Travel Guide to Pulau Sipadan

Pulau Sipadan, with its diverse marine life, is a haven of natural beauty and stunning landscapes. Apart from being the most popular diving location, Pulau Sipadan is consistently ranked among the top ten diving destinations in the world, competing with Ecuador’s famous Galapagos Islands.

If you plan to visit Pulau Sipadan soon, continue reading this article to learn more about travelling in Pulau Sipadan, Sabah.

Where to Stay

1. Sipadan Mabul Resort

The iconic resort so far has water bungalows and duplex chalets. The resort has an eye-catching ambience and decors and is well-equipped to satisfy every tourist. In terms of space and view of the surroundings, the wooden bungalows far outperform the duplex chalets.

2. Sipadan Water Village

The resort is the epitome of class and extravagance, with elegant chalets, luxurious beds, and private spa pools. Spending a day here will provide you with some relaxing memories. This is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

3. Seaventures Dive Resort

The resort, a converted oil rig some distance away from Mabul Island, offers some of the best diving areas. It does an excellent job of providing delicacies, even though the other amenities are not as good as the rest. Still, it does have a well-equipped dive centre. Pygmy seahorses are frequently spotted near the corals that surround the rig.

Things to Do

1. Scuba Diving

As previously stated regarding the credibility of Pulau Sipadan being on par with the famous Galapagos Islands, scuba diving in the waters surrounding Pulau Sipadan allows you to see marine life that you have never seen before. Under these enthralling waters, you will encounter herds of Eagle Rays, Leopard Sharks, White Trevallies, and Hawksbill turtles.

2. Birdwatching

A 30-minute tour of Sipadan is all that is required. However, the floral and faunal exoticness encounter will leave you speechless. While exploring the island’s nooks and crannies, keep an eye out for Sea Eagles, Kingfishers, and Sunbirds resting and nesting in this haven of greenery. The North Borneo government designated the island as a bird sanctuary in 1933.

3. The Sipadan Liveaboard

Your island vacation will be incomplete if you do not include fun cruising. This specialised yacht allows you to discover the island through its short cruise. The M/V Celebes Explorer, equipped with all the basic amenities of food and beverages, allows you to explore the island in a new and exciting way.

4. Snorkelling

Scuba diving isn’t for everyone, but you can be David in the face of a Goliath. Snorkelling in the waters near Sipadan is just as enjoyable as scuba diving deep into the sea. Explore a variety of reefs and corals, and if you’re lucky, you might get to see tiny, harmless sharks and turtles lurking around you.

Food Hunting Spots

1. Mabul Café & Seafood Restaurant

Mabul Café serves a diverse range of Asian and Western cuisine, so most foreign visitors will find something to their liking, including chicken chops, fried rice, noodle soup, and seafood. That’s why you’ll always see groups of tourists eating seafood and drinking a few beers there. Mabul Cafe’s signature dishes are 3 Rasa Fish (three flavours of fish), Black Pepper Lamb & Steak, and Grilled Squid, and the signature drink is Mango Sago.

Address: Lot 39 & 40, Block G, 1st Floor, Semporna Seafront New Township

Opening hours: 11am – 10:30pm daily

2. Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant

Don’t think twice about going to Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant if you want the best seafood. They not only serve a wide variety of seafood, but they can also prepare it in ten different styles based on your preferences. They sell exotic seafood such as stonefish, mantis shrimp, and sea cucumber in addition to lobster, fish, seashells, and prawns.

Address: Lot C1, Ground Floor, Semporna Seafront Township

Opening hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm daily

3. Pearl City Restaurant

This restaurant is inside Dragon Inn Floating Resort. It is open to guests as well as the public. Pearl City Restaurant is the largest seafood restaurant in Semporna and is built in the sea. Their signature dishes are fried squid, sweet and sour fish, butter prawn and clay pot seafood and vegetables.

Address: No.1, Jalan Custom, Semporna

Opening hours: 7am – 9:30pm daily

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