Top 5 Hiking Locations in Melaka

Despite being one of Malaysia’s smallest states, the hiking places in Melaka are not to be forgotten. If you enjoy hill and mountain climbing, you may try some of the hiking spots in Melaka that we suggest in this post. Let’s check them out!

1. Bukit Beruang

Bukit Beruang, also known as Bear Hill, is located near MITC. When you reach the top of this hill, you will be rewarded to a breathtaking panorama of Melaka. Furthermore, this hill is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Bukit Beruang was formerly a telecommunications tower that was utilised as a recreational space for local every morning and evening. However, the fact that hill climbers shared this location on social media helped it go popular.

Climbing Bukit Beruang is said to be simple. However, it is not as simple as imagined. Bear Hill is another name used by these hill climbers. Climbing here for the first time is exhausting. The route from top to bottom to CheckPoint 1 is a little difficult. Climbers find it tough to ascend while they are climbing upright and on slippery ground. This is where your stamina is put to the test.

2. Bukit Batu Lebah

Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest is located in Melaka’s Jasin district. It is 27 kilometres from Melaka City. Aside from hiking, the Reban Ayam Cave also offers cave exploring activities.

Unlike other hills, the top of Bukit Batu Lebah exclusively shows the greenery of the recreational forest. The cold environment of the top surrounded with flora and fauna, on the other hand, may undoubtedly soothe your mind when at the peak.

3. Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan

Bukit Batu Putih, which is well-known among climbers, is located within this forest reserve. Tanjung Tuan has entered the state border into Melaka, and so falls under Melaka’s authority. When Melaka was under Portuguese authority, it was also known as Cape Rachado or Richardo.

Because of its strategic location bordering the Straits of Melaka, this Recreational Forest area charges a RM1 entrance fee.

4. Bukit Sedanan

This Alor Gajah district forest reserve area is located in Air Pasir, Melaka. There are several challenging activities available in this area. You may go on forest treks near the Bukit Sedanan lookout tower area. The landscape around Selandar is clearly visible from the lookout tower. There are many different plant species to view if you like flora. You can test your stamina by following the specified trail.

Aside from that, adventurous sports such as cycling, or motocross riding can be done on the trail area. As you down the steep slopes of the hill, your adrenaline level will certainly rise.

5. Gunung Tampin

Gunung Tampin is a 7.2-kilometer out-and-back path in Tampin, Malacca, Malaysia, with a beautiful forest environment and a moderate difficulty rating at However, because Tampin is located near the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan boundary, a portion of the town flows over into the neighbouring state of Malacca. The trail is mostly utilised for walking and trekking. Hiking, picnicking, and jogging are among the many enjoyable activities available here.

Hopefully, you will be ready to experience hiking in the locations described in this post and enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging in healthful activities!

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