Teahouse & tatami suite in Japanese garden enclosed in a rainforest, with rental of kimono. It is a suitable place for a family trip, school trip and a trip with bunch of friends because you get to learn about other country culture. The first stop is the Japanese Village in Bentong. The atmosphere here is close to your favorite Japanese TV series or what you will see in Japan. Bukit Tinggi, located in Colmar Tropicale, this is the location for young people, children and families. To get here you have to walk uphill and climb 88 stairs, so you need a certain amount of fitness. You should take in some cool fresh air as you’re going up. The koi ponds are the main attraction and a perfect spot to take a picture session. Ladies and ladies, if you love the costumes of kimono, you can rent them and take a picture of yourself wearing the beautiful traditional outfit.


Another big attraction is the Botanical Garden, near the Japanese Village. You can get closer to nature and take in sights of herbs and orchids in this beautiful garden, or see wildlife like monkeys. To get here, you can get on a free shuttle bus to Kuala Lumpur from Berjaya Times Square. This is a perfect place to unwind and get away from the center of town.


Bentong Walk is an initiative of both young and old locals in town who turned the whole ancient streets into a big tourist attraction. This initiative also paved the way for Bentong youth to develop skills in entrepreneurship and involve themselves in street art. Before you arrive here, take note that this attraction only opens on Saturdays once a week. In addition to the exclusive, vibrant and imaginative street murals, this is where you can search for your souvenirs, try some local delicacies, and see what local people are up to. There is a vibrant night market at the same time with all kinds of things happening. Don’t be shocked to see a stall selling smelly tofu, as this snack is not only popular in Taiwan but also in Malaysia. Among international tourists and locals, Bentong ginger, soy sauce, honey durian and crafts are favorite souvenirs.


How about a holiday picnic? Look no further than Lentang Forest Reserve, also known as the Recreational Forest in Lentang. Activity-wise, apart from having a picnic there is plenty you can do here. Take some photos of the wild mushrooms at the forest reserve and Rajah Brooke butterflies. You may also dip into the water to cool down before continuing to the next point of interests. The best time to visit the Lentang Forest Reserve is in the dry season; for safety reasons, try to avoid coming here during the monsoon season. You can buy some food from the stalls located inside the area if you don’t have time to prepare some food.


Asking all fans of extreme sports! The Bilut Extreme Park has one particular activity you will enjoy. The hint is in above photo. How would you like to ride an All- Terrain (ATV) vehicle? As part of the trip you’ll pass through the stream and oil palm plantation. A qualified ATV driver is going to lead the way so everybody is on the right track. Other than that, by trying out archery, you can also have fun with paintball, and be Robin Hood for a day. All events suited to all age groups

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