6 Things AI (Artificial Intelligence) Can Do

Most people are aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Many of us, however, would be surprised to learn of some of the tasks that AI is already capable of performing. Here are 6 amazing things that artificial intelligence can do.

1. Read a person’s mind

This is truly amazing, and the length AI has come to prove it. AI can interpret brain signals and generate speech. This is fantastic for people who have difficulty speaking. As a result, it should come as no surprise that major tech companies like Facebook and Elon Musk have ongoing projects to capitalise on AI’s mind-reading potential.

2. Predict death

Researchers discovered a black-box algorithm that predicted patient death better than humans. This was accomplished by using ECG results to divide historical patient data into groups based on who would die within a year.

3. Understand emotions

There are Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools available that can track a person’s emotions as they watch videos. Artificial Emotional Intelligence collects data from a person’s facial expressions, body language, and other behaviours. It then compares it to a database of emotions to predict what emotion is being expressed. Based on this data, it then takes action.

4. Move

Most people should not be surprised by this because AI oversees all types of movements, from autonomous vehicles to drones. In Japan, there are also robots that can generate motion on their own.

5. Touch

A robot that uses AI can now identify the ripeness of fruit and even place it in a basket. This is accomplished through the use of sensors and cameras, and the inventor claims that one day it will be able to pick up one raspberry every 10 seconds for 20 hours per day. According to reports, the next step for AI tactility is to connect touch with other sensors.

6. Speak

Believe it or not, but AI can also speak. While Siri, Alexa and others can respond to queries and provide you with directions, Google Duplex goes that mile extra and uses AI to schedule your appointments and complete tasks in a very conversational manner. It can also respond precisely to responses made by humans it is speaking to as well.

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