Travelling Guide to Batang Kali, Selangor

Most people have never heard of the sleepy town of Batang Kali. Locals may have noticed it on a signboard on the way to Genting Highlands. Batang Kali, which is located in Hulu Selangor, is close to another town called Ulu Yam. They share their authentic Hokkien culture as well as natural attractions such as waterfalls and forests.

If you plan to visit Batang Kali in the near future, continue reading this article to learn more about travelling in Batang Kali, Selangor.

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Oasis

Hotel Oasis provides lodging in Batang Kali. This property offers room service as well as a terrace to guests. There are family rooms available at the hotel.

2. Tamu Cottage

Tamu Cottage Batang Kali is a shared lounge located in Batang Kali. The property is 46 km from Subang Jaya and offers free private parking. Guests at the vacation home can go hiking nearby or enjoy the garden.

3. Hotel 77 Rawang

Hotel 77 Rawang is in Rawang, 36 km from Chin Swee Caves Temple and 38 kilometres from Genting Skyway Station. This property has a 24-hour front desk and luggage storage space, as well as free WiFi throughout the property. Family rooms are available at the hotel.

4. Desa Kaloi Farmhouse

Desa Kaloi Farmhouse is located in Batang Kali and has a garden, an outdoor pool, and river views. The property is 50 km from Klang and offers free private parking. A bicycle rental service is available at the farm stay, and cycling is popular in the surrounding area.

Things to Do

1. Dip into Hulu Tamu Hot Spring

Take a dip in the pool at the humble Hulu Tamu Hot Springs. There are two different hot springs here. One is owned by the government, while the other is privately owned and more beautifully decorated. Locals believe that the water can relieve rheumatism and skin ailments, but most visitors simply come to relax.

2. Wander Around the Hokkien Village

Batang Kali is one of the few places in Malaysia where you can experience authentic Hokkien culture, tradition, and food because it is primarily populated by Hokkien Chinese. Walking around the village allows you to soak up the relaxed kampung atmosphere.

3. Visit Fu Chuan Miao


From the main road, you can see an ornate arch at the entrance leading to Batang Kali’s main temple. Fu Chuan Miao, set against a lush backdrop, has long been a favourite of locals. The open-air area is mostly used for festivals, but the temple is usually as quiet and peaceful as the village.

4. Visit the Buddha Sakya Tharig Centre

In Batang Kali, this lesser-known monastery is an intriguing sight. Its architectural design and stupas are reminiscent of Thailand, but the monks practise Tibetan Buddhism.

Food Hunting Spot

1. Swee Yen Restaurant

Swee Yen Restaurant is situated at the Chinese temple. The food was excellent, and the price was reasonable. There are also several ancient sculptures and Buddha statues on display in the restaurant’s foyer, which are worth a look.

Address: No 38, Jalan Besar, Batang Kali

2. Ken Kee Restaurant

A must-try for noodle lovers is the clay pot dish at Ken Kee Restaurant, which features thick, luscious noodles in a dark, flavorful broth. Ken Kee’s signature dish is a gastronomic delight.

Address: 1, Jalan Jati Utama 3

3. Heng Kee Tua Jiu Thou Restaurant

The restaurant is clean, well-decorated, and air-conditioned, and you can choose a table outside with fresh air if you prefer a more natural setting. The excellent chef preserves the flavour of the dishes. The cost is reasonable.

Address: 26, 2, Jalan Mahagoni 2A/7, Pekan Batang Kali

4. Batang Kali Bamboo Briyani

While most bamboo briyani restaurants cook their briyani rice in medium-sized bamboo, Batang Kali Bamboo Briyani cooks their briyani in large, fat bamboo. The reason for this is that the larger the bamboo, the more flavorful the briyani. Big, thick bamboo also holds a lot more moisture than thinner, narrower bamboo. This allows the briyani and all of the ingredients inside to cook thoroughly without becoming dry, and the rice to retain its texture.

Address: 35, Jalan Meranti 2B, Pekan Batang Kali

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