Best Place for New Year Eve Dinner in Melaka

The current New Year is the time or day when a new calendar year starts and the year count increases by one. Numerous cultures observe the occasion in some way. [1] The new year begins on January 1 (New Year’s Day, which is preceded by New Year’s Eve) according to the Gregorian calendar, which is currently the most used calendar system. In both the old Julian calendar and the Roman calendar, this day marked the beginning of the year.

Pampas Sky Dining Steakhouse

Along with its breathtaking view, the Pampas Sky Dining Steakhouse is renowned for its friendly personnel, cosy setting, and outstanding food. We advise eating dinner early so that you and your partner can observe how the city transforms during sunset.

River View Cafe Melaka

This is the place for you and your partner to be if you’re seeking for a fantastic encounter. Imagine watching and admiring the riverboats as they sail past peacefully as night sets. The restaurant’s speedy and attentive service has also received praise from several customers, who particularly enjoy the Beef Rendang.

Dutch Harbour Cafe

The Dutch Harbour Cafe is the place to go if you’re looking for a lovely, quiet dinner by the river to see the fireworks. The staff is noted for their friendliness and helpfulness, and the service is quick and efficient. And look at that amazingly beautiful table arrangement!

Alto Sky Lounge

Alto Sky Lounge, a popular hangout for lovers, is conveniently located on Level 22 of Hatten Hotel, where visitors can savour a spectacular view of Melaka. The ambiance is contemporary and elegant, and we know you’ll enjoy sipping cocktails and nibbling on tapas while listening to the in-house live band.

Bert’s Garden

Calling all fans of fish! This airy restaurant offers a stunning outlook, delicious, fresh food, and excellent service from a contented staff. Just picture yourself dining on grilled seafood delicacies like Butter Prawns and Ikan Bakar while gazing out at shoals of fish in the surrounding water. PS: It takes only 15 minutes to get to the restaurant from the heart of Malacca.

SALUD Tapas Bar & Restaurant

The newest restaurant in Malacca, Salud Tapas, serves incredibly authentic Spanish cuisine. You might choose to sample such well-known Spanish cuisine as TAPAS! Small bites with big flavours are known as tapas. Salud Tapas is a friendly, laid-back tapas tavern with an open kitchen where you can watch the chef prepare your meal. It’s a wonderful setting for mingling while enjoying delectable tapas that are truly authentic to Spain. With authentic food presented in a contemporary manner, Salud combines modernity and tradition. The design is varied, with areas like the long terrace along the street, the open kitchen, the spacious bar upstairs, the traditional Malaccan centre courtyard, and a chillout area under the stars.

Casa del Rio, Melaka

Join us for a Countdown beneath the stars on New Year’s Eve! Dinner buffet! Party! live music It is crowded and there are numerous fireworks displays.

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