10 Best Food to Eat in Temerloh, Pahang

Here are the 10 best food to eat in Temerloh, Pahang.

1. Cendol Air Putih

Aside from soft, fluffy shaved ice topped with green cendol strands, red beans, coconut milk, and palm sugar, you can also add red beans, glutinous rice, and even savoury pulut ikan (grilled glutinous rice with mashed fish filling), a state specialty.

2. Puding DiRaja

Puding DiRaja (Royal Pudding), said to have originated in the royal seat of Pekan, was once reserved only for royalty. The pudding is best served cold and is made up of bananas, prunes, cherries, and cashew nuts that have been dressed with jala mas, a golden thread made from duck egg yolks and sugar.

3. Durian pastries

Pahang is one of Malaysia’s major durian exporters, so it’s only natural to look for durian-inspired foods! Yik Kee Restaurant, known for its durian bombs, tarts, and cakes, has begun serving durian soft serve and pancakes to appeal to a younger crowd.

4. Murtabak Mengkasar

What distinguishes murtabak mengkasar from the rest? For one thing, the eggs and minced meat (chicken or beef) are mixed with a special blend of spices curated by the owner Pak Din himself, giving it a distinct flavour you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Curry mee

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Unlike in Penang, the curry broth in Pahang’s curry mee is less creamy and has more balanced flavours. Each bowl of curry mee includes yellow noodles, bihun, and/or koay teow cooked in curry broth and topped with shredded steamed chicken, cockles, fish balls, fish cakes, beansprouts, and tofu puffs.

6. Nasi Kebuli

Nasi Kebuli is a fragrant rice dish made with coconut oil and chicken (sometimes substituted with lamb or mutton), raisins, olives, clovers, olives, and lemongrass.

7. Paceri nanas

Paceri nanas is a traditional Pahang Malay dish that is commonly served at Malay weddings, festive occasions, and formal functions. The sweet dish is typically served alongside plain white rice or rice dishes such as nasi tomato, nasi kebuli, or nasi briyani, as well as chicken or beef rendang.

8. Ikan Bakar Petai

Most of us have had ikan bakar (Malaysian-style grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf), but you’ve probably never had it with sambal petai – an East Coast specialty. Siakap (barramundi), jenahak (golden snapper), and pari are commonly used in ikan bakar petai (stingray).

9. Gulai Asam Rong

Asam rong is a traditional food made from the dried fruits of the rubber tree. Gulai asam rong is made in the same way as any other gulai fish dish, but with asam rong added to give it a sour yet slightly bitter taste.

10. Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Malay cuisine emphasises seafood, with patin fish at the forefront. Gulai tempoyak ikan patin, one of Pahang’s most famous dishes, consists of juicy, tender patin fish cooked in tempoyak curry (fermented durian).

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