What are the best anniversary flowers to give and what do they mean?

Picking the ideal anniversary flower bouquet for a loved one can be difficult, particularly if you are not a flower expert. According to tradition, each anniversary is commemorated with a flower, which you may want to consider if you’re unsure.

Each flower, on the other hand, has its own significance and, when combined with others, can create a stunning bouquet that will leave everyone speechless. Here are some anniversary flowers and their meanings to help you make this crucial decision.

How to Pick the Most Appropriate Anniversary Flowers

Choosing the right anniversary flowers can be difficult with so many options. But, before you become overwhelmed by the variety of options available, consider the three factors mentioned below.

Consider Seasonality.

When it comes to selecting the ideal anniversary presents, it’s important to consider what’s in season at that particular time of year. Fortunately, you can still find out what your anniversary is and prepare ahead of time! Seasonal flowers typically have colors that complement the mood of the season, and they are less likely to expire quickly.

Personal Preferences Should Not Be Ignored

If your loved one already knows what flowers they want and when they are in season, your decision would be much easier. Indeed, you can choose the flowers they like and add other meaningful varieties to the bouquet. You may also add gift baskets or cards to your flower bouquet for a more complete gift.

Consider the Meaning of Flowers

If you’re still undecided, the meanings of each flower will help you make a decision. The flower bouquet you’ve selected will, in fact, help you express a message of devotion, loyalty, admiration, or affection when it’s perfectly arranged. The meanings of the most popular anniversary flower forms can be found below.

The Meaning of Anniversary Flowers

Speaking with a florist is the perfect way to get useful insights before composing your own bouquet, depending on seasonality and personal preference. However, you can use this short list below as a starting point to learn about the best varieties to include in your gift.

Red Roses

A red rose, if you had to choose one flower to represent love and commitment, would be it. Red roses have been used as a token of love for thousands of years due to their profound significance, as shown by literature and history.

Simply put, the essence of red roses is pure romantic love, which has not changed over time, unlike the meanings of many other flowers, which change with culture and society. Red roses can express deeper emotions and devotion depending on the shade of red used.


Asters, which bloom in late summer or fall, are a common gift for a 20th wedding anniversary. Their significance has evolved over time: in ancient times, the scent of these flowers was thought to ward off evil spirits. Asters are a common anniversary flower today, and are provided as a talisman of devotion, patience, and long-term affection.


Daffodils are also excellent anniversary flowers, though they are frequently given on the tenth anniversary. Their vibrancy and color convey the same message you’d expect – joy, happiness, and cheerfulness.


Geraniums are the flowers that are often given on a fourth wedding anniversary, and they represent the coming together of two people in body, spirit, and mind. These are typical at this stage of the marriage because they show that both partners have accepted the roles they will play in their lives and are content with them.

Calla Lily 

Calla Lily are well-known for being hardy and tenacious flowers that can withstand frost. This flower represents a couple’s beauty and the passion that binds them together, and it is traditionally exchanged on the 6th wedding anniversary.


Roses are widely available flowers, but they are particularly meaningful when given on the occasion of a 50th wedding anniversary. Yellow roses, in particular, are now paired with violets, denoting elegance and wealth, as well as modesty and devotion.


Lilies are the flower of the 30th anniversary and symbolize dedication. These flowers are ideal for gifting on a 30th anniversary because they reflect long-term love and engagement, which is a positive sign for the marriage!

How Can a Professional Florist Assist?

When it comes to preparing a flower bouquet for a significant occasion such as an anniversary, you do not hesitate to seek the advice and assistance of a professional florist. These experts know exactly what each variety means, allowing you to make a more educated decision about the bouquet you’re about to give to the most important person in your life. A florist will also advise you on the best flower combinations to use, as well as the varieties that last longer in each season. 

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