We know you foodies would wonder why we are adding such heavy and heaty food now that it’s so hot weather. To be frank, nothing in a plate of goodness called Nasi Kandar can beat the marinated meats drenched in gravy, vegetables, the queue, the atmosphere. Nasi Kandar has been the favorite of the local for decades and is still regardless of skin color and religion. We are going to tell you bout top 5 Nasi Kandar in Penang.


Nasi Kandar Imigresen is the modest roadside stall located off lorong pasar and in front of kopitiam named asia cafe. This family run business a few generations back near immigration department, hence the name. You can’t go wrong with the combo of rice, fried chicken/fish and mixed curry. The quality of the foods are very high in skills. You can also dine in the asia cafe because they only serve drinks for you. Therefore, if you don’t have space to eat at the stall, you can still dine in at the cafe.


I’ve learned a lot about the popular Nasi Kandar at Kampung Melayu but never tried it before because of their 6:30am to noon operating hours. Only seem strange to have Nasi Kandar early in the morning, don’t you think? Ah, to me at least. But hey, it’s all got ta get its first time, right? However, it is said to be one of the best and also the secret gem among the already well-known ones, such as Hameediyah, Kayu, Pelita, Line Clear, Merlin and Shariff.


A 24hour joint that earns the number two spot only because the food served by Line Clear Nasi Kandar tempts us with its ‘limited-time’ offerings. Line Clear is situated along Jalan Penang in a narrow alleyway, with wooden tables and chairs, slightly near open drains. Yet don’t let that take you off! The food here is amazing in all honesty and the fact that you only pay RM6.50 (the cheapest in all of Penang) for a plate of rice, fried chicken, telur dadar (sunny side up omelette), vegetables and ‘kuah banjir’ (a mixture of gravies), makes the whole meal even more satisfying. There’s an impressive amount of speculation around their daily specialities.


A nasi kandar joint that really lives up to its reputation, really beratur (line up) EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and this is no short queue. How say nocturnal? Since Nasi Kandar Beratur will only begin service at 10 p.m. To feed more late birds. This is probably the only nasi-kandar that opens this late in Penang. It is the spot if you’re out for clubbing or outstation and want to catch a hearty meal. Locals say the long wait certainly worth it, You could probably place an order no less than 30 minutes before you can. The curries are seasoned with a mixture of hand-ground spices – think thick, creamy and flavourful, with a touch of piquancy (for some gravy).


Local’s all-time favourite, set on Gurdwara Lane, is Nasi Kandar Deen Maju, who is never-queuing. In the afternoon Deen opens his door and the company never stops. Have you ever seen about a hundred people queuing for nasi kandar under the hot sun in the afternoon? Move over to find out Deen. No worries as the service is swift where your plate could be ordered in seconds. Do not skip the fried chicken and ayam ros, the fried chicken is well marinated and the skin is juicy and crispy. Ayam ros has a special curry flavour with a tomato tinge, the curry is so dense and creamy. You should not mention “banjir” to get your plate “banjir-ed.” Penang Foodie certainly approves this nasi kandar in Penang.

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