delights and a pet-friendly environment. Limited parking is available on the property.

9. Ohana Paw Food ( No Dine In )

Ohana Paw Food, hailed as the premier dog-friendly cafe in Malaysia, stands out for its welcoming ambiance and a community of dog enthusiasts sharing best practices. While the environment exudes warmth and comfort for pets, some suggest that the menu could benefit from expanded choices for both dogs and their parents. Despite this, the cafe is cherished for its delightful offerings, including biscuits and sausages that pamper senior dogs, making it a preferred spot for furry companions. Please note that Ohana Paw Food focuses on takeout and does not offer dine-in services.

10. The Sandwich Bar by Mokozoyo (Pet Friendly)

Tel: 012-353 0161

Operating Hours: 9 am–4:30 pm daily

The Sandwich Bar by Mokozoyo is celebrated for serving the finest sandwiches in town, distinct from Asian styles—light, non-greasy, and remarkably refreshing. With a delicate balance of ingredients and minimal sauce, the sandwiches remain tender and avoid sogginess. Freshness prevails in every bite, making it a satisfying yet light choice. The cafe boasts a 100% inviting environment, particularly recommended for a laid-back visit on weekdays to relish the serene ambiance without the crowd. Additionally, coffee enthusiasts will find joy in their well-crafted beverages, particularly the mocha, served with warmth by friendly staff. Note the cafe closes at 4.30 pm, so an early visit is advised. The pet-friendly feature adds an extra layer of charm to this delightful culinary haven.

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