15 Best Breakfast Places in Clementi, Singapore

Awaken your senses in Clementi, Singapore, with our curated list of the 15 best breakfast places. From local gems serving traditional delights to contemporary cafes offering international flavors, explore a diverse culinary landscape that promises a delightful start to your day in vibrant Clementi.

Benches Cafe

Credit: Darren Quek/Google Maps

Discover the charm of Benches Cafe, a cozy spot nestled within Clementi Wood Park. This small café offers more than just a delightful culinary experience; it provides a serene setting where you can revel in the great view of the surrounding nature. Savor the moments as you indulge in freshly ground coffee, delectable ice cream, and an array of other tempting treats. Benches Cafe invites you to unwind and enjoy the perfect blend of good food and tranquil surroundings.

Address: 93A Clementi Rd, Singapore 129781

Tel: +65 6977 7096

Website: Website


第二代 Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee • Claypot Rice @2genfoods

Credit: 第二代 Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee • Claypot Rice @2genfoods

Discover the culinary delights of 第二代 Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee • Claypot Rice @2genfoods, where flavor takes center stage. Renowned for its delicious fishball noodles, the bouncy and flavorful fishballs paired with perfectly cooked noodles create a delightful symphony of taste. The addition of chili adds an extra kick for those who enjoy a bit of spice. Considered one of the best fishball noodles on the West side, this eatery promises a gastronomic experience that stands out. The welcoming atmosphere complements the exquisite flavors, making it a top choice for noodle enthusiasts.

Address: Singapore, Clementi Ave 5, 325号FoodHub 邮政编码: 120325



Sinar Bahru

Credit: Choon T/Google Maps

Sinar Bahru is renowned for its signature dish, Nasi Lemak with Crumbs, which has become a local favorite. The unique touch of crumbs adds an extra layer of texture and flavor to the traditional Nasi Lemak, creating a delightful and distinctive culinary experience. In addition to their famed Nasi Lemak, the Fried Rice with Chicken stands out as a best-selling dish, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to delivering delicious and satisfying meals. With a reputation for excellence, Sinar Bahru continues to captivate diners with its flavorful offerings.

Address:378 Clementi Ave 5, Singapore 120378

Tel: +65 8165 1752




Xun Xiang Wei Thunder Tea

Credit: Jerry Kam/Google Maps

Renowned for its authentic Thunder Tea Rice, this establishment stands out as a favorite among locals. With a commitment to preserving the traditional flavors of Hakka cuisine, the Thunder Tea Rice here is a culinary delight. The meticulous preparation, including finely cut vegetables, reflects a dedication to authenticity. Guests appreciate the well-balanced taste of the tea that complements the dish perfectly. Those seeking an enjoyable and genuine Thunder Tea Rice experience will find this establishment highly recommended. The inviting atmosphere enhances the overall dining experience.

Address:  710 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120710

Jurong Fong Yuen 裕廊逢元

Credit: Marcus Goh/Google Maps

Jurong Fong Yuen 裕廊逢元 is renowned for its delectable array of noodle dishes, including Fishball Noodles 鱼圆面, Minced Meat Noodles 肉脞麵, Laksa 叻沙, and Curry Chicken Noodles 咖喱雞面. The establishment takes pride in delivering delightful culinary experiences, with each dish showcasing the perfect blend of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of fishball noodles, minced meat noodles, laksa, or curry chicken noodles, Jurong Fong Yuen offers a diverse menu to satisfy your taste buds. The commitment to quality and taste makes it a go-to destination for noodle enthusiasts.

Address: 503 W Coast Dr, #01-17, Singapore 120503

Mohamadia (Indian Muslim Food)

Credit: Leonard Lim/Google Maps

Known for its delightful Indian Rojak, this hawker stall has been a favorite for nearly two decades. The crispy prata kosong, fragrant and fluffy, pairs perfectly with the robust mutton curry, creating a memorable culinary experience. The stall also offers unique items like the crispy fried prawn cake fritter and coconut-infused dough, both must-tries. The dipping sauce, consistently perfected by Mohamedia, enhances the flavors. Enjoy this satisfying meal with a cup of Teh Halia from the neighboring stall. With ample parking and exceptional service, Mohamedia Indian Rojak remains a top choice for Indian Rojak enthusiasts.

Address: 353 Clementi Ave 2, Singapore 120353


Credit: FlagWhite

On December 21, 2018, the locally owned café FlagWhite opened for business. Serving a menu of comfort food with an Australian influence, crafted by Chef Clement. Nothing pairs better with a substantial meal than a cup of locally roasted coffee. FlagWhite’s three guiding principles are endless good vibes, good coffee at fair prices, and wholesome meals. We work hard and are proud to use local companies as our suppliers to support them. We’ll keep working hard to create an environment that welcomes fuss-free dining, breakfast served all day, coffee, beer, and all the good things in life.

OLLA Specialty Coffee (Clementi)

Credit: OLLA Specialty Coffee (Clementi)

Enjoyment and pleasure are at the core of great coffee. It is important and healing to be able to enjoy good coffee when you need it most. After realizing this, we launched OLLA in 2011—the first mobile coffee catering business in Singapore—under the direction of Hee Wei, our barista champion from the Singapore National Barista Championship. Ever since, by collaborating with like-minded individuals, we have remained committed to our goal of continuously trying to improve coffee for the community. Better coffee is being served by OLLA at their small store on Sunset Way. For additional information, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Address: 381 Clementi Ave 5, #01-402, Singapore 120381 




Little Myanmar Halal Foods

Credit: Chin Zhi Hui/Google Maps

Halal Myanmar’s Favorite Foods Concept: Daily Specialty Dishes Customers’ All-Time Favorite Vegan Selections For your favorite, it’s preferable to reserve through Facebook. Every Monday is our day off to recharge with daily updates on Facebook.

Address: 328 Clementi Ave 2, #01-220, Singapore 120328

Website: Facebook

Glass Roasters

Credit: Irene Lim/Google Maps

Brewing out of tiny Singapore, we missed the incredible range of freshly brewed coffees we could try back when travel was convenient. We concluded that the most enjoyable coffee we had was made when we took our time and enjoyed the recollections of the many coffee experiences we had.

Toby's Kopi Toast Bakery

Credit: samlivestoeat

Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery is a popular spot offering a delightful mix of local favorites and western dishes at affordable prices. Their signature BBQ Baby Back Ribs stand out for their fork-tender texture and well-marinated flavor, complemented by sticky BBQ sauce and crispy paprika fries. The Curry Rice with Pork Cutlet, priced at $6.90, is a steal, featuring a soda cracker crust-coated pork cutlet and flavorful curry with a good consistency. The promotion of double curry rice at $11, inclusive of drinks, offers a generous portion of well-fried chicken cutlet and braised pork. Dessert lovers can indulge in their cakes, with the Ondeh and Orh Nee cakes receiving high praise for their perfect sweetness. Located at Tradehub21, Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery promises a satisfying dining experience with hearty portions and diverse flavors.

Address: #01-35, Tradehub21, 8 Boon Lay Wy, Singapore 609964

Tel: +65 6316 2422




Zi Zai Vegetarian - West Coast

Credit: lynn lim/Google Maps

Zi Zai Vegetarian in West Coast is a go-to dining spot with a diverse menu offering a wide variety of vegetarian choices. Frequented by diners for dinner and breakfast, the establishment boasts an extensive selection, including tomyam soup, claypot rice, SG beehoon, satay, and even prata on occasion. Notably, their nasi lemak, served with flavorful and generous chili, is a breakfast highlight. The venue opens at 8 am, providing an early option for those seeking a quiet, air-conditioned cafe-like atmosphere. Limited street parking is available. With its variety, Zi Zai Vegetarian promises a satisfying experience for vegetarians and early risers alike.

Address: 7 Jln Mas Puteh, Singapore 128613

Tel: +65 6909 5696




Fried Carrot Cake

Credit: S L/Google Maps

Fried Carrot Cake, located inside Clementi Food Market, is a popular spot with a consistently long queue, attesting to its delicious offerings. Despite the wait, the stall is known for its friendly and accommodating service, with the aunty taking orders graciously. The stall’s specialty, fried carrot cake, is a crowd-pleaser, stir-frying radish cake cubes with garlic, incorporating a dark sweet sauce for a well-balanced flavor, and adding egg for a smooth texture. Customers recommend trying the white carrot cake and the fried carrot cake. The atmosphere is rated positively, providing a satisfying experience for patrons.

Address: Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3, #01-45, Singapore 120448

Baker & Cook - Sunset Way

Credit: Baker & Cook - Sunset Way

The only authentic artisan bakery and foodstore in Singapore, Baker & Cook first opened its doors in 2012. Our bread goods are created by hand using traditional methods and real ingredients. The proud invention of renowned global baker Dean Brettschneider is Baker & Cook.

Address: 41 Sunset Wy, #01-023 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071

Tel: +65 8588 6065





Cafe Sunset Railway

Credit: Katherine Chong/Google Maps

Cafe Sunset Railway, tucked away in Sunset Way, offers a delightful and laidback atmosphere. The cafe features Peranakan-influenced brunch items, including laksa, mee siam, nasi lemak, and curry rice/bread. Customers praise the half-boiled eggs, toast (butter kaya & French), and heavenly executed mains. The housemade Sugee and pandan cakes are lauded for their fluffy texture. With a welcoming and friendly lady boss, the cafe stands out for its comfortable ambiance. Recommended dishes include Kaya Butter Toast and Marble Cake, contributing to a top-notch dining experience.

Address: 41 Sunset Wy, Singapore 597071

Tel: +65 6463 0069




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